Women's Day: Thats what she said

Leading ladies of the industry talk about whether it is possible to have a stable career with a successful marriage.

March 07, 2011

This Women’s Day The Express Tribune asked a cross section of women whether it is possible to have both a stable career and a successful marriage... can women have it all? Here’s what they had to say:

Marina Khan actor-director

No. One or the other will suffer at one point. It’s a tough task, but we (women) do manage it

Ex- TV channel head

You cannot have it all. There is constant guilt and one’s self esteem suffers tremendously. I quit my marriage  instead

Frieha Altaf event manager

Of course you can and I believe I am the Queen of it. All the women in my office have a home and career!! So, yes

Fareshteh Aslam brand and external communications, Unilever, Pakistan

Yes, of course. You have to plan and need to be creative in overcoming all obstacles

Bushra Ansari actor

Yes, you can. If you can manage it actively, if you are organized, only if you know how to discipline yourself, first

Ex brand mgr uni-lever

No. You can’t do justice to one or the other. I quit when I was pregnant

Bina Khan make-up artist

Yes. Its all about management. Why? Don’t you think bachelors have a life? Women too have a life and can manage it

Zhalay Sarhadi model

Yes! You need to prioritize everything, you need to be selective in work, but you must also give time to your home. You need to be an organized person to the core

Maheen Khan designer

Yes, of course you can. Al it needs good time management and organisational skills

Afroze Javeri jewellery designer

Nothing is impossible. It is difficult but it is a matter of time management

Nadia Hussain model-designer

No. You have to compromise somewhere, for sure

Head of creative at a textile mill

My husband didn’t appreciate the frequent travelling, so I quit my job

Neshmia Ahmed socialite

Of course you can. If one can balance it, and you have a supportive husband

Nabila stylist

Yes, I have it all: a good career and a home. Five other women are doing the same in my office

Maria B designer

Yes! If you have a supporting family

Raana Khan make-up artist

Yes. Times have changed, working makes one independent

Snr. Associate at a law firm

I think that one can eventually reach the goal, but it is a juggling act and a woman has to compromise on her time. I quit because I felt that my children needed my presence

Maleeha Nasir designer

Yes, you can have it all. There are some concessions to be made, but that doesn’t mean that both can’t be successful

Tia Noon designer

Yes! 100 percent. As women we can certainly have it all. We need to prioritise and budget our time, giving family and children first dibs

Ex-Advertising agency executive

Personally, I don’t think it’s possible – the more successful I got; the more insecure he got. I quit him

Published in The Express Tribune, March 8th, 2011.


rofl | 10 years ago | Reply I like Maria B (and ofcourse Zaid hamid)
Sara | 10 years ago | Reply Divorce is only 'end' of a marriage not a 'failure' of it.
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