Panamagate verdict will be acceptable to us: DG ISPR

Published: April 6, 2017
DG ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor. PHOTO: ISPR

DG ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor. PHOTO: ISPR

The Supreme Court’s verdict on the Panamagate case will be acceptable to the army, Radio Pakistan quoted the military’s top spokesman as saying on Wednesday.

Interacting with the British media during a trip to the UK, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor also said allowing former army chief Gen (retd) Raheel Sharif to lead the military alliance of 41 Muslim nations announced by Saudi Arabia was the decision of the state.

Pakistan positively engaged in promoting regional peace: Army chief
“Saudi Arabia had requested Pakistan to allow Raheel Sharif to head the military alliance while he was still serving as the army chief,” Maj Gen Ghafoor said, adding that Gen Raheel’s appointment would serve as bridge to bring participating countries closer.

“Pakistan wants good relations with India, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran and does not want any tension in the region,” the ISPR chief said. “Be it Afghanistan or India, Pakistan does not believe in proxy war. Pakistan wants good relations with them,” he added.

The statement comes days after Iran voiced its concerns over Islamabad’s decision to give greenlight to General (retd) Raheel Sharif to lead the multi-nation coalition.

Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor also underscored the progress under its new anti-terror operations Raddul Fassad and added that the government was working on madrassas reforms.

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Reader Comments (16)

  • Rex Minor
    Apr 6, 2017 - 2:49AM


    The General is speaking out of turn

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Fear
    Apr 6, 2017 - 3:26AM

    Yes, Pakistan wants friendship with Iran and Pakistan’s joining the Saudi-led alliance would help to keep that alliance from acting against Iran. Pakistan’s participation is limited to protecting the frontiers of Saudi Arabia. So, Iran has nothing to fear but fear itself.Recommend

  • Fear
    Apr 6, 2017 - 3:27AM

    Iran has nothing to fear but fear itself.Recommend

  • Kala_bacha
    Apr 6, 2017 - 4:58AM

    It mean finally third umpire lifting the fingers. Recommend

  • Faisal Afzal
    Apr 6, 2017 - 6:35AM

    Army really shouldn’t have commented on Panamagate. It’s a matter for courts to decide.Recommend

  • BrainBro
    Apr 6, 2017 - 6:43AM

    Is he even suppose to make a statement like that, as per the constitution of Pakistan?Recommend

  • Zahid
    Apr 6, 2017 - 7:28AM

    Does the military have a right not to accept a court decision? Why do they have to confirm that they will accept the verdict? That too in a third country? Are they trying to tell the world who is actually the boss here?Recommend

  • Sabi
    Apr 6, 2017 - 7:36AM

    They should think befor they leap. Recommend

  • kala_bacha
    Apr 6, 2017 - 7:50AM

    third umpire finally raises the finger!Recommend

  • Jamal
    Apr 6, 2017 - 9:26AM

    Seriously, Army in which other country speaks so much about politics and day-to-day affairs? Why not they just concentrate on their core job?Recommend

  • Abdul Awwal
    Apr 6, 2017 - 10:23AM

    Pakistan Army, rather than concentrating on and discharging their duties they are more interested and poke their nose in every thing else. Recommend

  • mehmood
    Apr 6, 2017 - 10:52AM

    Heading military coalition is a good strategy to bring dissident countries close…. I guess it would be good if United States enhances her military cooperation with India, to bring Pakistan and India closer. Recommend

  • Feat
    Apr 6, 2017 - 3:15PM

    Iran has nothing to fear but fear herself for causing a reaction against her policies.Recommend

  • achakzai
    Apr 6, 2017 - 7:53PM

    oh really .thx for being so generous.Recommend

  • Ameer Qaisrani
    Apr 7, 2017 - 2:34PM

    Lol I see a lot of trolls bashig his statement. Poor you haha
    Army does fulfill its obligations and plays a vital role in keeping Pakistan stable whereas our civil govt. is always busy doing nothingRecommend

  • Hugh Slaman
    Apr 8, 2017 - 4:31AM

    @Rex Minor:
    The General speaks whenever he wants. And don’t you forget it.Recommend

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