Will this biography on Shah Rukh Khan tell us things we don't know about the actor?

Despite spending 25 years, I still feel like a newcomer, SRK shared.

Entertainment Desk November 10, 2016

Titled 25 years of a Life, the memoirs of Shah Rukh Khan capture a range of captivating instances from King Khan’s life and acting career.
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The Fan star who completed 25 years of his journey in Hindi film industry on Wednesday launched his biography by Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye director Samar Khan. SRK thanked Samar and said it was "special". "Thank you Samar Khan. This is so special. The book is lovely and my little one is happy to see so many papas," he tweeted.

Director Samar Khan added saying, "This book was the perfect chance for me to tell the SRK story from a different lens. I would like to thank everyone involved who has made this dream project a reality."

The 30 chapters of the book consist of the director’s take on a character created by them and portrayed by SRK.

SRK talked about the launch of his biography and said, "An actor is just like water… he should just adapt the colour and shape. I believe the art is important, the artist is not. The art remains and not the artist and as an actor, I feel if I think like that I can work with some amount of purity. The purity will be retained if I believe that my art is important than myself."
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SRK's memories of the past include the following thoughts: "I was an odd-looking guy, I was not from a film background, I spoke too fast but I am thankful all the filmmakers and those friends who gave me an opportunity. So for me if a newcomer comes I have been trained by people like these to respect the newcomer and love them."

When further discussing his Bollywood career, SRK says, "25 years in the film industry was a big dream for a boy who came from Delhi all those years ago. These years have been full of excitement, hard work and various ups and downs and this book is a tribute to all these filmmakers who believed in me and my dreams. I am extremely thankful to all my fans who have made me who I am today."
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SRK also spoke about how his fame has been influencing and going as far as to limiting his choice of roles, he said. "Sometimes it’s awkward, today being in this position, the choices are less. I meet many directors but it goes out of hand sometimes. Despite spending 25 years, I still feel like a newcomer. I find it awkward I have spent 25 years but I still feel like a newcomer."

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