6 ways to be at peace with who you are

Published: January 5, 2017


KARACHI: With the world associating beauty with being fair, tall, it is hard not to feel insecure about yourself from time to time. Succumbing to the pressure of looking ‘perfect’, we sometimes end up trying to be something we are not.

What we need is to realise that what we have is the best and no matter how hard we try, we will always fall short of everything the world expects us to be. The following points can help you embrace your true self and be comfortable in your own skin:

1. Focus on the positive aspects of yourself. Look at yourself from the perspective of an outsider and no matter how hard it is, make a list of all the things you like about yourself. It can be your smile, your eyes or even the way you walk. Once the list is ready, go through it every now and then to remind yourself that you are just fine.

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2. Treat yourself like you would treat others. Don’t be too hard on yourself and remember to forgive when you have to. Don’t go on diets if it is too hard for you, or don’t wear painful heels to add a few extra inches to your height if you aren’t comfortable in them. You need to accept yourself first and then you can worry about society accepting you.

3. You can’t change your height or skin colour, so why bother worrying about them? Focus on the things you actually can do something about, like your behaviour with others, your relationships, your hair or weight, etc. Work and try to make others happy, because that will eventually lead to your happiness. You should also try and pursue a career you are passionate about only, lest you get overworked and unhappy in a boring job.

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4. Look around and realise that there are real, normal people all around who are struggling just as you are. There is no need to compare yourself with some celebrity whose career depends on her staying in shape and beautiful. Look away from the TV set and appreciate what you already have.

5. Remember that you have a right to live your life the way you want and no one should stop or criticise you for it. Cut out negative people and learn to make your own decisions.

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6. No matter what others say, at the end of the day, you have to live with yourself forever. No one can look after you better than you than you yourself. Learn to embrace your true self and try to express, not suppress your personality.

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Reader Comments (2)

  • Bharatiya Australian from New York
    Jan 5, 2017 - 11:51AM

    Do Yoga and you can imbibe all these points mentioned within you.Recommend

  • vinsin
    Jan 5, 2017 - 7:18PM

    @Bharatiya Australian from New York:
    Asking someone to convert is impolite. You are showing religious supremacy here. If that was true as you said then what was the point of conversion?Recommend

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