Court orders action against US mission's driver

Court orders police to impound vehicle that ran over Ibadur Rehman and record his brother's statement.

Express February 19, 2011


The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday ordered the Punjab police to take “strict action against the US consulate vehicle and the driver concerned” for crushing Lahore resident Ibadul Rahman to death.

The order was issued by Chief Justice of the LHC Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry on Friday on a petition filed by Ijazul Rehman, the brother of the deceased, seeking free and fair investigation.

The petitioner had also urged the court to order the police to arrest the accused and impound the US consulates vehicle involved in the incident.

The chief justice observed that no such orders (for  impounding the vehicle and arrest of the driver) could be issued in view of the sensitivity of the matter.

The chief justice summoned an assistant advocate-general and directed him to ensure compliance of the order.

Disposing of the petition, the chief justice’s written order said: “It is duty of the police to investigate the case in a fair and impartial manner joining both the parties and to bring on record and consider evidence which they wish to rely on.”

He added: “The investigation is directed to record the statements of the complainant (Ijazul Rehman) and eyewitnesses, provided that the investigation of the case has not so far been completed, and proceed with the matter in accordance with the law.”

The petitioner said on February 27, he was going towards Jail Road along with his brother Sajjadul Rehman on a motorbike. He said his brother Ibadul Rehman was riding on the other bike. He said a Land Cruiser with two foreigners, including a driver, hit Ibad’s bike from the front in violation of traffic rules, killing him instantly. He said that the accused “deliberately hit his brother, with an intention to kill him. After killing him, the accused drove away the vehicle”.

He said the Lytton Road police had registered an FIR but so far no progress in connection with tracing out the accused or taking the vehicle into police custody had been made. He also complained that the police was not registering his or other eyewitnesses’ statements.

The petitioner’s counsel, Asad Manzoor, submitted that the police were deliberately delaying the arrest or identification of the accused. He said the vehicle used in the incident was parked inside the US consulate and the police should be ordered to impound it and arrest the accused.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 19th, 2011.


Uza Syed | 10 years ago | Reply Impounding the car means, police entering the US Mission in Lahore which is beyond the purview of our legal system; I wonder if this doesn't tantamount to attacking the territory of the United Sates of America. Again I wonder, are we guided by some plans based on cool analytical thinking or we have let our 'ghairat' be the deciding factor. There could be massive retaliation to this assault on their territorial jurisdiction which we might not appreciate ---- are we read?
AM | 10 years ago | Reply So we are all up in arms about diplomatic immunity/protection for the driver of this second vehicle and Mr. Davis who collectively killed 3 Pakistanis. I feel for the loss of their families and if it was mine I would be devastated. Now, having said that, go back a few months when in Rawalpindi a guy drag racing killed 6 very innocent people. Is he hung yet? What kind of immunity does he enjoy? Sure his father will give lakhs of rupees and not billions of $'s. Don't want to sound mean but let's agree on one thing; shouldn't justice be applied equally to all? And has that been the case in Pakistan (ever)? And is there any hue and cry for this Bahria colony drag racer's head? How come? Not saying what is happening is right. It is not! But please see what our history is and let's just not do it because these are guys from US. I can't even imagine what would happen to Pakistan economy if US withdrew it's cooperation (and aid). We let influence buy judiciary decisions all the time for lot less money and what's on the line. Please let it go and focus on some real issues that will help Pakistan in the long run; because this is a no-win for Pakistan! Please move on!
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