Blast partially damages bridge in Gwadar

Published: March 12, 2017

ISLAMABAD: A bomb explosion took place under a bridge on the main Sur Bandar road in Gwadar Sunday morning, according to police officials.

The police were reportedly informed about the presence of a bomb under the bridge. However, it exploded before the bomb disposal squad’s arrival at the scene, a private news channel claimed.

While there was no loss of life reported, the bridge was partially damaged in the incident.

The officials said it was a remote-controlled bomb weighing around 5 to 7 kilogrammes.

Gwadar will change face of Balochistan: PM

Since the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was announced in 2014, the security status in Balochistan has improved, with the government setting up a new army division to ensure protection, while hundreds of rebels surrendered arms.

Real estate firms dismiss fears the “Gwadar bubble” might still burst, pointing to China’s enduring interest.

Gwadar LNG pipeline: Finance ministry supports sovereign guarantees

Gwadar forms the southern Pakistan hub of a $57 billion CPEC of infrastructure and energy projects.

Last year, the government welcomed the first large shipment of Chinese goods at Gwadar port, where the China Overseas Ports Holding Company Ltd took over operations in 2013. It plans to eventually handle 300 million to 400 million tonnes of cargo a year.

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