You can now know if your internet provider is ripping you off

Published: January 11, 2017
Ookla has now released dedicated apps for Windows 10 and macOS. PHOTO: OOKLA

Ookla has now released dedicated apps for Windows 10 and macOS. PHOTO: OOKLA

Ever wondered if your internet provider might be ripping you off with a slow connection?

Now you can, for sure. Ookla, the company behind and Speedtest apps for smartphones has now released dedicated apps for Windows 10 and macOS allowing users to directly test internet speeds from their systems without having to open a browser.

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The apps feature a speedometer logo on the menu bar which runs a complete test with just one click. This could prove a godsend for IT teams and web developers who frequently need to check internet speed.

It is also useful for anyone wanting to ascertain if they are getting the internet speed they have paid for. The apps send a sample file from the server to a computer before returning it to establish upload and download speeds.


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Ookla is used by internet providers, governments and businesses the world over. The aforementioned apps are the latest additions to its existing product line that already boasts the web-based and dedicated  iOS Android, Apple TV and Google Chrome apps. The broadband testing platform is expected to further expand its product lineup this year.

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Reader Comments (2)

  • Haris
    Jan 11, 2017 - 2:58PM

    no need to ascertain the ripping off in Pakistan as here we already know that the biggest broadband service provider: PTCL is a total disaster when it comes to speed and consistency of connection throughout the country. Hopefully things would improve with the introduction of competition.Recommend

  • Amir
    Jan 11, 2017 - 11:28PM

    This site has been around for quite sometimes. And yes internet providers do not give you full.
    Had PTCL 4 mBPs, download on an average always came around 2 mbps and upload 0.25-0.5 mbps. and frequent breakups

    Made decision to return it and change itRecommend

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