Muslim comedian hilariously sums up what it's like to be an immigrant in the US

Mo Amer took jibes at the American government and even re-visited his famous encounter with Eric Trump

News Desk March 06, 2017
MoAmer took jibes at the American government and even re visited his famous encounter with Eric Trump. PHOTO: SCREEN GRAB

Mohammed Amer, who goes by stage name Mo Amer is an Arab-American stand-up comedian. Amer came from Kuwait as a refugee and is of Palestinian descent.

Best known as one third of the comedy trio "Allah Made Me Funny", Amer made his his debut in network television when he was featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

In his seven-minute long stand up, the Muslim comedian took jibes at the American government and even re-visited his famous encounter with Eric Trump, the son of US President Donald Trump.

‘The Daily Show’s’ Muslim correspondent tears into Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

He started the stand-up talking about how he was 'coincidentally' upgraded for the first time in his life and ended up sitting next to Eric Trump.

He pointed out the plight of having a name as common as Mohammad and still being unable to find a keychain with his name on it and how "no one in America has shared a coke with [him]"

Amer moved to Texas after he escaped the "first Gulf War". While he spoke English perfectly, he poked fun at the stereotypes against Arabs as he was enrolled in "English as a Second Language" class - no one in the class knew English, including the teacher. "I ended up becoming fluent in Spanish because of an English class," joked Amer. The upside to that, according to him though was he could disguise himself as a Spanish when people started hunting down Arabs in the US.

You can watch the entire video here:

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