Twin blasts damage railway tracks in Karachi

Published: February 17, 2011
Railway workers repair a rail track after bomb blasts in Karachi on February 11, 2011. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

Railway workers repair a rail track after bomb blasts in Karachi on February 11, 2011. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

LAHORE: Twin blasts damaged railway tracks passing through Shah Latif Town in Karachi on Thursday.

The tracks were later repaired and the service resumed. The Pakistan Express and Super Express trains were due to pass through the area and were not damaged by the blast.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) East said 500 grams of explosive material had been used in the blasts.

The past week has seen railway tracks in Sindh targeted in explosions that disrupted services and produced panic. On Tuesday, two explosions took place near Hyderabad’s Udero Lal railway station. On Saturday, a blast on railway tracks near Kotri suspended rail services for a few hours. On Friday, 10 low-intensity explosions caused havoc at railway tracks across Sindh, from Setharja in Sukkur to Sindh.

There have been 16 explosions in one and a half months.

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  • aamir bashir
    Feb 17, 2011 - 1:01PM

    our media has degraded & criticised our intelligence agencies to such an extent that they are not able to do their work properly.If our agencies do their work & start rounding up the terrorists damaaging state infrastructure they’re crucified by the media .

    If the rangers start to catch target killers the media starts screaming that muhajirs area being targetted,if the agencies go after those blowing up gas pipelines in balochistan our media & ngo’s start crying over missing persons.

    These bombs on train tracks have been happening continously for the last week & any one of them could lead to a train derailing resulting in hundreds of dead bodies but if our agencies start operation in interior sindh then the shouts of “pakistan na khappay ” will ring out threatening the break up of my beloved country.

    The media should play a positive role by supporting the actions taken to protect the country against terrorists while at the same time uncovering financial scandals in the forces also.But support of the agencies when they fight against enemies of the state is vital if our country is to survive.Recommend

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