Pakistan improves in corruption ranking

With a total of 32 points, Pakistan ranks 116 on the list

Afp January 25, 2017
With a total of 32 points, Pakistan has ranked 116 on the list. PHOTO: REUTERS

BERLIN: Pakistan has witnessed improvement by two points and has moved to 116th position in Transparency International's 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index.

According to the report, Pakistan scored 32 of 100 in 2016 as compared to 30 points in the previous year.

The watchdog uses data from institutions, including the World Bank, the African Development Bank and business school IMD, to compile the perceptions of the scale of public sector corruption. The score runs from zero, which is highly corrupt, to 100, which is very clean.

Pakistan improves in corruption ranking

Pakistan's eastern neighbour and arch-rival India ranked 79 on the list with a total of 40 points. Following is a list of the top and bottomranked nations -- plus 10 key economies in the mid-range that were featured on the index.

Top 10:
1. New Zealand 90 points = Denmark 90 points
3. Finland 89
4. Sweden 88
5. Switzerland 86
6. Norway 85
7. Singapore 84
8. Netherlands 83
9. Canada 82
10. Germany 81 = Luxembourg 81 = United Kingdom 81

In the middle:

18. United States 74
20. Japan 72
23. France 69
57. Hungary 48 = Romania 48
75. Turkey 41
79. Brazil 40 = China 40 = India 40
131. Russia 29

At the bottom

166. Venezuela 17 = Iraq 17
169. Afghanistan 15
170. Libya 14 = Yemen 14 = Sudan 14
173. Syria 13
174. North Korea 12
175. South Sudan 11
176. Somalia 10


Jamil Chaudri | 4 years ago | Reply America is obviously not so corrupt (within America). America is the CREATOR / MOTHER of corruption. Look at the Map accompanying the report. Out of the 12 countries with deepest red (countries knee deep in corruption). List 1: Destroyed by America and ruled my America installed stooges: Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Eritrea. List 2: Countries suffering the anaconda squeeze (America squeezing the life out of the countries through Economic methods): North Korea, Venezuela, Sudan List 3: American penchant to destroy nation(splitting them) South Sudan, Sudan Here is prediction for the future. If America and India draw any closer: Indian Corruption will INCREASE. In 20 years it will be a DEEP red country.
Rebirth | 4 years ago | Reply India has always been known to be far more corrupt and notoriously so. Indian bureaucracy had always been known as snail-paced. However, in the past couple of years, Indian insecurities for, as modi wrote in his book, having being 'enslaved' for 1,000 years, served as motivation to let many defence deals go through. They were also worried that their sugar daddy (Russia) was going to dump them to finally settle down for something more meaningful and no longer wanted to share its concubine with others.
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