Hundreds demand death for Davis

Up to 500 people rallied outside the headquarters of Jamaat-i-Islami in Lahore demanding Raymond Davis' death.

Afp February 11, 2011

LAHORE: Hundreds of Pakistani protesters took to the streets on Friday to demand the hangman's noose for Ramond Davis who is under arrest for double murder as police rejected his claim for self-defence.

The Lahore High Court ordered Davis to be held in prison for another 14 days, pending a legal battle over whether he has diplomatic immunity. Washington says he is a diplomat and demands his immediate release.

Up to 500 people rallied outside the headquarters of Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) in Lahore shouting "Hang Davis," "US terrorism in Pakistan unacceptable" and "Friends of America are traitors".

In Karachi, activists from JI and its youth wing Pasban held two rallies, burning an American flag and chanting "Death to Davis, death to America".

On January 27, Davis shot two Pakistani men and told police he acted in self-defence because he feared they were trying to rob him.

The US consulate general in Lahore sent a vehicle to recover Davis, but it ran over and killed a third Pakistani man before fleeing the scene.

US lawmakers have threatened to cut payments to Pakistan, the beneficiary of $7.5 billion of aid and $2 billion in military aid, and Washington has warned that high-level dialogue is at risk unless Davis is freed.

"We are deeply disappointed over threats by the US government," senior JI leader Liaqat Baloch told the rally.

"The Raymond Davis incident has exposed the true face of America and has exposed Blackwater, which is behind bomb blasts on sacred Muslim places and shrines," Baloch alleged.

Blackwater is the former name of a US private security company, now called Xe Services, which was accused of firing on Iraqi civilians in 2007.


Ajay | 10 years ago | Reply @Rashid These people are patriotic and loyal to both country and their religion that is why they are speaking out against the madness that Mullas & their like have lead Pakistan into.
Junaid | 10 years ago | Reply Agreed Robinson,thats too bad to be happening to "Diplomat" Davis you know.....While the immunity case of davis is in court and to be decided,i wonder if Uncle Sam or the respective tax payers remember about Abdus Salam Zaeef,the serving Afghan Ambassador back then,who was put in to a plane,kicked around like a football and taken to the joy land of Guantanamo crushing the immunity he had.Now i hate the Taliban as much as i hate swines but comeon man he was still a diplomat,wasnt he? I know both the cases are not related but reminding us of Vienna Conventions and LAWS when your very own Governments themselves break,bend and discard International Laws as they please,is nothing but hypocrisy at a State level.Sir American actions around the world are responsible for all the dangers American citizens potentially face,not the people of a country they play havoc with.
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