Safety of all Pakistanis in Bahrain top priority: FO

Pakistani embassy in Bahrain instructed to facilitate and ensure the safety Pakistanis in the country.

Express March 15, 2011

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's Foreign Office on Tuesday expressed deep concern over the killing of its national in Bahrain.

In a statement, the Foreign Office said that the safety of all Pakistanis in Bahrain is of paramount importance. It said the Government of Pakistan has requested the Government of Bahrain to ensure the safety of its citizens present in the Kingdom.

The Foreign Office said that Pakistani embassy in Bahrain has been instructed to facilitate and ensure the safety of Pakistanis in the country.

Thirty-year-old Pakistani, Abdul Malik, was killed in a fatal attack in Manama on Sunday evening.

In a separate incident, four Pakistanis sustained stab wounds after confrontation with an armed youth in Naim.

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Kaine | 9 years ago | Reply | Recommend You dolts asinine or what?!! shaking monarchies! btw.. these "shaky" monarchies have been kind to their people in ways you cant even begin to fathom. They're far more benign to their people than either Pakistan, India or any other freaking democracies!! The protesters are nimrods who have no work ethic, are either useless, unqualified but privileged or they simply want to sit and boss around while getting paid. None of them wants to take up jobs that require responsibility!! and you "think" they deserve to RULE!!? everytime they take out a matam procession in the streets with swords all other people are scared for their safety. As far as Pakistanis being in the forces are concerned they're risking their lives for the safety of others! and they're taken care of better than they'd be taken care of in their own country. These criminal rebels don't just hound Pakistanis, they'd rape, maim or kill any person of any community if they can have their way. Its easy to just sit in your comfy drawing rooms and make judgment calls while the other at a risk!!. Funny thing is we have more respect, less discrimination and more rights being expats in bahrain than we have in Pakistan! the monarchs in bahrain pay for their own citizens' scholarships, unemployment welfare, creating jobs and opportunities, helping their citizens in times of need, free medical benefits (one of the best in the gulf), providing subsidies on food electricity, fuel and providing shelter even (they're handing out free luxurious lodgings to their citizens), business opportunities, vocational trainings, etc. can you say anything like that about your so called "stable democracies"? put your own house in order before casting aspersions on others :/
Badsha | 9 years ago | Reply | Recommend You mean the FO will take care of the merceneries it exported to support the monarchies and despots in the Middle East! What a joke! And Mr. Aftab, you represent the negative Saudi/Salafi mentality that has already destroyed the tranquillity of Pakistan!
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