Recognising our martyrs

Haris Masood Zuberi May 15, 2010

KARACHI: This is with reference to your editorial on Martyrs Day celebrated by the Pakistan Army this year on April 30 — and every year henceforth. Nations need to recognise the sacrifices made by their fallen soldiers.

The lives given by hundreds of young officers and soldiers of the Pakistan Army in 2009 while fighting militant outfits during Operation Rah-e-Rast should be acknowledged globally. According to statistics released by ISPR, around 2,400 personnel lost their lives and another 6,500 were wounded in 2009-2010. In comparison, US/Nato forces in the region combined had a casualty figure of approximately 1,600. This just goes to show that the price paid by the Pakistani nation in pursuit of elimination of terrorist elements has been very high.

Published in the Express Tribune, May 16th, 2010.


Haris | 13 years ago | Reply Mr. Alvi, your sentiments are respectable indeed. I wasn't aware that late Col Ikram's son was also martyred in 2009. Could you please share details about him? The new generation of Pakistani soldiers proved in 2009 that Pakistan’s and its military’s sacrifice for larger global interest is immensely significant at every juncture, whether it’s peace-keeping missions, wars against communism or terrorism. Particular scenes such as Mrs Colonel Fakhar-ul-Hasan receiving the national flag wrapped around her husband's coffin from the Pakistan Army guard of honour and then turning to the Pakistan Air Force guard of honour to receive her son Flying Officer Minhaj-ul-Hasan's flag alongside burial of younger son aspiring-cadet Saad-ul-Hasan are imprints on the Pakistani nation's memory that shall become legends. All these martyrs were sons, brothers, husbands and fathers, but foremost they were soldiers and proudly upheld the obligation to global cause and national ideology for peace above and beyond personal responsibilities and relationships.
Arshad Alvi | 13 years ago | Reply I have always been thinking of Shaheeds of Pakistan Army, specially after the statements appearing in media about Musharraf as "He is a grade 22 employee of the government". It is not the Musharraf, the remarks are about a soldier as he represents the Army as a whole. Secondly when Col Ikram's death in a road Accident in Lahore due to an accident with Chief Secretary's car. (May Almighty Allah rest his soul in peace, Ameen). We probably forgot that his son had very recently laid his life for this nation. The way his case was dealt with by the local government and specially th eploce station located right in the heart of cantomnent, was really isturbing. This made me emotional and literally made me cry as to this is theo worth of our soldiers aho lay their lives for the safety of this nation. We call them grade.... servants. Isn't it a matter of shame for us. I thought that Chief of Army Staff or at leat the local Corps COmmander will take a direct action on this but nothing happened. I could just shed tears, which I really did after seeing his son standing outside the Police Station, a public place supposed to be open to all citiens of Pakistan to get their complaints registered. Rather than giving time to them to mourn the tragic death of their father, they were standing helplessly outside the THANA. Shame on us all. As a matter of fact Jihad is obligatory on all Muslims but by compulsion and with the advent of advance technology and sophistification in weapons, the techniques and tactics involved in a modren warfare, this duty has been left on the shoulders of Army but this does not absolve us from our obligations to look after the families of these SHuhada. This is the way we can partiicpate in the present day Jihad. We must not forget that they are performing their duties on our behalf, though they are being paid as they have to sustain theif families. What have we done in turn to look after them as a nation?? Have we ever thought of it?? Have we voluntarily contributed any thing for their families?? Wherever there is a political advantage involved, s sum of Rs 25 lacs is announced for the police, 5 lacs for other civilians but what do the heirs of soldiers get? just aout 3 to 5 lacs for their families. Is it enough for them to get their wards educated and live a reasonable life?? Must ponder on these few lines, may be these look abit emotional but these are a reality.
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