Pakistani-origin 'hero' policeman becomes viral sensation

Ifzal Zaffar, 20, used Urdu to talk a man out of killing himself

News Desk March 15, 2017
Ifzal Zaffar, 20, used Urdu to talk a man out of killing himself. PHOTO: via Facebook

A Hong Kong policeman of Pakistani descent has become an overnight hero after he talked a man out of committing suicide.

Ifzal Zaffar, 20, spoke fluent Urdu to the suicidal man, who was also Pakistani. The man had climbed up a crane at a construction site and police were called to the scene.

Zaffar climbed up the 65ft crane and exchanged words with the man, after which he agreed to come down and was taken to a hospital.

Zaffar, who is also fluent in Cantonese said to Apple Daily, "I used the techniques we learned at the academy … I think he felt safer knowing that I could talk to him in his own language."

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The 20-year-old joined the police force just under a year ago, and is the only Pakistani origin officer in the district.

Zaffar's commanding officer praised the way the 20-year-old handled the situation.

The Muslim Council of Hong Kong also lauded Zaffar's integrity saying, "Bravo to this young man and thank you to the HK police force for bringing him in. Hope more such stories can be seen to show HK is indeed a multi-cultural city."

The 20-year-old's good looks have also been noted by media outlets, with him being branded "pretty boy cop" and "Hong Kong's most handsome police officer".

On an interview video shared by the Hong Kong Police on Facebook, people praised the young man's actions.

"He is very handsome yet having a golden heart," gushed Facebook user Nuna Priya.

"Mr Ifzal Zaffar, many citizen support you, pls keep on serving the society. Thanks!!!" wrote Baba Bebe Wong.

"Excellent Cantonese...good character...friendly personality...high spirit...he's an [asset] to the Hong Kong police force," Richard Chin wrote.

His interview can be seen below:

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This story originally appeared on BBC.


Khan Ubaid-ur-Rehman | 4 years ago | Reply Zaffar reminds me of my late grandfather and his friend who also served in the Hong Kong Police Force. Back in the days, it was called Royal Hong Kong Police Force as it was the colony of Britain.
Dr.shaikh | 4 years ago | Reply Pakistanis are heros... and Pakistan is a land of heros... such stories are typical and common for great Pakistanis as they are a nation with no dearth of handsome people with golden hearts...
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