India hand 29 run defeat to Pakistan, set up final against Sri Lanka

India will now meet Sri Lanka for the final in Mumbai on April 2.

Shaheryar Popalzai March 30, 2011
India hand 29 run defeat to Pakistan, set up final against Sri Lanka

India beat Pakistan by 29 runs in the second World Cup semi-final in Mohali on Wednesday.

India posted 260-9 and then returned to bowl out Pakistan for 231 in 49.5 overs.

Sachin Tendulkar was the highest scorer for India with 85 runs, Wahab Riaz took six wickets for 46 runs for Pakistan.

India will now meet Sri Lanka for the final in Mumbai on April 2.

End of live updates

50th over

Extreme pressure on Pakistan. Misbah refuses to take a run.

He lifts one up trying to get a big one and he is gone! Caught by Kohli for 56 runs.

Its over, India win the match by 29 runs.

49th over

Munaf Patel bowling to Misbah. Smacked for six straight down the ground.

Seven runs from the over. Pakistan are 231/9.

48th over

Zaheer Khan continues.

Misbah plays him on the offside for four.

Another four straight down the ground from Misbah!

Fourteen runs from the over. Pakistan are now 224/9.

47th over

Nehra bowls to Umar Gul. LBW appeal! Given out. Pakistan take review and the decision stays. Umar Gul goes for 2.

Saeed Ajmal comes in to play.

Just two runs from the over. Pakistan are 210/9.

46th over

Pakistan take the batting power play.

Zaheer Khan bowling.

Misbah smacks him away for four. Too late?

Eight runs from the over. Pakistan are 208/8

45th over

Nehra to Riaz. Two dot balls.

Two more dot balls. Riaz belts under pressure, he tries to smack one away and hits a skier which is caught by Tendulkar. Riaz goes for eight.

Pakistan are now 200/8.

44th over

Harbhajan Singh bowls.

Misbah gets another four playing a reverse sweep.

Seven runs from the over. Pakistan are 199/7.

43rd over

Nehra bowling.

Wahab Riaz is here to play savior. He plays Nehra for four, the fielder can't make it to the boundary.

Eight runs from the over. Pakistan are 192/7.

42nd over

Harbhajan continues.  Why is Afridi not taking the power play?

Afridi is gone! Full toss from Harbhajan Singh and tries to hit that one away and is caught by Sehwag. He goes for 19 runs.

Wahab Riaz comes in.

Three runs from the over. Pakistan are 184/7.

41st over

Zaheer Khan continues.

Blogger  Imran A Khan discusses how Pakistan stands a good chance at beating India at Mohali. Read it here.

Four runs from the over. Pakistan are 181/6.

Twitter buzz:
gauravbatla Gaurav Batla Dear Afridi you will still remain the best.pakistani player in #cwc2011even if you don't score in this. So please oblige

Balldinho Balldiñho™  Come on Afridi !!!! Its #BoomBoom timeeeee

40th over

Yuvraj Singh bowling his last over.

Misbah finally wakes up from his test match hibernation and plays a reverse sweep for four.

Close one there! Afridi lifted one and Nehra caught it. Honest Nehra says he isn't sure if it carried. TV umpire says it hasn't. Afridi stays.

Nine runs from the over. Pakistan are 177/6.

Pakistan now require 84 from 60 balls.

39th over

Zaheer Khan is back into the attack.

Afridi going for the doubles now.

Five runs from the over. Pakistan are 167/6.

38th over

Yuvraj bowling his ninth over.

Afridi smacks Yuvraj for four on the offside.

Afridi really pushing for the runs. He doesn't plan on giving up it seems.

Eleven runs from the over. Pakistan are 163/6.

37th over

Munaf Patel opens the over with a wide and helps Pakistan crawl to 150 runs.

Razzaq is clean bowled! Munaf Patel trying to wrap things up early. He goes for three runs.

Afridi comes in.

An Indian model has vowed to strip naked if her country wins the cricket World Cup. Read all about it here.

Four runs from the over. Pakistan are 152/6.

36th over

Yuvraj is back.

Nudging the singles here and there. Run rate nearing 8 now.

Two runs from the over, Pakistan are now 148/5.  113 needed from 14 overs.

35th over

Patel bowls to Misbah. Misbah is playing a test match out there.

Two runs from the over. Pakistan are 146/5.

34th over

Harbhajan Singh bowls Umar Akmal off the first ball of the over! Clean bowled, Akmal goes for 29.

Razzaq replaces Akmal.

Two runs from the over and a wicket. Pakistan are 144/5

Twitter buzz:
chamilaya chamila udukumbura  Imagine if pakistan had Asif & Amir too... dream bowling lineup!

andrewsam Andrew Sam  Misbah has got t20 world cup in his eyes. That steel-y calm determined look.

FaisalKhatib Faisal Khatib  Yuvraj is a part time bowler...he should know that and so should the Pakistan team


33rd over

Dhoni brings in Munaf Patel to bowl. Just one run from the over. Pakistan are 142/4.

32nd over

Good start to the over, actor Amir Khan gives the crowd something extra to cheer about.

Yuvraj bowls. Six more from Akmal! Akmal teaching Yuvraj a thing or two about batting every over now. Straight down the ground!

Nine runs from the over. Pakistan are 141/4.

31st over

Nehra bowling his seventh over.

Another good over, just two runs from it. Pakistan are 132/4.

Twitter buzz:
lxasad Asad Gondal  Umar Akmal is thinking to return to dressing room as fast as he can. Yaar bat to rakh ball key aagey!

sougatabanerjee Sougata Banerjee  Misbah was a gonner, but Yuvi ensures that Pak are still with a chance to stay at the refurbished Taj Mahal Hotel!

tailenderSehwag TailenderSehwag  I wonder if this'll all hinge on Mr Afridi - run rate mounting, something will give, Afridi will be in, and... then what?

alfishabs Shabbir Jadliwala  First six of the innings finally arrived in 80th over of the match..

30th over

Yuvraj Singh to Umar Akmal, smacked away for four! First boundary in a long time. Pakistan needs more of these.

Six!! Second is smacked away for four on the leg-side. Akmal is on fire and lets hope he doesn't get too excited.

Twelve runs from the over. Pakistan are 130/4.

29th over

Nehra back into the attack.

Blogger RA Toori talks about how Pakistanis love to hate India and how this needs to be changed. Read it here.

India is piling up the pressure on Pakistan, just one run from the over. Pakistan are 118/4. The run rate is creeping up to 7 now.

28th over

Yuvraj continues.

Strange happenings in the field! Run out chance and an excited Yuvraj dismantles the wickets with his arm. Umar Akmal is safe.

Five runs from the over. Pakistan are 117/4.

Twitter buzz:
zaheerahmed_pk ZAHEER AHMED  I think younas should now take retirement from one day cricket.

divzluvzlampard Divya Kapur  Yes. Yes. Keep that going. Let them lose more of their wickets.

rishijyoti Rishi Jyoti  I have a feeling that Pakistan are about to unravel

27th over

Harbhajan continures. Umar Akmal came in for Younis Khan. Pakistan crumbling under pressure now?

Six runs from the over. Pakistan are 112/4.

26th over

Yuvraj Singh fishing for more wickets. And he has one! Younis Khan goes Raina takes the catch! He is gone for 13.

Wicket maiden for Yuvraj. Pakistan are 106/4.

25th over

Harbhajan singh bowls to Younis Khan. Two dot balls.

Just three runs off the over. Misbah and Younis bringing things to a halt now. Pakistan are 106/3.

Pakistan require 155 from 150 balls.

Twitter buzz:
clarkyfanzine Andy Clark  India's bowlers finally coming to the party. Batting was never gonna get them through every game. Atmosphere being cranked up now.

24th over

Yuvraj Singh bowling his third over.

Pakistan have really slowed it down now.

Yuvraj Singh cleans up Asad Shafiq, he is clean bowled! He goes for 30 runs.

Misbah replaces Shafiq.

Three runs from the over. Pakistan are 103/3.

23rd over

Zaheer Khan bowling to Asad Shafiq. Single

Younis Khan facing. Appeal for LBW, Zaheer Khan looks confident. Umpire says not out. No review taken.

100 runs up for Pakistan and Shafiq plays it on leg for two runs.

Six runs from the over. Pakistan are 100/2.

22nd over

Yuvraj Singh continues.

He bowls a tight over. Just one run from it.

Twitter buzz:
MsWardah W'ard- a  our butcher just called to ask what the score is .. God Help Us.

Farhaj Farhaj  Newbie, but this can't be good for #Pakistan

MadMona mOna Lisa "Serious sport amounts to war minus the shooting" ~ George Orwell

21st over

Zaheer Khan is back into the attack. Good over from Khan, just four runs from it. Pakistan are 93/2

Click here to read about how Pakistani’s have come up with creative ways to entice the public and unite the country for the match.

20th over

And Yuvraj Singh is going to bowl now. After his batting display, the Indian team is probably hoping he can take a few wickets (he has 11 in the tournament).

Five runs from the over. Pakistan are 89/2. India were 119/2 at this point.

19th over

Harbhajan continues. Pakistan batsmen playing it safe, nudging the ball around for the occasional single.

Four runs from the over. Pakistan are 84/2.

18th over

Nehra bowling.

Blogger Khurram Baig takes a stroll down memory lane and discusses how Pakistan has never beaten India in a world cup match and whether they can change history today. Read it here.

Good over, just three runs from it. Pakistan are 80/2.

Twitter buzz:
GayanMW Gayan Malinda  I have a feeling it's Afridi's day. Its now ever never. It Boom or Booo time

seventhsamurai Vijay Venkataramanan  Cn we please hire Wasim Akram 2 b India's bowling coach. At least we'll hv a coach who dsnt ask bowlers 2 slow dwn.

ndnbhar Bharathi Rajendran  We'll get quick wickets and low runrate! Come on india!!!

17th over

Asad Shafiq joins the party. He lifts one straight down the ground, it passes through Harbhajan's hands and goes straight down the ground for four.

Five runs from the over. Pakistan are 77/2.

16th over

Patel gets Hafeez! Very very stupid shot fro Hafeez, he went across the stumps and try to flick one over leg. Dhoni takes the catch. Haeez is gone for 43.

Younis Khan replaces Hafeez.


Two runs from the over. Pakistan are 72/2.

15th over

Harbhajan to Hafeez. Single.

Asad Shafiq faces Harbhajan, smashed on the offside for four!

Seven runs from the over. Pakistan are 70/1.

14th over

Patel bowling to Shafiq.

Maiden over from Patel.

Pakistan are 63/1.

Twitter buzz:
kel_holbeck El Bastardo  Is 260 enough? If nz had scored 260 y'day it could have been them in final The answer is WHO KNOWS So stop guessing & stay watching

masoodalams Masood Siddiqui  I don't know why m starts believing that 260 is a very good target OMG.

horizonskill Anish Varghese ♡  Dear Dhoni, I'm going to Qutab Minar area; when I return, I would like to see 3 wickets down. Thankyou!!

13th over

Harbhajan continues.

Blogger Said Chaudhry reminisces about the last time Pakistan played and defeated India at Mohali. Read it here.

Just four runs from the over. Pakistan are 63/1.

12th over

Patel bowling his fourth over now.

Hafeez flicks him down leg-side for four!

Five runs from the over. Pakistan are 59/1.

Twitter buzz:
MalangChic Alishba Zarmeen  Oh baby, I'm conceiving the cup's baby!! GO #PAKISTAN! GO GREEN! MAKE US ALL MOAN IN BATTING ECSTASY!

Ronssssss Rounak jain Dhoni will regret not picking ashwin today HIS ENTIRE LIFE !

LoshanARV Loshan ARVLOSHAN  See the amount of turn this pitch gives to Harbhajan.. Ashwin, You will be missed by India for sure.

11th over

Asad Shafiq faces his first ball as Harbhajan Singh comes into the attack.

Hafeez living dangerously. Drives one straight to Singh and the ball drops just short of him.

Two runs from the over. Pakistan are 54/1.

10th over

Patel is smacked away for four on his first ball. Hafeez is on fire!

Op-ed writer George Fulton talks about how Pakistan and India will go back to being neighbours at war after the match. Read it here.

Hafeez afain, smashes it to the leg, drops just short of the fielder and crosses the boundary for a four.

At this stage India were 73/1.

Eight runs from the over. Pakistan are 52/1.

Ninth over

Zaheer Khan is back into the attack.

Khan strikes! Kamran Akmal is gone and Yuvraj Singh makes up for his duck by taking the catch.

One run and the wicket from the over. Pakistan are 44/1.

Twitter buzz:
clarkyfanzine Andy Clark  300 Pakistanis visible, scattered around the ground. No more than that. A small minority, but vocal all the same

SaadMalik Saad Malik  Wow, we desis hate each other so much that we can't even agree on a hashtag for the game. I see

Eighth over

Nehra stands there and watches Hafeez loft one away for four.

Five runs from the over. Pakistan are 43/0.

Seventh over

Munaf Patel returns after bowling a good first over.

Hafeez has had enough batting practice, he takes the aerial route and smashes Patel for four on the offside.

Another four, in the air again and this time its Akmal.

Nine runs from the over. Pakistan are 38/0

Twitter buzz:
msarosh M.Sarosh Ebrahim  Nevermind the odd good ever just stay on & keep batting runs will come anyway

iamtushar Tushar Suresh  Wow. Whatever happened to the Munaf Patel we know.

Sixth over

Nehra bowling the over. Very tight fielding from the Indians, Sehwag manages to save a few runs off the bat of Hafeez.

Nehra gets a touch on the ball and it hits the wicket! It goes to the third umpire for the review. And Akmal is safe!

Another good over from Nehra.

Op-ed writer Khurram Hussain talks about what would happen if Pakistan loses the match. Read it here.

One run from the over. Pakistan are 29/0.

Fifth over

Munaf Patel comes into the attack now. Dhoni mixing things up a little.

Short ball from Patel, Akmal tries to smack it away and it lands safely just outside the circle, no fielders around to catch that one.

Good over from Patel. Two runs from it. Pakistan are 28/0.

Twitter buzz:
WajihaSaid Wajiha Said rule of thumb: if the stadium is silent, #Pakistan is doing good

jmujtaba Mujtaba Ibrahim  Track is keeping it low...Im surprised! need a top class fielding today..boys have to be electrifying

bithack3r Osman  #Mohali is the venue for sure but There are+30,000 people in Qaddafi Cricket Stadium #Lahore, more then in there are in #Mohali

Fourth over

Nehra bowling his second. Hafeez drives it on the off side for four. Both openers a little edgy looking for the singles.

Six runs from the over. Pakistan are 26/0.

Third over

Zaheer continues. Akmal drives through cover, the fielders chase it to the edge of the boundary. He gets three runs for it.

Hafeez gets four! Beautifully played through mid-wicket.

Eight runs from the over. Pakistan are 20/0.

Second over

Ashish Nehra bowling the second over for India.

Nehra bowls a tight over, five runs from the over.

Pakistan are 12/0.

First over

Zaheer Khan opens the bowling for India. Kamran Akmal and Mohammad Hafeez open the batting for Pakistan.

Kamran Akmal smashes him away for four through cover point.

Straight drive from Akmal and he gets four for it.

Eight runs from the over. Pakistan are 8/0.

Second innings begin


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shahid | 13 years ago | Reply pakistan present this semi final game in nice teller (losing against india) only to have high level talks and diplomacy get moving,pls dont mix dirty politics and sports,this pakistani cricket team had the full capecity to destroy the indien side but some weared reasons in my view they lose this game intentionaly.
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