Chinese police successfully test electronic anti-drone gun

The technology will remove illegal flying devices from the sky

News Desk March 18, 2017
The technology will remove illegal flying devices out of the sky and make them land safely without a crash. PHOTO: PEOPLE'S DAILY CHINA

Police in China have successfully tested their anti-drone gun that electronically shoots down illegal flying devices in the sky, Russia Today reported.

Chinese officers in the city of Wuhen performed the debut of the expensive electronic gun which uses radio-interfering signals to take illegal devices out of the sky. The gun was successfully tried outside a football stadium last Saturday during a match.

The officers were able to safely remove six drones from a distance of approximately one kilometer, Changjiang Daily reported.

The anti-drone gun does not just remove the illegal devices out of the sky, it also enables controlled landing to ensure no crash or injuries occur.

The technology is said to be the perfect countermeasure to China’s thriving drone producing industry that has caused the Chinese government severe trauma owing to delayed flights and security risks at large gatherings. The country has already made it mandatory for anyone to register their flying device if it weighs more than 7kg.

The anti-drone technology costs around $36,200 per piece and the Wuhan police are buying 19 guns for a city’s marathon due next month.


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