This 'Airport Jacket' will revolutionise the way you travel

To be able to get on your next flight without the hassle of carry-on luggage would be every traveller's dream

Food & Travel Desk February 23, 2017

To be able to get on your next flight without the hassle of paying extra for your carry-on luggage would be every traveller's dream. This new 'Airport jacket' could be the answer to all your travelling woes and may revolutionise the way you travel.

An Australian couple who invented the jacket are trying to make carry-on luggage a thing of the past by enabling passengers to wear their baggage in the jacket's pockets.

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At maximum capacity, the jacket can hold up to 30 pounds in its 14 pockets, two detachable compartments and a duffel bag. The makers also claim it can hold a laptop, an iPad, two pairs of shoes, up to three t-shirts, two pairs of shorts, a light sweater, a dress, underwear, a bag for liquids, a wallet and passport and a phone.

Not only can the jacket hold all that weight, but it can also be worn three different ways, at hip length, three-quarter length or full length; depending on what you decide to carry. The jackets are available for spring and summer season, while warmer ones are also available for winter.

The only aspect which remains unclear is where all your belongings would be placed once you arrive at your destination, or if you wanted to sit down while wearing your jacket without damaging your electronics and toiletries. With all the detachable pockets and sections however, passengers should be able to carefully plan and optimise their travel experience.

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Passengers have also raised concerns that the coat will attract attention while going through security, however, while testing the jacket out at an airport, the inventors claimed they made it through security without any hassle.

So if you don't mind carrying your electronics on your back with underwear in a pocket by your hip, then this is the jacket for you.

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