Karachi beat Lahore in last-ball thriller

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Abdul Majid February 25, 2017
Karachi Kings celebrate a wicket. PHOTO COURTESY: PSL

There can't be a better spectacle than the Karachi Kings versus Lahore Qalandars face-off in the Pakistan Super League and the flavour further improves when the result is decided on the last ball.

On Saturday, when Karachi were on the cusp of elimination, Keiron Pollard raised his hand and struck two sixes of the last two balls to take Kings past the finishing tape against Lahore.

After being sent in to bat first, Lahore were restricted by Karachi as they could only manage 155-6 in their 20 overs.

However, the chase wasn't an easy one till Pollard walked out with too many needed off too less balls.

He struck 45 off 20 balls courtesy four maximums - two on the last two balls of the 20th over - and one boundary to ensure Karachi are in the race for the playoffs.

At the moment, Karachi and Lahore are on fourth and fifth positions respectively with six points each. However, Karachi have a match in hand, on Sunday, against Islamabad United to ensure their march forward.

Keiron Pollard: You want to win these sort of games for your team. This is what I was picked in the team to do. With 16 need, bowler is under pressure too, you have to keep calm and I kept my composure, then i was able to take the team over the line.

Brendon McCullum: We played some good, some not so good cricket. Credit to Karachi they delivered when it mattered. Our energy in the field was outstanding.

Kumar Sangakkara: I enjoyed the win. Did few things right and a few wrong. Keiron showed why he is prized in the world. We are still playing below par cricket; Polly and Babar delivered at crucial moments otherwise we were losing. However, I am proud of the team and the boys played really well.

Over 20: KHI 158-5 (Target 156)

SIX and SIX! Pollard takes Karachi past the finishing tape! Big man for the big moment. The last match of group rounds, Karachi versus Islamabad will now decide who goes forward to the playoffs. It has become more interesting, the fight for playoffs goes down to the wire.

10 off 2 needed... SIX, Pollard take it to the last ball... the moment of truth is here... 4 needed off the last ball.

It all comes down to Pollard now, 10 off 3 needed... A LOUD OF CAUGHT BEHIND but umpire says it is not out. The bat hit the ground. Not given a wide even! All this drama!

Two to start the over by Pollard. Single follows. Karachi need 11 off 4, Imad faces... only a single from short extra cover.

Aamer Yamin bowls the last over.

Over 19: KHI 139-5 (Target 156)

Two taken and Pollard faces the last ball, 18 off 7 needed... WIDE! Sohail succumbs to pressure!

DOT! Wide and full on off side, Pollard misses it.

SIX! Over long off and Pollard has brought the match closer, 20 off 9 needed.

Two singles off the first two balls.

Sohail Tanvir bowls the penultimate.

Over 18: KHI 128-5 (Target 156)

Single to end the over. Pollard will face the next over.

DOT! Pollard is not happy. It was short and went leggish over his shoulder. Umpire says it's not a wide. One for the over, only!

FOUR! Over bowler's head goes Pollard.

Two to start. Two singles follow.

Aamer Yamin bowls.

Over 17: KHI 119-5 (Target 156)

Eleven runs off the over courtesy a biggie over long on from Pollard.

Sohail Tanvir.

Over 16: KHI 108-5 (Target 156)

FOUR! Imad Wasim goes towards extra cover. Exactly two-runs-a-ball needed by Karachi; 48 off 24.

RUN OUT! Malik the main man for Karachi is gone. Keiron Pollard join Imad Wasim in the middle with too many needed off too less.

Sunil Narine.

Over 15: KHI 102-4 (Target 156)

Thirteen off his over courtesy SIX and FOUR from Imad Wasim.

Brendon McCullum is on himself. Right-arm off-spin. Someone check his elbow!

Over 14: KHI 89-4 (Target 156)

RUN OUT! Bopara runs without looking and Malik at striker's end and point fielder hits bulls eye in his first go. Karachi on back foot now!

Strategic time out taken... and teams are back and Yasir Shah will bowl the fourteenth over.

Over 13: KHI 86-3 (Target 156)

Ravi Bopara joins Shoaib Malik in the middle. Can Bopara repeat his first edition heroics today when Karachi need it the most?

OUT! Babar Azam (49 off 42) departs. The frustration gets to him. He tries a rugged shot and it drops in the hand of his cousin Umar Akmal at long off.

 Fakhar Zaman with his part time left-arm spin. Spin is doing the job for McCullum and Lahore at the moment.

Over 12: KHI 83-2 (Target 156)

Shoaib Malik joins Babar in the middle.

OUT! Sanga (20 off 22) mishits one to the Aamer Yamin running in from point. The ball turned away sharply for Sanga. He is disappointed!

Sunil Narine. Ball is turning sharply.

Over 11: KHI 78-1 (Target 156)

Six off the over, Karachi need 78 off 54.

FOUR! Babar swings wildly, ball turns sharply and the edge runs away to the third man boundary.

Yasir Shah into his third over.

Over 10: KHI 72-1 (Target 156)

FOUR! Slow and Babar has guessed it's pace already. Goes on one knee and places it towards cow corner.

FOUR! Sanga places this one in the same exact position but on the off-side. Cut towards square on off.

FOUR! Full and Sanga turns it into a low full-toss and send it past wide square leg.

Grant Elliot with his slow cutters now.

Over 9: KHI 58-1 (Target 156)

Five runs off the over.

Yasir Shah.

Over 8: KHI 53-1 (Target 156)

Four runs from the over. Sanga finding it difficult to fathom the spin in the pitch.

Fifty up for Karachi, three balls after Lahore got theirs at the end of the seventh over.

Sunil Narine, spin from both ends.

Over 7: KHI 49-1 (Target 156)

FOUR! Babar lobs it over short extra cover, McCullum nearly gets his hand to it, but just. The ball runs down to the boundary.

Leg-spin time and Yasir Shah is on.

Over 6: KHI 43-1 (Target 156)

FOUR! Babar Azam lifts it up and send it towards midwicket. Classy, classy shot from the youngster.

Mohammad Irfan Jr to bowl now.

Over 5: KHI 35-1 (Target 156)

Only four off the over.

Aamer Yamin in for his second over.

Over 4: KHI 31-1 (Target 156)

Only four off the over.

Sunil Narine.

Over 3: KHI 27-1 (Target 156)

Kumar Sangakkara joins Babar.

RUN OUT! Jayawardene (10 off 8) is so unlucky but great piece of work from Mohammad Rizwan. Slow ball, Jaya cuts it and runs, Rizwan dives to his right, picks it up and takes his chances. It hits, Jaya walks.

FOUR! Babar once again. Is he a wonder kid or what? Placed between cover and point.

Sohail Tanvir for his second.

Over 2: KHI 18-0 (Target 156)

FOUR! Jayawardene opens his boundary account.

FOUR! Short and pulled towards deep midwicket by Babar.

Aamer Yamin now.

Over 1: KHI 8-0 (Target 156)

FOUR! Driven towards cow corner by Babar. This kid has been the best amongst the Karachi batsmen.

Sohail Tanvir opens the bowling for Lahore. Babar Azam and Mahela Jayawardene open the chase for Karachi.

Over 20: LHR 155-6

Rizwan faces the last ball... single to end the innings.

Full and only one from the fourth ball. Another full deliver and another single.

FOUR! Full and guided smartly towards third man boundary by Rizwan.

Two off the first ball, single follows.

Usman Shinwari for the final over.

Over 19: LHR 145-6

Thirteen off it.

FOUR! Wide on off, Sohail slams it towards midwicket, mistimes it but still it makes it to the ropes.

FOUR! Short and drifting down leg side, Sohail takes his eyes off and just puts bat to ball. The ball runs towards the square leg boundary.

Penultimate over... Amir asked to bowl.

Over 18: LHR 132-6

Expensive over from Sohail.

FOUR! Cheeky shot from Rizwan. Full and on his legs, he chips it over short fine leg.

DROPPED! Usama Mir runs back and tries to cup a skier from Sohail Tanvir. Juggles it and puts it down at fine leg.

SIX! Welcomed with a maximum. Short ball and Rizwan sends it into the stands at long leg.

Sohail Khan.

Over 17: LHR 118-6

Nine off the over. Three more left, how many can Lahore score with Rizwan and Tanvir on the crease?

WIDE and FOUR! A great over ruined by this.


Over 16: LHR 109-6

Six runs off the over.

Mohammad Amir is back. He has two over remaining.

Over 15: LHR 103-6

Rizwan waits for his partner as strategic time out is taken. It's Sohail Tanvir.

OUT! Elliot (2 off 3) caught by short leg fielder Usman Shinwari.

Malik in for his third over.

Over 14: LHR 99-5

Five runs and a wicket off the over.

OUT! Umar Akmal caught at long on trying to clear the fielder.

Usama Mir.

Over 13: LHR 94-4

Grant Elliot joins Umar Akmal.

OUT! Narine (16 off 9) caught at point in an attempt to clear long on again.

Malik in for his second.

Over 12: LHR 90-3

SIX! Once again, same length, same backlift from Narine and goes over the same fielder at long on.

SIX! Narine goes over long on.

Usama Mir.

Over 11: LHR 75-3

Only four off the over. Karachi keeping things tight!

Shoaib Malik joins the bowling attack.

Over 10: LHR 71-3

Three runs and a wicket off the over.

Sunil Narine joins Umar Akmal in the middle.

OUT! McCullum (31 off 28) tries to sweep one but top-edge flies into the hand of Babar Azam. Good knock from the captain, not his typical blistering innings but still, good!

Usama Mir again. Sanga placing his faith in the leggy.

Over 9: LHR 68-2

Good over for Karachi, only three from it.

Imad Wasim brought back. Sanga wants wickets!

Over 8: LHR 65-2

Two dots follow after that.

Sanga walks up to Usama to give him a pep talk!

FOUR! Short and McCullum pulls it toward long leg.

FOUR! McCullum boasts his timing and shot selection with a cleverly played shot towards extra cover.

SIX! Umar Akmal come down the wicket and dispatches it over covers.

Usama Mir with his leg-spin.

Over 7: LHR 50-2

Fifty up for Lahore with a double on the last ball.

FOUR! McCullum warming up. Shot flied past point. You can't keep The Baz quiet for long.

Usman Shinwari around the wicket to McCullum.

Over 5: LHR 42-2

Two runs and a wicket off the over.

Umar Akmal joins McCullum.

OUT! Fakhar (19 off 15) caught by Imad at point. It was angled across for Fakhar to cut and a well-placed fielder did the trick for Karachi.

Sohail Khan once again!

Over 5: LHR 40-1

FOUR! This time it was a tad short, bowled on middle stump and McCullum targeted  the unguarded midwicket boundary.

Karachi playing smart cricket, cramping McCullum for room. They can't let this beast set himself free.

Left-arm pacer Usman Shinwari now.

Over 4: LHR 34-1

FOUR! Short, wide on off and there to be hit, Fakhar slaps it through covers. Sanga runs up to Sohail to have a chat.

FOUR! Wide on off side and cut beautifully past point by Fakhar Zaman.

Sohail Khan introduced into the attack now.

Over 3: LHR 22-1

FOUR! Over short third-man's head and McCullum opens his boundary account.


Over 2: LHR 13-1

SIX! Fakhar Zaman clears front leg, goes down on one knee and slams it over midwicket.

Imad Wasim shares the new ball.

Over 1: LHR 4-1

Fakhar Zaman joins McCullum in the middle.

OUT! Great catch from Sanga, diving to his right and he takes a one-handed catch of Delport.

Mohammad Amir to bowl the first over. Cameron Delport and Brendon McCullum will open the innings for Lahore.


Sanga: We had a debate over this and we decided bowl first, again.

Lahore warming up!


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