7 things The Simpsons predict will happen in 2017

Not all of them are something you'ld want to hear

Entertainment Desk December 14, 2016
Not all of them are something you'ld want to hear. PHOTO: WIRED

The writers of The Simpsons have proven themselves time and again to be uncannily accurate about their predictions about the future. In one of its episodes, “Bart to the Future", aired 16 years ago they predicted a Trump presidency.

In the episode aired on March 19, 2000, Bart has a vision of his future, in which his sister, Lisa, is president. He then reveals to his sister that the country is bankrupt after Trump's recent presidency.

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According to Buzzfeed, The Simpsons is a "sinister oracle" that perhaps gives us glimpses into the future. With that being said, we look at 7 things that may happen in 2017 according to the show.

1. The episode of Wizard of Evergreen Terrace shows Homer inventing the make-up gun. Could this be an end to all our make-up woes?

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2. In Homer the Whopper episode Brad and Angelina are prophesied to become fat from all the comfort eating after their complicated divorce. Despite the divorce, we hope the pair maintain their health.


3. The Much Apu About Nothing episode predicts that a referendum will be held to decide whether illegal immigrants should be deported.


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4. Industry workers are to be replaced with robots, according to Them, Robot episode, to make production cheaper.


5. The Simpsons Movie foretold how the environment will suffer at the hands of corrupt energy firms, and a dome will be built to protect the unaffected areas.


6. The several elected metaphorical clowns in 2016 will encourage actual clowns to run in the elections and get appointed into authoritative designations. This is revealed in the Mister Spritz goes to Washington episode.


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7. Among our favourite predictions is a female president stepping into office. With The Simpsons showing Lisa as president in one of its episodes, then we're looking forward to a female US president in 2020.


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