CPEC no game-changer if masses remain deprived of basic amenities: Kamal

I'm a man of the establishment and my establishment is God, says PSP chairman

News Desk January 29, 2017
Chairman Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Mustafa Kamal addressing his workers at a rally in Karachi on January 29, 2017. EXPRESS NEWS SCREEN GRAB

Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) chairman Mustafa Kamal has called upon the government to give priority not to the multibillion-dollar economic corridor but serve the masses which will put the country on the path to progress.

"The CPEC [China Pakistan Economic Corridor] can prove futile if the masses are not provided with basic facilities and children remain malnourished and out of school," Kamal, who founded the PSP in March 2016, told his supporters at a party rally in Karachi Sunday evening.

"While we continue to claim CPEC can be a game-changer and a revolution will come as huge projects are being inaugurated, people do not have food to eat and hospitals if they fall sick."

‘What’s wrong with rehabilitating criminals?’, asks Kamal

These malnourished and deprived children will be running the future economic affairs of this country, the former Karachi mayor said, and asked, "how can these projects prove successful if we don't have eligible people to take lead and contribute to the society".

“These children are not dying of an epidemic but due to unavailability of clean drinking water and food. Today, 10 million children in this country are suffering from mental and physical disabilities.”

More than 0.3 million children are dying every year from hunger and disabilities, Kamal, who was once a part of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, said, vowing his party will build hospitals and provide facilities to the masses.

‘My establishment is Allah’

Kamal said the PSP was accused of receiving support from the establishment or some power to come into being. “Yes I am the establishment’s man but my establishment is Allah and I enjoy his support,” he said adding, “no establishment or power on earth could have changed the hearts of millions attending this gathering right now.”

The former Karachi mayor also took to task arch-rival MQM, saying people of this city will not accept the party in any form.


Towards the end of the party conference, PSP leader Raza Haroon presented resolutions for the city which were unanimously adopted by the party members and supporters.

The following demands were made:

1- Population census census sans any political influence

2- Complete eradication of corruption

3- Basic legal and constitutional rights for all people

4- Provision of water, sewerage system, transportation and building of basic infrastructure for all citizens

5- Education, health and employment for people on merit considering it is their basic right

6- Karachi's progress is linked with Pakistan's progress and, therefore, steps should be taken for its prosperity



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Syedpk | 4 years ago | Reply I thought he also demanded that powers be returned to the City govt from the province. Why did your reporter miss the most important demand from him ?
Fahad | 4 years ago | Reply Really so do MK thinks these project of CPEC would be headed by our children, sorry Chinese never let their work being handled by someone else, you can work for them but controlling the projects , think again all control will be kept by Chinese people like in every other Chinese venture.
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