Twitter Alert: Reactions to Raymond Davis' release

Pakistani Twitterati tweeted their critiques as news of US national Raymond Davis' release was confirmed.

Atika Rehman March 16, 2011
Twitter Alert: Reactions to Raymond Davis' release

Pakistani Twitterati tweeted their critiques as news of US national Raymond Davis' release was confirmed by Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Wednesday.

Davis was the accused in the double-murder shooting case in Lahore and was acquitted by the court as the families of the victims reportedly pardoned Davis after signing pardon papers in this regard.

Here's the Twitter buzz:

Najam Sethi

As predicted, Davis has been freed on application of Kissas and Diyat law. CM Shahbaz played key secret role.

Nadeem F Paracha

This is what happens when a 'successful' media trial falls flat in the court of law.

Bina Shah

Wonder if there will be any street reaction to this, or if everyone's just going to shut up and eat it.

Sami Shah

Never have so many liberals and conservatives been in such righteous agreement. Twitter and FB melting down.

The only acceptable follow up story would be that he converted to islam just before leaving.

Fatima Bhutto

Even for the Zardari govt, that was a remarkably quick acquittal#raymonddaviswinning

Saba Imtiaz

New reality show: Raymond ne Pakistan kyun chora?

Marvi Memon

What do all of u think on raymond issue?

Ayesha Tammy Haq

So what happens to #ShahMehmoodQuershi now


We heard that there will bloodshed on the streets and heavens will fall RT @vihargg: What could happen?


I guess GHQ maxed out that platinum ghairat card that Papa Jinnah gave us. Hope Ray Ray has a comfortable flight.


Raymond Davis freed (?), NWA op 'on the cards', Pasha to get an extension - coincidence? Hmm...


ashok | 13 years ago | Reply @Raymond Devis: your father also cannot own india.
Johny | 13 years ago | Reply So here we have very clear Messages America : Go charlie go! Kill them all WE´LL GET U BACK. no matter what they do Pakistan : Charlie please come on , WE` ARE ON SALE . no matter what we claim at last we are the people who elect thease ''politicians'' to govern our country and we pay Taxes to let us kill on the street. i havent heard in the last time any news about common volk issues every news says about who called whome on telephone and who said something wrong about someone. hey Ppl just look at the faces of our politicians. what do u expect from them ?
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