Trump hopes to see better US-Pakistan relations in future: envoy

Jalil Abbas Jillani says US president-elect extended good wishes for Pakistan

News Desk January 20, 2017
Premier Nawaz on Wednesday said he hopes to meet US President-elect Donald Trump after his inauguration. PHOTO: REUTERS

US President-elect Donald Trump has expressed hope for improved relations between Washington and Islamabad, Pakistan's Ambassador to US Jalil Abbas Jillani said.

According to Radio Pakistan, Jillani in an interview said Trump expressed these views during a brief conversation with him at a dinner he hosted for foreign ambassadors. The envoy added that the US president 'pleasantly' referred to the telephonic conversation he had with PM Nawaz, and expressed good wishes for the country.

PM Nawaz hopes to meet Trump after inauguration

PM Nawaz on Wednesday said he hopes to meet US President-elect Donald Trump after his inauguration.

PM Nawaz told Sputnik US and Pakistan have good bilateral ties and he is looking forward to meeting Trump. “I’ll make a phone call to congratulate Trump on his inauguration. Hopefully we will be meeting. Pakistan always had good relationship with the US, it dates back to 60-70 years. We want to maintain that good relationship and even strengthen it,” Nawaz said.

Although it remains to be seen what shape Pakistan-US ties will take under the new US administration, the first-ever telephone conversation between Donald Trump and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on November 30 suggested the US president-elect may prove to be Islamabad’s good friend.

Zardari attends Trumps pre-inauguration dinner

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, Premier Sharif called Trump and felicitated him on his victory in the US presidential election. A readout released by the PM House of the premier’s telephonic conversation with Trump, quoted the US president-elect as having said “he would love to come to a fantastic country [Pakistan], fantastic place of fantastic people.”



Natsikap Nabilat | 4 years ago | Reply @Syedpk: we are pakis and this work our way; no need to teach etics or dplomgy.
Syedpk | 4 years ago | Reply Does anybody in current Pakistani regime know how foriegn relation works ?? Announcements and comments from USA president to any foriegn country like Pakistan is either supposed to be done by the USA secretery of foriegn affairs (equivalent of Pakistani FM) or the US Envoy to Pakistan. Not the other way round. The job of Pakistani Embassador to US is not to address the public back home, but the People in USA (Americans and Pakistanis), on behalf of govt of Pakistan, not the public in Pakistan on behalf of President of USA. Somebody teach them the ethics of Diplomacy.
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