Degree Show 2017-II: Visual studies students display their art at NCA

Students created projects that attempt to influence human behaviour

Mariam Shafqat January 21, 2017

LAHORE: As many as 22 students from Department of Visual Communication Design at the National College of Arts (NCA) have presented their work at the Graduation Degree Show 2017.

Fauz Azam Nabi’s thesis ‘Unmute’ is an effort to bridge the gap for the deaf and mute people. Using ‘total communication method’ the primary objective of Fauz’s campaign is to design and introduce an app named ‘Unmute’ that decodes the message to the end user by conversation between signs, texts and voice.

This will help bridge the gap between deaf people, as most of them learn sign language but it does not help them communicate with general public.

Another student Ghazala Raees has prepared a project that revolves around human instinct of finding refuge in crowd.

According to Ghazala, her project ‘conformity’ challenges and criticises notion that fitting in the society is an achievement, whereas becoming your own person is abnormal.

“While being part of a crowd becomes the most comfortable state, a person can also become the most ignorant. It is a state where we become ignorant of what we are doing and why we are doing,” she said while explaining her work.

Rabia Naseer’s project ‘Kainchay’ is about reinvention of old Urdu books for children with new interactive colours.

According to the idea came with her realising that the reason Urdu poems do not attract children anymore because they are not interactive the way other modern teaching tools are.

“So Kainchay is my attempt to bring old Urdu poems to life with colours, introducing books which offer a lot more than just a dull reading experience,” she elaborated.

Explaining the concept of fun learning, she said her books attempt to fully involve the reader with interesting mechanisms and quirk.

With its multi-technique approach, Rabia voiced hope to set the standards for design and presentation of new Urdu poems for publishers.

Naveed Ahmed Farooq’s project ‘Behear: an audio listening experience’ has been designed with the aim to introduce audio listening service that engages with writers, readers, musicians and narrators.

He was of view that the service would create a common platform for them to come together to create art worth listening to.

“The service will allow writers to share their content online through a designed application from where a narrator could pick up on it, a musician may then compose a score for the created narration,” he said while explaining how his project was beneficial for the users.

Naveed added this service has been launched in collaboration with Lahore Literary Festival (LLF), with a hope that the new and budding writers get a chance to be heard on larger scale with a real time immersive audio experience space set up at the annual LLF.

According to Visual Communication Design department head, Sadia Bashir, designers are formidable creators who are equipped with technical and conceptual skills. “They understand the power of design and can influence social and cultural attitudes to shape human behaviour.”

“This year, students have presented a whole spectrum of projects reflective of this philosophy,” she remarked.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 22nd, 2017.


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