Two judges go missing in Balochistan

A session judge and a senior civil judge go missing on their way from Usta Muhammad to Sibi.

Express February 27, 2011

Session Judge Sibi Jan Muhammad Gohar and Senior Civil Judge Muhammad Ali went missing along with their driver and body guard from Usta Muhammad area of Jafarabad district, Balochistan on Sunday.

Official sources informed the judges had gone to Usta Muhamad to attend a marriage ceremony. They went missing at night near Bayer area of Usta Muhammad on their way back to Sibi after ceremony.

Assistant Commissioner Dera Murad Jamali said the judges were kidnapped and their vehicle was abandoned near Bayer.

He further said efforts have been started their recovery.

Three lawyers were also abducted last week from Sibi area of Balochistan.

Kidnapping of judges and lawyers have sent a wave of concern among lawyers community.


Qadir Buksh Bungalzai | 10 years ago | Reply Its regretful, excruciating and painful news that Judges are being kidnapped. It is regretful because it shows that government has evaporated in thin air and it the rule of “War Lords” in Balochistan. It is excruciating that it is being done by own people. It is being done by us ie we Balochs. We do not need outside enemy. We all know that our own people are involved in these heinous crimes. It is painful, because whom do we go to , to get justice. In Balochi, there is an old quote that ”Snake eats Snake”. Have we reached that stage. All these crimes are claimed by the militant wing of Baloch Nationalist Parties like BRA, BLA, BLUF BLF and scores of others. This is not liberation of Balochs but revival of Sardari System and in some cases creation of War Lords. Pakistan Government must move with political will against these terrorists and their perpetrators.
Yusaf Khan | 10 years ago | Reply @shahid dear friend no one is going to come to your aid unless you are willing to sell your province to them like the Tajiks have done in Northern Afghanistan. Its all a myth that someone will endanger their soldiers just to give the Baloch freedom from Pakistan. They will give you weapons and money and show you how to use them to bleed Pakistan and you will continue to do so bringing upon your people the wrath of the armed forces. This might seem like revenge to you but in reality you are just being used by the world powers and you would have become nothing more than a pawn. I am a Pushtun from Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and know first hand what everyone talks about regarding the rights of the people being usurped by the bigger province. I assure you with a clean heart that the only way for you to get your rights from the establishment is to participate in the electoral process that the country as a whole has embarked on. Pakistanis of all ethnicity, Punjabis, Pushtuns and Sindhis support your peaceful struggle. Achieving your goals with violence WILL NEVER WORK. It has not worked for the Palestinians and neither for the Kashmiris.
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