Rehman Malik should resign

He should resign because he is responsible for lapses in security that led to the murder of Taseer and Bhatti.

March 05, 2011

LAHORE: If there still exists a drop of morality in Interior Minister Rehman Malik, then he should resign because he is ultimately responsible for the lapses in security that led to the murder of Salmaan Taseer and now that of Shahbaz Bhatti. If the ministry under his command cannot provide security to a governor and a federal minister, both belonging to the PPP and committed to its ideology of secularism, how can he justify holding the position of interior minister?

Engr ST Hussain

Published in The Express Tribune, March 6th, 2011.



dr saif | 10 years ago | Reply Blasphemy laws took another high profile brave man ’s life in just two months of time . Man of honour, founder of All Pakistan Minorities Alliance and the Federal Minister for Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti was gunned down in broad daylight. It was a very shocking news for all well wishers and lovers of pakistan . Another disgraceful incident and worst example of intolerance , tinted image of our homeland . In the aftermath of this incident, there was a huge furore in the National Assembly for resignation of the interior minister Rehman Malik on account of security lapse regarding this incident . But surprisingly, no member of the NA demanded stern action against nurseries of terrorism i .e . , religious madarassahs and their mentors and promoters in media and agencies. Extremist mullahs and their madrassahs are the sole source of promoting terrorism inside our country and breeding terrorists which are carrying out such incidents to destablize the nation. The so called religious clerics have continuously been fanning out hatred in the name of self- made religious norms while using these madaris , the wahabi school of thought in particular. We all know that before PPP came in power, these terrorists ( Al -Qaida , Taliban) were titled as heroes of our nation by our electronic and print media. These terrorists had sieged two -third of Kyber Pakhtunkhwa and it was the PPP ( along with ANP ) which dared devils for the first time and powerful military operations were launched to check them and eventually they were fixed. Thanks to PPP that today every honest Pakistani considers Taliban as “ enemy ” of pakistan . But at the same time PPP is still sacrificing for nation as terrorists retaliate back, attacking its leadership but many plots were foiled by interior ministery. This is the time to open big guns against nurseries of terrorists as we did successfully in KP province to counter terrorism. Counter terrorism research groups based in Pakistan and abroad believe that these are the madaris of Pakistan which are expanding global terrorism. Some research analysts are also of the view that Pakistan ’ s burgeoning religious intolerance, extremism and terrorism could only be addressed by spreading the message of atheism. But atheism can make things worse in current charged environment of our society. This is not the first time that interior minister Rehman Malik called South Punjab as hub of terrorists, infact he has been hinting this fact since 2008 time and again, since then he was extremely vocal about wahabi terrorists network ( madaris ) in south punjab in the form of lashkar-e -jhangwi and sipa sahaaba. In my view this is the high time to take a decisive action against this network; our Prime Minister should make annoucement in this regard in larger interest of nation with no delay , because we are almost running out of time . Otherwise Rehman Malik is right to say that he would be no more in near future along with two ladies who are in the terrorists hit list .
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