Man raped in Battagram breaks silence after assault video surfaces

Culprits accused victim of allegedly befriending a married woman

Muhammad Sadaqat February 22, 2017

MANSEHRA: A young man was stripped, beaten and raped while the video of the attack was leaked as punishment for the victim who allegedly befriended a married woman in Battagram.

The incident took place in late January when 22-year-old H*, a resident of a remote village in Alai Tehsil, was forcibly taken away to a cattle pen by his neighbour, UZ.

Once there, UZ questioned him if he was involved in a relationship with his sister-in-law after he had caught her talking to someone on a cell phone the previous night.

Consequently, she confessed that she was actually talking to H.

Pakistan's shameful denial of male rape

However, H denied having any kind of relationship with her and swore to him he had never spoken to her. But UZ stripped him of his clothing and thrashed him after fastening him to a pillar.

UZ allegedly raped him together with his five accomplices, which included his brother who documented the attack.

Furthermore, the data retrieved by police from their cell phones corroborated the incident.

After finally setting him free, the alleged perpetrators threatened to kill him and upload the video on social media if he disclosed the attack to anyone.

“I had to keep silent out of fear of murder and my rape video going viral,” said H.

He added that after five to six days of the incident the accused began to share the video with his friends and relatives, which compelled him to register an FIR against the six accused.

The law enforcement agency has arrested five of the suspects, however, UZ is believed to have absconded to Saudi Arabia.

He escaped despite the fact police had been informed promptly.

Man raped in Peshawar

H went on to accuse the Battagram police of having a soft corner for the accused party owing to their influence.

He implored senior police officials to take concrete steps to bring back the accused to Pakistani soil to stand trial and be punished for the alleged crime.

H alleged that the police deliberately allowed him to flee the country.

Meanwhile, Alai police station SHO Amjad Khan said that the five accused had been arrested, out of which three had gained bail while the two others are still behind bars.

Khan confirmed the main accused identified as UZ went into hiding after committing the crime and had reportedly fled to Saudi Arabia.

*Name withheld to protect identity


freakonomist | 6 years ago | Reply send this video to authorities in KSA. Punishment for sodomy/rape in KSA should be harsher than Pak.
John B | 6 years ago | Reply Which part is cut off in KSA in male rapists?
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