Strange inspirations: Uncovering human vulnerability

‘Tableau Vivant’ takes viewers on a ride to experience different forms of human emotions

Our Correspondent October 22, 2016
Sanat Gallery is showing the works of budding artists Jibran Shahid and Usman Khalid till October 28. PHOTOS: COURTESY SANAT GALLERY

KARACHI: Sanat Gallery has opened its doors to showcase the works of budding artists Jibran Shahid and Usman Khalid.

Both Shahid and Khalid are recent graduates of National College of Arts, Rawalpindi campus. The show, titled ‘Tableau Vivant’, takes viewers on a ride to experience the different forms of human expressions and emotions.

Exploring the idea that horse is an icon of a civilisation, which is domesticated and exploited by man, Shahid developed a hybrid being with the body of a man and the head of a horse. Taking inspiration from Renaissance artists, ‘he has deliberately exaggerated and fabricated the hybrid form’, reads the press statement of the event.

Talking about the imagery of horses in his works, Shahid said that he has been drawing horses on paper since he was in pre-school. “My initial inspiration has been to draw horses,” he explained. “The hybrid is a derivative of that. However, the hybrid creature is much more complex.”

On the other hand, Khalid draws inspiration from Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós. He has tried to create dream-like environment to uncover the hidden meaning behind things. “He feels a strong force within him that pushes him to look beyond what the normal eye sees or something that truly frightens him,” says the press statement.

Using charcoal and pen on paper, he portrays the vulnerability of human emotions. His work, titled ‘Talk to Me II’, shows a girl staring at a wall. The minimalistic and simple drawing brings to the forefront a myriad of themes and emotions.

Speaking on his musical inspiration, he remarked that the band’s music allows him to perceive the different way human beings interact with one another.

He believes that once he starts working on a blank canvas, inspiration flows like a river and it keeps him going on.

Speaking about the exhibition, gallery owner Abid Merchant said that “While Shahid’s works are exciting, aesthetically satisfying and takes the viewer to a fantasy land, Khalid’s works are poetic and come across as a moving composition.”

The show will continue till October 28.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 23rd, 2016.


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