Pakistan to work with UN for treatment of drug addicts

Pakistan is joining WHO and UNODC to promote treatment and care for those with substance abuse disorders.

Ppi March 12, 2011

United Nations and Pakistan are working on a new project to ensure addicts have access to treatment and care in the country.

Pakistan is joining UN World Health Organization WHO & UN Office for Drug Control UNODC to promote treatment, care of those with substance abuse disorders, a UN news release said. It will support ongoing efforts to enhance access to services for preventing and treating drug-related problems.

A 2006 national assessment of drug use in Pakistan estimated there were 628,000 opiate users, with around 482,000, or some 77% heroin addicts. Number of injecting drug users in 2006 was estimated at 125,000, double the figure of year 2000.

“We applaud Pakistan for taking this action to improve lives of people with substance dependence,” said Guido Sabatinelli, WHO representative to Pakistan. “Providing treatment to people suffering from this disease and small investment in treatment services can have large impact for drug users, their families and society at large,” he added.

Drug dependence and illicit drug use are associated with health problems, poverty, violence, criminal behaviour, social exclusion, says Gilberto Gerra, chief of UNODC’s Drug Prevention & Health Branch.

WHO-UNODC Joint Program aims to support evidence-based and ethical treatment policies, strategies, interventions for drug use and dependence.


muhammad shaheer | 10 years ago | Reply @abdul moiz: This addiction can't be cured now,it's much too late.It has spread like a cancer throughout the length & breadth of our population.only the constitutional separation of mosque & state will now make a difference. The odious & highly discriminating law of only a muslim being the president or prime minister of this country discriminates against non-muslims from when they are in their mother's womb. Athiests,agnostics,ahmadis,muslims,christians,hindus,parsis,bahais,all have an equal right to live & perform their rituals,practices in pakistan. One religion can not & should not be given preference by the law of the country. The offensive provisions in the constitution have to be removed.
abdul moiz | 10 years ago | Reply pakistan should work with UN to cure the millions addicted to islamic fundementalism. This disease does far greater damage to our country than the junkies ever could.Addiction to oppression of women,addiction to persecution of gays & lesbians,addiction to mindless exhibitionist religious rituals,addiction to rattafying religious texts in a foreign language ( without understanding what they're rattafying),addiction to the glorification of violence. These are the addictions which are destroying this society.Everyone is ever ready to declare the other kafir & outside the "daira of islam" .
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