‘Revolution Movement’: Youths protest against US presence

Two demonstrations held by young people protesting various aspects of the American presence in Pakistan.

Rameez Khan February 28, 2011

LAHORE: Two demonstrations by young people protesting various aspects of the American presence in Pakistan were staged in the city on Sunday. The organisers of both protests vowed to hold much larger rallies next month.

Around 250 people gathered at Liberty roundabout under the banner of a group called the Pakistan Future Forum to protest at the Raymond Davis killings. They gave speeches condemning American policies and expressing sympathy with Davis’ alleged victims. Some emphasised that they condemned American policies but were not trying to incite anti-Americanism.

Advocate Adnan Ahsan Khan, a member of the forum, said that this was the third meeting of the group, organised via Facebook and Twitter, and each meeting had been larger than the previous ones. “Today’s meeting was to let the members of the forum raise their concerns, decide the future agenda and delegate duties,” he said

He said 30,000 people had pledged online to attend the next meeting, planned for March 3, and he expected that number to grow to 50,000. He said that the next target of the group’s protest would be the present government system. “We will change the culture of corruption and bribery,” he said.

Some 150 people calling themselves the Pakistan Revolution Movement gathered at the Lahore Press Club, in another protest organised on Facebook. The protesters, who included Khaksaar Tehreek activists, chanted slogans demanding that all American spies be kicked out of Pakistan and marched towards the US consulate.

The protesters demanded that Davis be tried and hanged in Pakistan and that the government not try to grant him diplomatic immunity.

They vowed to hold a bigger rally on March 23 when they would march on Islamabad and urged young people, particularly fresh graduates with professional degrees, to join them.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 28th, 2011.


feroze | 10 years ago | Reply @jmc excuse me are you saying that what MQ did was OK because Salman Taseer was trying to amend a Man Made Law that discriminates against the poor who have no recourse? It is thinking like yours that had brought this country close to destruction. I love the prophet dearly but i can distinguish right from wrong. I suppose you will even support those that killed the Minorities Minister today!! My god may allah help you and the likes of you and enlighten your thinking and free you from this myopic view you have of Islam, a great religion on the verge of destruction because of extremist interpretations of what the Holy Quran says!!
JMC | 10 years ago | Reply well here clearly mr/mrs. feroze is comparing 2 completely different issues. my suggestion "Please dnt reduce issues related to The Prophet to issues related to people." I hope for u even The Prophet has a reputation and one more thing, in the Prophet's time there were ppl who went and killed those who blasphemed him except for those whom he forgave himself, he's not here to forgive sm1 and the Shari'ah comes from Allah (SWT) through the Prophet, it is not something that he speaks on his own. Consider sm1 insulting ur parents, nobody can hold back their anger and wud like to punch dat person in face... MAFHOOM-E-HADITH None of u is a true Muslim if he doesnot love me more then his family and everything else.
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