Renowned British chef Ramsay roasts Twitter users over culinary skills

Fans have been tweeting Ramsay asking for his thoughts on their cooking

Food & Travel Desk February 19, 2017

Celebrated British chef Gordon Ramsay has been grilling Twitter users over their culinary skills. Ramsay, who is well-known for appearing in shows like Kitchen nightmares, Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen as well as for his strong personality has been giving Twitter users his signature 'brutal' feedback on their cooking, and it is hilarious.

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Followers have been tweeting Ramsay asking for his thoughts on their recent attempts in the kitchen. Ramsay happily complied.

Here’s what he had to say:

When a user asked him about the chicken breasts he recently made

This person wanted to know what chef Ramsay thought of his dinner

He would rather skip lunch than have breakfast prepared by this user

When he thought the chicken was cooked too long...


When the food didn't look very appetising

On stale rice

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He spotted worms

And then he felt sick