Restructuring national economy: ‘Long march to cure all ills’

Nawaz Sharif urges youth to support him in his effort against federal govt.

Abdul Manan March 01, 2011

LAHORE: Urging the country’s enthusiastic youth to stage a long march against deteriorating situation in the country, Nawaz Sharif on Monday said that if the government had concentrated more on restructuring national economy and fixing people’s problems, the country would never have had to opt for the Kerry-Lugar Bill.

He was discussing the emergent political situation with a delegation of party workers and divisional coordinators from Sindh, including Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas and Sukkur, at his Model Town residence.

Appealing to the youth to support in his efforts against the federal government, he said long march was the only way to change things.

PML-N central leader Ghous Ali Shah briefed Nawaz Sharif about the party’s re-organisation in Sindh, particularly in remote rural areas.

Accusing the federal government of negligence, he said that it had been avoiding solving the issues confronting smaller provinces. He also suggested Nawaz to use the term ‘long march’, asserting that it was a popular slogan among the people of Sindh.

Advocating ‘revolution’ to resolve pressing public problems, Nawaz said: “If government had concentrated more on restructuring national economy, the country would never have had the need to opt for Kerry-Lugar Bill.”

Reminding the audience that the government has failed in implementing PML-N’s 10-point economic agenda, he said that if they had been able to achieve target set by his party, he would have continued to support the PPP-led government.

Criticising the government for discarding his suggestion on how to help the flood victims, he said that the federal government had mocked his proposals, which were only meant for the betterment of the people.

Terming it ironic, he said that for the first time in the country’s political history, the PPP demanded of him to indemnify a dictator’s illegal actions. He said that he was shocked to hear top PPP leadership suggest the move. He said that he had replied that he could quit politics, but would never provide a legal cover to any dictator.

Berating the PPP, he said that unlike the PPP of the past which defied dictators, the PPP of the present gave a guard of honour to Musharraf, instead of arresting him, adding that Musharraf had given the country only lawlessness and power outages.

Stressing the need for resolving the problems of the people of rural Sindh and abolishing feudalism, he reminded his party workers that he had given ownership of thousands of acres of land to landless peasants during one of his tenures.

Earlier, Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif continued attacking the top PPP leadership, accusing it of being responsible for the “injustice with Punjab government”.

He was talking with a 28-member delegation of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI).

Referring to gas outages, he said that shortage of gas supply was causing a heavy loss to the province’s economy.

He said that hundreds of thousands of workers had been rendered jobless, while export orders worth billions of rupees cancelled.

Shahbaz Sharif said that he had always advocated the rights of industrialists and traders and was also with them on the important issue of gas outages.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 1st, 2011.


Mulla Toofhan | 10 years ago | Reply I fail to see the purpose of the long march that he is advocating. Long March to do what. You failed miserably twice as a PM and now you are trying to muddy the waters of Pakistan. Lately you have been obsessed with your dream of Long March without a goal or purpose. before you start your adventure of Long March you need to clean your party of corrupt members lest someone will do it for you. Mr. Shariff it will not work so keep your street gang at home.
Asmat Jamal | 10 years ago | Reply When a man of his calibre will restructure economy, than it is bound to be settled on roads in long marches. Had it not been for Gen Jilani's personal gain and Zia Ul Haq's political insolvency, he would have been at best the local area Nazim. His scheme of” Qarz Utaro, Mulk Sanwaro” is still fresh in the minds of the people of Pakistan. His seizing of foreign currency accounts from the people of Pakistan, his threat to small provinces after the detonation of Nuclear device in 1998, his 15th amendment , his misuse of authority by dismissing Chief Justice of Pakistan, his storming of Supreme Court , his dismissal of two Chief of Army Staff’s and ultimately landing the country in the quagmire of another Martial Law is all reflective of his brain dead condition. Have mercy on Pakistan.
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