Mahira Khan's response to an Indian troll is epic in every possible way

Do we need any other reason to love this woman?

Entertainment Desk October 26, 2016
Do we need any other reason to love this woman? PHOTO: PINKVILLA

As tensions between India and Pakistan escalate, the entertainment industry has also fallen prey to the empty rhetoric of trolls, especially Pakistan's very own, Mahira Khan.

Civil rights activist, Jibran Nasir, took to Twitter condemning the brutal Quetta attack that left 61 Pakistani security personnel dead on Tuesday.

Following his tweet, a random Indian troll dragged Mahira into the equation, questioning why she had not spoken about the Uri attack despite being active on social media.

Mahira Khan breaks silence on India-Pakistan tensions

"The sad thing Mahiraji is you are active and vocal now, why not in case of URI,I as an Indian feel bad for Quetta why cant u?" the tweet said.

And what came next, blew everyone away. Mahira gave the stranger a befitting reply, schooling him for his snide remark.

"I am sorry for every life lost to terror, every single life..please stop making it about nationality. Enough," she tweeted.

She went onto say that he should use his voice for something substantial.

What happens when you troll Mahira Khan for working in India

"This world is bleeding my friend, what are you doing trolling me? Raise your voice for something more meaningful," she added.

This is not the first time Mahira has slammed a troll on social media. Previously, another troll left a distasteful comment on a picture on Khan's Instagram, trolling her for working in India and she gave a perfect comeback that was lauded by her fans.

More power to you, Mahira!


Do we need any other reason to love this woman?

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turbo | 4 years ago | Reply @Guru Vivekanand: keep living in the dreamland!
Guru Vivekanand | 4 years ago | Reply @li, Pakistan should realize that without India nothing works for Pakistan. For Cricket you need India, for entertainment you need India, for water you need India, for treatment you need India, for kashmir, I see you begging India to talk. The world realizes the potential of India hence has lined up to please, pay, collaborate and listen to India and this my friend bugs most pakistanis to the core.
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