Where's my visa?

Express May 17, 2010

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office summoned US Embassy staff to protest over the delay in the issuance of visas to Pakistani diplomats.

The visas had been pending for the last three months. The Foreign Office summoned US Embassy's Political Secretary Brian de Hunt and discussed the issue with him on Monday.

The US Embassy members took into account the protest of the foreign office, but no assurance was given that the visas will be issued soon.

Sources said that the pending visas include those of two officials of the Accounts section, the Foreign Office and of officials of the United Nations.

Normally visas of diplomats are issued within two weeks.

Meanwhile, Pakistan rejected the issuance of visas to 140 US defence officials to seek further details from US authorities regarding the nature of the officials' jobs.

Sources say no details have been provided by American authorities as yet.