Missing Sukkur teacher’s body retrieved from Nara Canal

Rafiq Tunio went missing on Feb 2, body found on information given by cousin

Sarfaraz Memon February 13, 2017

SUKKUR: The body of a missing school teacher was retrieved on Sunday by the Sukkur police from the Nara Canal near Arore. The teacher – Mohammad Rafiq Tunio – was found in his car, which had been dumped in the canal.

Tunio went missing on February 2 from within the limits of Site police station in Sukkur, and his relatives, in their statement before the police, had accused some of Mohammad’s friends of being involved in his disappearance. The police had arrested some suspects and investigated them but their efforts did not bear fruit as they could not find any clues about Mohammad’s disappearance. The Site SHO kept investigating different suspects but failed to solve the case.

Meanwhile, Mohammad’s wife and cousin were called in for questioning and the interrogation paved the way for the resolution of the case – the accused confessed that Mohammad was first tortured to death and then thrown into the Nara Canal in his car. The police then were able to locate the car and pull it out of the canal. Investigations are still under way to determine a motive for the murder.

Sukkur SSP Amjad Ahmed Shaikh told The Express Tribune that it was a ‘blind case’ for the police. The officer said that since Mohammad’s disappearance, his relatives kept fabricating stories, probably to save the murderers. “Their concocted statements confused the police on one hand and heightened my suspicion on the other,” he said. “We eventually arrested Mohammad’s cousin Hidayatullah Tunio and questioned his wife, besides tracing the signals of the tracker installed in the deceased’s car,” he explained.

“After a little grilling and questioning, Hidayatullah started singing like a bird and provided all the information required by the police,” he disclosed. The SSP added that further investigations are still under way.

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