Will the real Zaid Hamid please stand up?

Published: May 9, 2010

In a dapper vest and suit, minus his trademark red hat, self-styled defense and strategic analyst Zaid Hamid holds forth on a news channel.

It is a few days after the Mumbai attacks in November 2008 and the Indians have been baying for Pakistan’s blood.

Zaid Hamid: For a long time from the ‘Brass Tacks’ platform, we have been raising the issue of Indian Christians and their treatment, the abuse of Sikhs, the Dalit and Shudr — the untouchables — against whom the Hindu-Zionists have been running an intensive campaign…From within India, we get messages through email and SMSes about the mood there. (cut to anchor looking on blankly)

ZH: So today we give the breaking news that the Christians, Dalit and Shudr — who are working in the Indian establishment, military establishment and police services intelligence — the people who were involved, the boy whose picture is being shown over and over again…

Anchor: If we could ask our producer to display that picture…

ZH: If you notice that he is wearing a yellow band on his hand…

Anchor: That orange band…

ZH: This orange band, this saffron band is the special mark of BJP terrorists. The boy’s name is Amar Singh, and he is a Sikh. The boy who was killed with him, his name is Heeralal. They are both RAW agents, and we got this news from within the Indian intelligence setup …

Anchor: He was arrested and Heeralal was killed… (ZH saying something in the background)

ZH: His face was mutilated…

Anchor: And Zaid sahab, this picture that we are looking at of a boy wearing an orange band, carrying bags and perhaps a gun. He is Sikh?

ZH: If you analyse it, even his face isn’t Pakistani, no Pakistani Muslim looks like this …

Anchor: It is an Indian face and we understand the difference.

Zaid Hamid goes on to give further evidence of his breaking news, based on the alleged bottles of alcohol found in the backpacks of the Mumbai terrorists and the lack of fear on the man’s face. But that man was irrefutably proved to be Ajmal Kasab. It was the Pakistani media that tracked Kasab down to Faridkot village in Punjab: Amar Singh was in fact a Pakistani.

Hamid responds smoothly to being spectacularly wrong more than a year later, in an exclusive interview to The Express Tribune, shrugging it off as being misinformed. His method is certainly effective: rapid-fire delivery studded with statistics, anecdotal evidence of Hindu-Zionist-American conspiracies to destabilise Pakistan and references from Muslim history — all delivered with sincere conviction. It partially explains his popularity.

His once highly rated show ‘Brass Tacks’ may have ended its run, but he is still out there with his own websites, a Facebook page and DVDs that are pirated in Rainbow Centre and widely distributed across the country. His speaking engagements in colleges and universities across Pakistan may be suspended due to ‘security reasons’, but hate mail is sent in droves to his most outspoken critics by his fans. He proudly says his Facebook page has more than 54,000 fans, more than Imran Khan but less than Pervez Musharraf. The truth is, while the Tehreek-e-Insaf Facebook page has a mere 11,000 fans, even unofficial pages for Imran Khan outstrip Hamid’s.

In a sense, he is the Pakistan version of Harun Yahya, the Turkish creationist and one-man marketing machine. Like Yahya, Hamid has his share of enemies and legal troubles; like Yahya, the sources of his funding and backing are rumoured to have an agenda; like Yahya, he often romanticises the past in the face of a changed contemporary context.

That is where the similarities end, however. Where Harun Yahya is on a crusade against Darwinism and evolutionary biology, pitting religion against science, Zaid Hamid’s vision is a martial, conquering, unified Pakistan.

The only trouble is, he is proving to be more polemical than unifying.

Just past Captain Amar Shaheed chowk — one of Rawalpindi’s busiest roundabouts — is the office of Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid. To the left of the chowk is Chaklala Garrison which houses more three star generals per square mile than any other place in Pakistan other than the GHQ. Eight terrorist attacks have taken place near here since 2004, not including an assassination attempt on General Pervez Musharraf on the bridge leading to the chowk. Opposite the rented office is a colony for army personnel where his father, a retired colonel, lives. Here, geography is as ideological as it is personal. It’s an appropriate location for a man with a rather martial outlook.

His staff officer or khadim, as he calls himself, explains the route to the office in detail — including a boutique as a landmark where, he says, “You can pick up some nice suits if you have the time.” In person, it’s easy to forgive his patronising tone. I also had to deftly dodge pre-screening questions about my opinion on Hamid and my views on Aman ki Asha.

He’s young with a straggly beard and a clean English accent. He tells me he’s had every kind of job imaginable: as a cabin crew member on Emirates airlines, selling biryani and socks on the streets and at a Malaysian McDonald’s. His last job, howev- er, was as a kafeel, arranging finances and food rations for the widows and orphans of dead mujahideen. He says Zaid Hamid’s reputation as a mujahid, experience on the field in Afghanistan, spirituality and his exposition on economic terrorism drew him to work at ‘Brass Tacks’.

He is solicitous, chatting easily over cool glasses of Rooh Afza before I get to meet the man himself, kind of like the second-rate opening band before the concert draw comes on stage. “You’ll be surprised that in person he is cool, calm, soft-spoken and informal,” he tells me.

In that, he is right. Zaid Hamid’s public persona could easily be described, as author Muhammad Hanif wrote, “a cross between an effeminate Che Guevara and Hafiz Saeed on acid.” But one-onone, he is charming, articulate and soft-spoken.

Born in 1964 to immigrant parents, Hamid is the second of four siblings. Slight, fair and green-eyed, he coyly says he gets his “Kashmiri complexion” and his special interest in the affairs of the disputed state from his mother — who is of Kashmiri origin. His Bihari father fought in the Sialkot sector during the 1965 and 1971 wars, and Hamid’s childhood was spent as an army brat bouncing from posting to posting.

“I come from a family of armed officers — both on my mother’s and father’s sides,” he explains, “My mother herself is quite martial, I must say, because she was part of the national guards, the women’s guards and she was an instructor in civil defence for the women of that time also.”

No surprises then that Hamid tried out for the army when he was 18, but was unable to pass because of his weak eyesight. “I was equally adamanat,” he says, “I would do my engineering at my own expense and then join the army.”

At the NED University in Karachi where he studied computer systems engineering, he became a member of the Islami Jamiat Taleba, “more because of the idealistic notion of an Islamic state, without too much thought into their parent organisation — the Jamaat-e-Islami — and what they believed in.” He says he was also close to the Imamia Student’s Organisation, even though it was Shia, because of “the concept of revolution and standing up to the Americans.”

Ironically, it was the Americans with whom he would be indirectly allied. For, instead of a soldier in the Pakistan Army, Zaid Hamid became a soldier of Islam.

“I must say, I have very brave parents,” he remembers, “It was a difficult decision for them. I was the first-born son and I was also their star child, brilliant and sharp.” His mother was easy to convince — “I never stopped your father when he went for jihad” — but his father wanted him to complete his studies.

If the Afghan jihad — funded and supported by the CIA and the ISI to fight the infidel communists — is pivotal in Pakistan’s history, it is also the case in Hamid’s biography.

Between the mid-eighties to early nineties, that is during the jihad proper and after Afghanistan descended into civil war, Hamid easily slipped across the border to Afghanistan as if they were weekend sojourns to Murree. He hobnobbed with mujahideen from around the world, seduced by the romantic ideal of “delivering a Muslim land from a foreign occupation force,” and got involved in producing propaganda material including a documentary called Qasasul Jihad.

At the office of Zaid Hamid’s thinktank Brass Tacks — after which his television programme was named — the Hollywood movie 300 is playing as I am led into the sitting room. It is quickly changed to a news channel as Hamid shows me framed photos he says he has taken of his days in Afghanistan. There is one of him – barely recognisable with his turban and black hair — sitting with a group of armed fellow mujahideen inside a tent. Others are generic shots of fighters against the stark khaki mountains of Afghanistan under an azure sky. Many are of Northern Alliance leader Ahmed Shah Masood, with whom Hamid says he developed a close association.

“Do you see who’s with Masood there,” he points out eagerly. “That’s MM Alam.” Retired Air Commodore MM Alam was awarded a sitara-e-jurrat or medal of courage for his actions during the 1965 war between India and Pakistan. It has been said his role in the Afghan jihad transformed the hero of the 1965 war into an ascetic, so it is ironic that Lahore’s fine dining and highend shopping takes place on a road that has been named after him. Such are the contradictions of Pakistan.

Last year, Qatari channel Al-Jazeera and Gallup Pakistan published a joint survey on the state of the Pakistani nation. Respondents were asked whether the Pakistani Taliban, India or the US were the greatest threat to the country. Fifty-nine per cent said it was the US, 18 per cent believed it was India and 11 per cent thought it was the Taliban.

In a country in the grip of chronic political instability, economic fragility and the constant, pernicious threat of terrorism, insecurity has become the glue that binds the public mood. There are no easy answers as to why Pakistan has reached this point. And in the blank spaces, dark theories about an American-Hindu-Zionist conspiracy to undermine Pakistan have festered. They grow in the petri-dishes of cyber-activists and the right-wing media.

Zaid Hamid thrives in this viral soup. His series on economic terrorism, for example, explains that Zionists control the financial system in order to undermine Muslim societies. His bromides on economic theory and foreign policy are culled from left-wing, anti-globalisation and anti-imperialist intellectuals like Noam Chomsky. Clothed in nationalism, accessorised with Islamic terms like Medina-e-Sani or the second Medina and emblazoned with the evil triumvirate of RAW-Mossad-CIA, Hamid’s ideology is all dressed up without a clear orientation.

It was the series on economic terrorism that attracted rock star Ali Azmat to the ideologue. “People are already depressed with what’s happening in the country, we are trying to uplift them,” he says. Hamid and Azmat have featured in a TV series on Allama Iqbal and he has been supporting the ideologue in a movement dubbed Takmeel-e-Pakistan (TP) which calls for a fresh commitment to recreate Pakistan.

In times of insecurity, people cling to patriotism and nationalism like vines to an oak tree. In this regard, there is no denying that Hamid offers hope and clarity. But Amir Rana — director of the think tank, Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS), and author of Jihad and Jihadists — sees a red flag. Rana says that Hamid’s hypernationalism (often associated with Nazi-style nationalism that gained pre-eminence over the insecurity following Germany’s defeat in the first world war) leads to a radicalisation of society “because you cannot detach this movement from the violence espoused by jihadi outfits.”

Zaid Hamid himself endorses Kashmiri jihadi groups like Lashkar- e-Tayyaba or Jamaatud Dawa and Jaish-e-Mohammad, who like him use the controversial hadith on Ghazva-e-Hind to recruit as well as justify their actions against India. “They are the good Taliban,” he says. For him, the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan are the bad Taliban, funded and armed by foreign militants and powers such as India’s intelligence agency RAW.

Such sentiments reflect the thinking within Pakistan’s military- intelligence establishment which nurtured jihadi outfits as a tool of foreign policy. It is what Rana calls a “hyperised version of the state narrative.”

Indeed, so closely does he hew to this narrative as well as his role in and views on Afghanistan that he is often accused of being bolstered by the ISI. Hamid laughs it off: “Would I live in a rented flat with no security if the ISI funded me?”

Certainly an old acquaintance from the jihad days, former ISI chief General Hamid Gul neither affirms nor confirms this rumour. Gul also quickly dissociates himself from the Zaid Hamid marketing machine, even though a video testimonial of his can be found on the TP website. “I just went once, because I don’t have a platform of my own so I use every platform I can find.”

Gul, however, admires Hamid for his communication skills, which have been able to inspire “the youth of Pakistan.” He cites a convention of Hamid’s where male and female, jeans-clad students and bearded types from Lashkar-e-Tayyaba rubbed elbows. “The common thing was Islam…because it is the scarlet thread that runs through society. If we are able to articulate this, then we can bridge the divisions.”

But that has not happened. Gul admits that while Hamid has been able to rope in the middle-class youth, he hasn’t quite won over the orthodox class. Indeed, the red-hatted one is dismissive of sectarian outfits and Deobandis who, he says, dance to the tune of anti-Partition Indian Deobands that were against the creation of Pakistan. One campaign against Zaid Hamid claims he was a disciple of Yusuf Ali aka Yusuf Kazzab.

Kazzab allegedly claimed prophethood and was awarded the death penalty under the Blasphemy law in 2000. He was shot before he could be hanged. Then with a security firm, Hamid condemned the conviction in a letter to the editor titled ‘Murder of Justice’. That and a dubious audio tape circulating in cyberspace, as well as references in various Urdu newspapers of the time, are cited as evidence of Hamid’s deviance. In fact, so sure are activists of the Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatam-e-Nabuwwat (AMTKN) that Hamid is guilty, they named him in an FIR in the murder of their leader Mufti Saeed Jalalpuri after a press conference in Karachi. The mufti had published a booklet accusing the defence analyst of being Kazzab’s disciple.

“Bloody lies,” spits Hamid. He says his link to Kazzab was manufactured by the influential owner of an Urdu rag as a personal vendetta, while the AMTKN are a splinter group of the sectarian outfit Sipah-e-Shahaba. Recently his Facebook page described a particularly sticky sectarian online critic as an Indian agent who desires the break up of Pakistan.

Indeed, all critics of his are branded atheist, anti-Pakistan or attacked personally. Like General Pervez Musharraf, Hamid equates criticism of him to treason.

Like Rana, whose think tank PIPS is currently conducting a content analysis of Zaid Hamid’s speeches, political commentators Fasi Zaka and Nadeem Farooq Paracha think there are contradictions in Hamid’s message. But unlike Rana, the two columnists have taken their beef to the public.

Zaka, who was the first to launch the reasoned anti-Zaid Hamid critique two years ago, explains Azmat’s attraction to Hamid as an accident. “He was quoted in a magazine doubting that E=MC squared, because it is a Jewish conspiracy in science to mislead Muslims. Ali became convinced he was an intellectual after watching two YouTube documentaries, the same ones that Zaid has appropriated for his shallow ideas on imperialism, economics and society.”

Paracha, meanwhile, says that a certain section of the media took him on because as a great orator and speaker the minority that bought his rhetoric are those “who would go on to join the bureaucracy, multinationals and even politics. Up until then, nobody was asking questions.”

In fact, Zaka and Paracha challenged the ideologue to a televised debate on a popular channel. The gauntlet fell unheeded. “The channels that promoted him did not allow a counter-narrative, his is a monologue rather than a dialogue,” explains Paracha.

The debate here is not between ideologue and intellectual, left and right, Zionist and Muslim, it is a debate on what it means to be Pakistani. The story of Zaid Hamid’s rise to fame carries in it the conflict over Pakistan’s identity.

“I was never the kind of person who would look for glamour or glory or celebrity status,” he says.” It’s come at a stage in life when maturity has set in so we have taken it in our stride instead of being carried away with it.”

His frequent use of the royal pronoun ‘we’ reflects his desire to be an agent of history: his great belief in the country’s historic destiny and his place in it. He admits to being influenced by Allama Iqbal and twentieth-century novelist Naseem Hijazi, taking a burnished, romantised view of Muslim history.

But it is his vanity and hubris, more than his jumbled ideology, that may prove to be his undoing. I asked him why he wears a red hat, when it’s a mark of the ANP, who he calls “idiots”.

“To keep my head warm,” he smiles enigmatically.

But it’s hot outside, I say.

“Then it’s to keep me hot-headed.”

7 of Zaid Hamid’s wackiest theories

1. Sikhs in the Indian Punjab are secretly Muslims whose allegiance lies with Pakistan

2. The adoption of the gold standard was a Zionist plot

3. Suicide bombers in Pakistan are actually Hindus because they are uncircumcised.

4. The flag of Pakistan will fly atop Delhi Fort very soon

5. The nuclear weapons of non-Muslim countries will either become unusable or explode on their own territories

6. The 2008 Mumbai attacks were hatched by “Hindu Zionists” just as the 9/11 attacks were planned by “Western Zionists”

7. The dead bodies of Pakistan’s elected leaders will hang on poles in Islamabad, like what was done with Dr Najibullah in Afghanistan

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Reader Comments (94)

  • May 9, 2010 - 4:04PM

    Good report,

    Zaid Hamid has been distorting history and indoctrinated hate in youth and his followers.In his status updates, he keeps cursing politicians and his supporters eventually found abusing(filthy one) to those who don’t agree with him and to the politicians.

    The Delhi Theory of him and giving hope to youth Pakistan would attack India and all the hate towards West is so dangerous and I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow we have a breaking news ‘Faisal shahzad’ and Ajmal Kasab were inspired from Zaid Hamid’s speeches.

    Hate monger like Zaid Hamid shouldn’t banned only from media but from every platform. Recommend

  • sara
    May 9, 2010 - 4:28PM

    Why cant peaple the good in other peaple ? iam against the meltraization tone in his talk , but i see the great and the all inspairing effect he had on ali azmat and on me and on so many peaple , specialy us out side pakistan , whay this want to demolish him ? why not just state your disagrement wit out all the negative campaine aganst him ? so sad that peaple in pakistan cant stand an icon in any thing but icons of couraption and extremizm Recommend

  • bt
    May 9, 2010 - 4:43PM

    a first-rate piece. i think the article does well to show out how closely the zaid hamid-narrative is tied to the pakistani establishment’s. it raises all the right questions, points out the contradictions in his narrative, etc. we need more seriously engaged and well-thought out pieces like this. great stuff.Recommend

  • AKD
    May 9, 2010 - 4:46PM

    I would like to challenge if out of 400 Zaid Hamid’s programs she can bring a single statement that proves her SELF CREATED theories:
    1. Sikhs in the Indian Punjab are secretly Muslims whose allegiance lies with Pakistan ???? never said said… its the SIKHs in the Northern Pakistan he has talked about and it was in the media that they are pro-Pakistan..
    2. The adoption of the gold standard was a Zionist plot ?? its rather the ZIONIST moving AWAY from gold standard is a Plot…
    3. Suicide bombers in Pakistan are actually Hindus because they are uncircumcised.. ??? its the TTP fasadi’s that were captured were Uncircumcised and its in the reports given by ISPR !!!
    5. The nuclear weapons of non-Muslim countries will either become unusable or explode on their own territories ??? I challenge as to when he did he ever say that.

    List itemRecommend

  • Adeel Ahmed
    May 9, 2010 - 4:51PM

    Extremely biased. Conveniently ignores the fact that in every interview or talk by Zaid Hamid… he has never failed to ask people not to follow him, but the teachings of Prophet (PBUH), the Quran, and the Sunnah and Hadith, which Zaid Hamid is a mere channel of, just like Allama Iqbal was.
    The theories you call “whack” are the desires of many Muslims in general and Pakistanis in particular.
    I Do wish our leaders hang from the poles of Islamabad, I DO wish that the nuclear missiles of non muslim countries decimate themselves (Indian media recently published articles that their nuclear missiles arent all that effective…. you can do your own research on this), and I certainly hope and and pray that Pakistani flag flies high in Delhi… which Pakistani wouldn’t?
    Your article proves the enormous divide between the Secular and the Religious. Yes I want Shariat in Pakistan, and Yes I want a system of government which resembles that of Khilafat. Why not? That system has tolerance, love, peace, magnanimity, humility, charity and most of all, dignity.

    Im not calling you a kaafir… everyones religion and beliefs to themselves, as learned by the Quran, but you have no right to call zaid hamid an extremist, which you have in other words.

    I wish Zaid Hamid all the success… he is preparing a nation for the battles to come in the near future, and I salute him for it.Recommend

  • Mahvesh
    May 9, 2010 - 5:13PM

    Interesting and detailed write up but I’m sorry… you’re kind of picking an old topic in an effort to boost your ratings. Zaid Hamid has been recently discredited widely. Others were against him already but even his supporters have been disillusioned post-23 March and his Takmeel-e-Pakistan gimmick. In case you didn’t notice his presence on TV has gone way, way down ever since and most of the people don’t pay him attention anymore, save the ever-rabid conspiracy theorists who’d latch on to anything.

    I’d suggest you don’t just cover issues to gain popularity, please. Giving people like Hamid coverage AGAIN once we’re finally, gradually getting rid of him is just pointless. Recommend

  • Iqbal Khudi
    May 9, 2010 - 6:17PM

    Extremely biased article against a genuine patriot and scholar. ZH’s crimes are that he has given real hope to a despondent nation, have shown them the ideology of their forefathers and Pakistan, ignited the spirit of Iqbal for a positive spiritual change in the society and pan Islam ism and have exposed the facade of modern “democratic” and “capitalist” economic systems. These are serious crimes deserving death sentence to him indeed. The religious terrorists/fascists as well as liberal extremists are all united against this reformer of the time. It is amusing and interesting to see Fussy Zaki and NFP standing shoulder to shoulder with likes of TTP, Sipah Sahaba and AMTKM to redicule a man who is miles taller than their pygmy stature. Keep going Zaid. Let them fume!!!! Recommend

  • Tahir Ali
    May 9, 2010 - 6:29PM

    In my view Zaid hamid can influence the young and immature minds only. Rather than expounding an unrealistic foreign agenda, he should devote himself to education in Pakistan. There is no good or bad Taliban as he says. The youngsters must be saved and spared from the monster of militancy and extremism.
    Tahir Ali
    Mardan Recommend

  • Asad Hasnain
    May 9, 2010 - 7:07PM


    had it been a little concise it would be much easier for all to catch your point.. i can bet 75% readers have not gone even till the end.

    U as a writer must be clear in what u want to write despite wandering around the topic. make a clear statement of what u believe.


    Zaid hamid is a dead topic dont give it further mileage..
    one must not promote un-necessarily the conspiracy theorists who can find hands of Zionists even in the cry of a baby.. :pRecommend

    May 9, 2010 - 7:15PM

    You are so right! Zaid Hamid is a danger to the youth of Pakistan Unlike other political leaders who openly talk about dividing Pakistan on ethnic lines and arm their supporters with all kinds of weapons to compete in the political arena of Pakistan. I also agree with you regarding Zaid Hamid’s false theory on 9/11 and Mumabi Attack; Afterall it has been more than 8 years since 9/11 and no solid evidence has been presented to the public AS PROMOSED BY BUSH IN 2001 and how can we forget the video footage from Pentagon which showed nothing but an explosion (NO PLANE NO NOTHING) but i guess with thousands of dome cameras installed at Pentagon they could only find one video image of the incident. As far as mumbai is concerned; Too bad you never took the time out to read the indian dossier of the whole incident where they expect us to consider candy wrappers, shaving cream, soap and a phone sim as SOLID EVIDENCE because they were all made in Pakistan. One more request! While you guys are at it, please explain to us why you never take time out to highlight the Samjhota Express Terrorist Attack in which more than 60 Pakistanis were burnt alive in India by their agencies. Too bad the three main officers investigating the direct link of a serving Indian Army Officer into Smajhota Express; were all killed within 30 minutes of Mumbai Attacks under mysterious circumstances.

    May Allah Give Barakah in Zaid Hamid’s Mission to rise with Khudi of the youth of Pakistan. InshAllah!Recommend

  • Fatima Hamid
    May 9, 2010 - 7:16PM

    We challange you to prove the non-sence you have published! Where has ZH said these things ?

    Sikhs in the Indian Punjab are secretly Muslims whose allegiance lies with Pakistan
    1. The adoption of the gold standard was a Zionist plot
    2. Suicide bombers in Pakistan are actually Hindus because they are uncircumcised.Recommend

  • Mian Salman
    May 9, 2010 - 7:21PM

    good effort… expose such drama masters… plays with the minds of youth for their gain of money.Recommend

  • Fatima Hamid
    May 9, 2010 - 7:22PM

    What rubbish! I challenge you to prove the non-sense you have published! Where has ZH said these things ? your paper is simply peddling lies and plain deception – a classical disinformation war. ZH has never said the following anywhere. In fact, it is the zionist plan to ABANDON the gold standards NOT ADOPT it. you guys have really lost it in your hatred for a man whose sincerity and devotion to Pakistan is scaring you.
    you said in your article: prove it where ZH has said this?
    Sikhs in the Indian Punjab are secretly Muslims whose allegiance lies with Pakistan
    1. The adoption of the gold standard was a Zionist plot
    2. Suicide bombers in Pakistan are actually Hindus because they are uncircumcised.

    As far as ZH is concerned: Bernard Shaw said:

    “If you do not say a thing in an irritating way, you may as well not say it at all because people will not trouble themselves about anything that does not trouble them.”.

    Keep saying it the way you say it buddy. you are troubling them :))Recommend

  • Adeel Ahmed
    May 9, 2010 - 7:53PM

    The overwhelming majority of comments in favour of Zaid Hamid has proved how he is perceived in the masses… and settles this argument…

    Good luck Mr. Hamid…
    A few biased articles based on lies by some writer wont deter our resolve…Recommend

  • qamar
    May 9, 2010 - 8:23PM

    did writer found no one else to criticize, many personalities in pak are creating fuss why zaid hamid because its the people like you who detrack the youth instead of zaid hamid, zaid didnt say anything which is anti pakistan,
    so please avoid writing these types of partiall opinionsRecommend

  • S.A.R.A
    May 9, 2010 - 8:38PM

    … but you should have also written what happened at his TP even on the 23rd, when he was expecting around 100,000 people and only only 10 others showed up apart from his team of 50.

    This person is a menace to society and draining the energies of the youth negatively. Who the hell is he to be the “warrior of Islam”? who has given him the mandate to do so? Why do his followers believe they are better Muslims than the rest? and how does he plan to actually hoist the Pakistani flag in Delhi and run their FM radio channels?

    He preaches hate, he preaches anger to the future of Pakistan – If you don’t stop that now, you are digging your grave!

    I don’t know if the article is for ratings or this is actually news, but if this man is again trying to crop up with the help of his associate terror outfits in Pakistan, than this man should be charged and hung for treason by bringing the educated youth of Pakistan to the ranks of the filthy LeT terrorists.Recommend

  • menahil
    May 9, 2010 - 8:38PM

    LOL. Very right. Zaid Hamid is a dead horse now. I see his daughter Fatima Hamid commenting here, if that’s her.go research.Recommend

  • meena
    May 9, 2010 - 8:41PM

    Zaid Zaman Hamid, the man who is wanted by mullahs and liberals alike : shows what nonsense he spits.

    Tell him to send his kids to Afghan Jihad now, he never fought with Taliban abd was with Northen Alliance and calls himself a mujahid. What a farce!

    Shame on himm!Recommend

  • Usman Eshai
    May 9, 2010 - 10:55PM

    “Positive or Negative” at least Mr. Zaid has lit up a spark in our youth, which was very necessary at this stage.
    Young boys and girls like 18-25 for the first time started thinking on these issues like economic system, ideology of Pakistan, and all that.
    Introducing Allama Iqbal ideology to our “West impressed youth”.
    Creating a feeling of Loving one’s Mother Land “Pakistan”.
    And, always giving a message in his Speeches, “Be on the right side of the history my children”

    So, guys i have a good suggestion for all of you. Accept that, what you think is right, and reject that, what “ISLAM” says is wrong.

    Try this out. “May Allah guide us to the right path”

    May 10, 2010 - 12:37AM

    To all the brothers and sisters who comment without knowing even the basis of Zaid Hamid’s lectures. Go ahead; do all that you want and bring everyone together to oppose the idea of a True Islamic Republic of Pakistan; In the end it shall be done by the Will of Allah! Shame is a word not present in your book where you stand with those who plan to divide Pakistan on ethnic lines and those who hold democracy more dear to them than Khilafat e Rashida. You know the truth but still oppose it… Never in any of his lectures/programs did Zaid Hamid told the youth to go out and start killing people… It is rather completely opposite where he preaches the teachings of Quran and Sunnah with a focus on Iqbal’s concept of Khudi. Yes he believes in Ghazwa e Hind but also includes other research along with it which basically focuses on Hazrat Naimat Ullah Shah Wali’s analysis that indicate that Pakistan will not start this war but will be the one to finish it. As we can clearly see from the lessons we learnt from 1971 and today when heavy supplies of sophisticated weapons are supplied to TTP through Afghan Border; We then have the right to atleast question India’s intentions towards Pakistan. We also have the right to know that WHY US forces were moved from Afghan Border right when Pakistan Army initiated operation in Waziristan? Hvae a hundred more questions but i’m sure you wont have any answers… just blind criticism without having any answers to these questions. The time is not far when india will initiate their cold-start doctrain. Hope you guys doubting ZH will be around to see that.Recommend

  • qamar
    May 10, 2010 - 2:33AM

    I think tribune as an international stakeholder (allied with international Tribune) has intentionally creating hatred articles among the youth by employing Fassi Zaka and this bibi Recommend

  • May 10, 2010 - 2:43AM

    wat’s so whacky about insinuating that 26/11 and 9/11 were zionist conspiracies?? I don’t understand why our so-called intelligentsia are so hell bent on rebutting anything that suggests the involvement of the US/Hindu/Jew nexus? The writer did not present a single logical argument countering Zaid Hamid’s theories and just branded them whacky. Fasi Zaka and Paracha have been doing the same. It’s fine if you don’t agree with his views, but this guy is no hate monger. Brass Tacks is over 30 hours of footage in which Zaid Hamid goes into detail about all his views and theories. Merely calling him Samad Bond or making fun of his red hat will not convince people to start thinking otherwise. There definitely seems to be truth in what he says. One has to just look at all the Ali Azmat bashing that’s been going on for the last one year. What’s the problem here? Are the Pakistani media types too eager to suck up to the Indians? Feel free to express your opinions but please also back it up with logical rebuttals. Why is there no one who has been able to respond to Zaid Hamid’s explanation of the Economic Terrorism model? Why is it that The Arrivals had been removed from You Tube all this time and only after the makers launched vociferous campaigns that they’ve been restored now? There are a lot of questions that are left unanswered. All the Pakistanis who are so ashamed of their own commentators should first question the USA as to what business Israel has in Palestine. Ask your media savvy friends from India why they’re massacring people in Kashmir? It’s not the gun-toting, bearded Mullah types only that are the radicals. You so called educated literati are worse radicals than them. Help to restore the balance. Or less people like Zaid Hamid have a point when they brand you lot as agents. Recommend

  • Shahzad Masood Roomi
    May 10, 2010 - 3:53AM

    Well when i started to read this article i was hoping to find a new and better idea than what ZH is presenting to us.but i feel pity for the writer that how just for the sake of cheap popularity she not only stooped lowest to bring very personal matters in her writeup but also put false allegations in the end. Now like Fasi Zaka and Fareed Paracha, She was also unable to quote one such incident or event where ZH actually said what has been described here as “wackiest theories”. One more thing, I wonder what these liberals are afraid of, Islam, Iqbal or Pakistan??? He fantasize Pakistan’s otherwise bleak feature.. is this a problem. If yes, I am sorry again for writer as she has no clue about what is known as moral booster and having some hope and faith.If i can remember it correctly, it all started with ZH’s series on “Economic Terrorism” on News1.Now I can understand that people don’t want to listen anything bad about their idols and current banking system is one of them as it gives lots of benefits in shape in Ribba and Interest.

    “Conspiracy Theorist” … Biggest allegation on ZH often come from liberals of Pakistan. Now May I ask honorable writer if “Protocols of Learned Elders of Zions” is also a conspiracy? OR .. the demand by PNAC to have another “Perl Harbor” is a conspiracy? But obviously answers to these questions really need some critical thinking and why one do that if he or she can have some fame by ranting senselessly against someone like Zaid Hamid. Recommend

  • JahanAra
    May 10, 2010 - 3:54AM

    Thanks for exposing this nutcase. He is one of the several types of cancer that have stricken Pakistan. Like all hypocrites and liars who are constantly demonizing the West, he has of course gone and taken refuge in London! What a loser and hypocrite of the first order. Recommend

  • Ali Kazmi
    May 10, 2010 - 5:02AM

    interesting report but i will slightly differ from your views.
    I do agree that most of his theories are vague and he sounds very emotional etc but the base line is if you buy Osama bin Ladin and dozens of other theories that have been circulated and conspired all these years by the west then why is it so hard for us to accept the other way round.The saddest part is that till date we are so influenced by the west that we will buy anything without thinking.being a liberal myself i do not support or encourage extremism but the question is why all of a sudden Muslim terrorists came into being and their head quarters became Afghanistan and now Pakistan and then every country that could be some what linked to the american foreign policy.fine if that was the case where is Al-Qaeda? where is Osama if you were so sure about his hideout that you felt the need to invade a sovereign country why couldn’t you capture him or trace him at least.then you invaded Iraq for what? UN reports clearly state they did not find anything like the Americans had propagated. Now its Pakistanis on the roll all around the globe bombing places and confined in Guantanamo just because they were a part of the nuclear project.The problem does not lie with whos wrong who is right? nor about whos leftest and rightest its about common sense 2+2=4. Our problem is that we are so handicapped with new technology and the media that we have stopped using our own brains we believe what the media wants us to.And Amman ki Asha is the biggest drama by far i have witnessed since out of all the people you hired amitabh who hates muslims and pakistan for that matter and funds extremist hindu organizations which is on record.And the same channel declared Ajmal Kassab as a pakistani which was counter checked by other channels and proven absurd and baseless…the same channel that gives breaking news that are hoaxes.Also to be noted that out of all the pakisatnis they are the only people who hav miles of land in new delhi.
    Gawadar,Kalabagh,Pak China relations and their development in Pakistan became the reason why Parvez Musharaf had to resign.You even disapprove of him and talk about democracy please my question to all the pakistanis what have you gotten out of this democracy till date..you lost Bangladesh and ruined all your industries in the hands of nationalization, when Nawaz Sharif shook hands with clinton ,we lost our soldiers in Kargil or today when you are a minor state of america with pakistan at its peak of corruption and all sorts of possible issues that can be.
    Things are very simple only if we get our facts straight.Having many indian friends i still believe that our one sided love and lack of political potential at the foreign desk has resulted into a water less pakistan and will continue rewarding us if we do not open our eyes soon.God Bless Pakistan and my dear friends who criticize every other person in their articles while their radio shows are a two hour waste of time and bad/insulting humor. Recommend

  • Ibn tahir
    May 10, 2010 - 7:23AM

    i agree with many of the the above commenter who have clear heads and enough researching skills to find that the writer of this article has gone miles out of the way to put crystal clear lies in the article.

    many of the points in the article are plain lies against Zaid Hamid. i mean sure the guy is a bit agressive but lying to get peoples attention. that is low man .. real low..

    Sikhs in the Indian Punjab are secretly Muslims whose allegiance lies with Pakistan

    hahahaha … ooh the columnist has started to sound like a funny charlie Chaplin movie..

    The adoption of the gold standard was a Zionist plot.

    kindly please tell me where was this mentioned? in the authors wildest imaginations maybe?? lol

    Suicide bombers in Pakistan are actually Hindus because they are uncircumcised.

    what a level of journalism. i did not know that in this age lying bluntly is regarded as journalism. but what can i say .. times are changing so fast it is sometimes difficult to cling to past ideas.Recommend

  • Dr. Faisal Nawaz
    May 10, 2010 - 7:28AM

    I find his shows extremely offensive and full of concocted lies and half-truths. There are a lot of questions about his show that never seem to be answered, such as where the funding comes from, and why some of his guests are relatively good looking girls that just ask him questions and let him bark out lies without any verification of what he is saying. The whole thing is very fishy, to say the least.

    Preaching violence, patriotism, finger pointing and lies are hardly good ways to free, educate or enlighten a society. It’s a good way to radicalize our youth, but thankfully our youth is more interested in mobile phones, music, friends, MTV, video games and the internet than what this man is barking about on television. Peace and harmony are the ideals we might strive towards in this life if we keep in mind that we will return to God eventually.

    Why do that with blood, lies and hatred on our hands?Recommend

  • habibi zeeshan
    May 10, 2010 - 7:29AM


    do you have the slightest bit of .. what it is called .. yes .. sharam??

    making lying your profession? .. maybe that is good for you .. you can feed your kids the same lies as well. ell them that you are a writer .. OF LIES.

    stay safe we need more people like you . who are just as good as you at what they do.Recommend

  • habibi zeeshan
    May 10, 2010 - 7:33AM

    yes target the guy that talks about Islam ….

    what about zardari, mehmood qureshi? they must me the most respected teacher of the writer of this article .. tusk .tusk.

    like father like son .. Recommend

  • Maqsood Kayani
    May 10, 2010 - 11:07AM

    Zaid Hamid is proving to be meal-ticket to a lot of people including Amber Rahim Shamsi, Fasi Zaka, Amir Rana, Nadeem Farooq Paracha and the like. I wonder what these scribes would be writing about had Zaid not been around.

    Way to go, Zaid, you must be doing something very right to ruffle so many pseudo intellectual feathers.

    Right on Zaid, we are with you. Lead the nation to it’s destiny as envisioned by Iqbal.

    Pakistan zindahbaad.Recommend

  • Haziq Noor
    May 10, 2010 - 11:17AM

    He is physicophent of Yousuf Qazab & according to him a Sahabi. He is misleading our youth to fulfil his hidden agenda.Recommend

  • Muhammad Aamir
    May 10, 2010 - 11:42AM

    good one! but be concise and to the pointRecommend

  • Khatoon
    May 10, 2010 - 11:43AM

    Right on ignorence, we are with you. Lead the nation towards hatred and destruction as envisioned by a red-capped hate-monger.

    Pakistan Zindabad.Recommend

  • Haider
    May 10, 2010 - 12:30PM

    No one with a moustache less beard should be trusted.Recommend

  • Saman Hamid
    May 10, 2010 - 12:52PM

    This article just goes to show the power of words! how one can be made to look ridiculous when in reality the same could be said about the contributor of this article…Are you serving an agenda too sir???Recommend

  • Umar
    May 10, 2010 - 3:12PM

    Zaid Hamid vs ANP
    Red Hat vs Red Hat
    Mad Hatter vs Red Hats

    Dr. Najib was probably just about the most dynamic leader that the Afghans have had. An additional gripe against the ANP is that they not only call him a hero but observe his death anniversary every year.

    If there is one thing the establishment hates more than the PPP, it is the ANP. And that is how Zaid Hamid would rate them, too.

    Just a couple of issues with the writer of the article.
    1. Hamid was not anti-TTP at all times. His priorities changed with that of the Army. When the ANP, frustrated that it’s request to the Army of routing out the Taliban was not being heeded in Operation Rah-e-Haq, finally resorted to a peace deal, Hamid supported it fully; he came on TV with full force. He changed his mind only when the Army finally realised its boys in beards were now out of control.
    2. Zaid Hamid said that the shift away from the gold standard was a Zionist conspiracy. You’ve gotten it the other way around.Recommend

  • ME
    May 10, 2010 - 3:40PM

    One can oppose, one can go along with it or give two hoots about it …there is a complete choice.
    I have attended his lectures and seen his tv shows …first of all his research on financial system is actually a complete copy of another documentary called zeitgeist (part III) (young american grads) ..ok its already evident we look onwards the late 1930s-early 1940s …49..53..57-58…60 to 61…69 to 70 ..73 to 75 …early 80’s ..early 90’s early 2000 ….late 2000..for mankind to understand and make it a better system to work .but you can even look back in 1800 its the same pattern …well there are improvements…to a certain extent.. if u think thats a non-muslim system or its of the jews well your right but what does islamic system says :does the state give money to the people if they dont even work for them selves. please come to understand the system of finance which is present in the world and then beat them in their own game.so ZH was just telling about the financial system from another documentary which was already anti-american hence a copy cat.
    Another point …he quotes Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s events which never took place..green books of Jinnah and even other in Pakistan library do not support his so called facts…if he trying to develop patriotism by false history its just wrong morally for a society to follow.
    ZH is trying to work on nationalism to a certain extend by quoting false history, the poor guy should work with existing facts.We already are a proud nation, we dont need fairy tales.
    Once i was surprised ..In one of his lectures a young boy asks him “where do u get your information from .. Sir”
    you wont believe this.. he gave a sinistral smile and said i Google..
    a wise man would have said “i have my sources which i would not like to disclose”. hence A man who has his own agenda.
    ZH is an isi agent launched by the mush regime.Well after creating a free media market …isi had to start there own channel which i think is TV oNE.
    This guy is taking advantage of a nation which is still pulled back by the religious issues and cant distinguish between national interests and so called purposed khalafa.
    YOU HAVE A CHOICE. Recommend

  • ME
    May 10, 2010 - 3:53PM

    and ali azmat is his little pet frog …he lost his mind a long time back.Recommend

  • Masood
    May 10, 2010 - 4:02PM

    Sir? It’s a her, fool. Goes to show the level of intellect ZH’s fans operate oe.Recommend

  • Adeel
    May 10, 2010 - 4:08PM

    Aameen Aameen Summa Aameen!!!!

    & May Allah guide those also who are erupting fire against a person who has atleast stood up against the ill doers and enemies of Pakistan and Islam no matter with his speeches or write ups or just his views.

    Those who say he is a hate monger, i think if he is a hate monger he is for our enemies and reading ur comments seems that you are hate monger for your own countrymen.

    Those who are asking **”Who is he to be the “warrior of Islam”? who has given him the mandate to do so? Why do his followers believe they are better Muslims than the rest?**
    Please tell me who are you to charge him for treason and hang him? Are you the judicial system? Are you the premier of this state? Doesnt the youth of Pakistan have brains to distinguish b/w the good or the bad? how can they be brought to the hands of filthy terrorists? if it is so easy then i dont think this youth should be called an educated one.
    Atleast he has taken up to speak for Islam and spread the message which most of us often shy away or are afraid of even discussing. Actually we dont have that deep knowledge and courage which these poeple have and truly they are better Muslims than most of us.

    May Allah bless Mr. Zaid Hamid and his mission be accomplished!!!AameenRecommend

  • faraz
    May 10, 2010 - 4:23PM

    Nice article. ZH’s conspiracy theories are extremely dumb. We lost all wars against India, including that of 1965, but he is fanticising of announcing “It is radio pakistan, Dehli!” We launched the misconcieved operation Gibraltor and Grandslam, India only expanded the theatre on 6th september. Later Ayub khan when to Tashkent USSR, the very country against which we had signed SEATO CENTO to get US arms and aid. Is there anyother nation which celebrates defence day for a war that it actually lost?
    When Governor of Federal Reserve bank is appointed by US President and confirmed by the Congress, how can Feds contol the US, isnt it common sense?
    Then the gold standard reversal conspiracy; reversal of gold standard was opposed by the supposedly “zionist controlled banks” because it brought inflation and devaluation which harmed the creditor (bank). It was done in 1970 because of Vietnam war, the US was running in a deficit. The removal of defict would remove the additional dollor reserves and thus limit the growth. They didnt have enough gold, so they printed lots of dollors that werent backed by gold.
    Those who want khilafat must study the conflits of Jamal, Saffin, Karbala, Kufa revolt, Ibn Zubair revolt, Berber revolt, Ibn Abdullah revolt, Abbasids revolt against Umayyad, rise of Fatmids, Turk generals coup against Abbasids, Buyids capture of Baghdad, Seljuk control of Abbasids, Saladin war against Fatmid, Mumluks coup against Ayubbids, Almohad war against Almoravids, Wars between ottoman and Safavids, and countless civil wars and wars of successions. As for the ottoman caliph, just study the imperial Harem, it had over a thousand women and eunichs.
    And those who think the world is conspiring againt Pakistan; our 25% exports go to US, 28 % go to EU, we live on IMF loans and aid. Simply, if US stops buying our third class textile, and impose sanctions on us; we will go bankrupt in few weeks. And our “much feared” war machinery wont even have the oil to operate. We are a poor third world country, a client state where army recruited civilians to fight the cold war in afghanistan for just 3.2 billion dollors.
    Imperial powers dont have to justify an invasion, it invaded oil rich Iraq although it failed to get a UN resolution in favour of invasion. 52 % afghanis are non pushtoon so they obviously hated Taliban. The pushtoons werent entirely represented by Taliban. So only a fool would plot 911, to justify an invasion over a barren resourceless land to topple a fanatic regime which represented no more than 20 % of population.
    As for Shah walliullah’s invitation of Abdali; Abdali plundered Dehli, Agra and Muslim Punjab. On one of his trip he appointed a Hindu as governor of Lahore! Which world are ZH lover living in, policies are guided by national interest and power. It is not about religious ideology. It was Italian merchants economic interst that diverted the 4th crusade towards Constantinople, and the the great christian Byzantium empire was destroyed. Since the 30 years war of 17th century, West hasnt faught a single war for the sake of religious ideology.Recommend

  • Mansoor Khalid
    May 10, 2010 - 4:44PM

    Seeing how ZH’s popularity went down the slope, we can say that the youth has decided to become rational in their choices. Anyone who gives them lectures on how to conquer another country will soon be forgotten.Recommend

  • Adeel
    May 10, 2010 - 5:06PM

    Ali Kazmi!!!!

    Striked right on the head!!!

    i second your views completely!!!

    Thats the way all of us should think!!!

    Great commment brother!!!

    By the way are you Rahat Kazmi’s son?Recommend

  • Sajid
    May 10, 2010 - 7:11PM

    Actually, we need to understand individuals like Zaid Hamid.

    In order for a person to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) they must meet five or more of the following symptoms:

    * Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
    * Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
    * Believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
    * Requires excessive admiration
    * Has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations
    * Is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
    * Lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others
    * Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her
    * Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes. (source Wikipedia).


  • Bangash
    May 10, 2010 - 7:26PM

    Zaid Hamid is a man who appeals to weak minded folk that cannot face the truth.Recommend

  • Naveed Afridi
    May 11, 2010 - 1:35AM

    Zaid Hamid is the perfect charismatic leader that a dysphoric youth need to make them feel they are worth something. A broken country on the verge of collapse, torn between cultures, confused by misinformation about war and its reasons, the abysmal electricity supply, the run down educational system. The prospects of not having a job, remaining for years infantalized depending on their parents, it is not surprising that a charismatic figure, with the superficial air of knowledge of religion, equating himself of being a modern Iqbal (channelling God through his words) appeals to these middle class youths.

    It is sad, that in their existentialist angst, they find a proto-fascist, all warm and welcoming, with his fair complexion, and green eyes, and air of exoticness. He appears all that they want to be, self assured, convincing, “knowlegeble” and most of all, somehow able to be proud of his country! And the flaws are solvable!

    If it werent for all these external enemies, the country would rise again. So an almost worship of the military is needed. The religious symbolism becomes the glue, and a reductionist approach to all of Pakistan’s ills to US,Israel,Indian espionage. Clever devilish techniques, even unsavory are justified in this cosmic goal to regain one’s lost identity!

    The sadness of watching our youth, yearning for a Messiah, finding one, and realizing as one watches from the outside, that this is the path of fascism.

    Certainly this site will be bombarded by his acolytes as SMS and emails go out to the true believers. Doesnt mean he is more “popular” as some naieve people may state, but does rather show the darker side of this machinery, well funded and supported by people who have had the same narrative over the last so many years post Zia ul Haq. This time it has taken hold of the urban middle class and is not the parallel one of the uneducated rural orphan from the madrassa.Recommend

  • Qadir
    May 11, 2010 - 2:33AM

    Zaid Hamid is very brave Muslim, True Ashik-e-Rasool (S.A.W). He is mard-e-Mujahid. He never ever use any single word against Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W, Islam or Pakistan. He want Muslim block as “United State of Islam”. He is doing great work for PAKISTAN. He telling us total truth and reality. You should all watch his programs with full concentration.
    “Pakistan Eik Ishq Eik Janoon”,
    “Ye Ghazi”
    “Iqbal ka Pakistan”

  • Sabeqoon wa awaloon
    May 11, 2010 - 2:35AM


    You tried you best to be biased and why not when you are quoting Paracha sb and Rana sb from PIPS conducting a content analysis on Zaid bhai !amazing!!! Any how you badly failed inspite all your efforts to show the wrong biased side of mard e momin and qalander of our times, .Any body who even dont know him, now want to know him mashaAllah.**This article making him more famous**.Truth can never be hide, its speaks more louder than before, after takmeel and all that faslse jhoot based allegations now heis becoming more and more famous not only in youngsters but in all age gps and classes like mashaAllah!Recommend

  • Jhonny
    May 11, 2010 - 6:04AM

    Your story stinks of biasness and is no where near facts. I have listened to almost every word Zaid Hamid has said on media, the link between your analysis and the reality is so great its worth not mentioning in order to save your dignity.


  • fauzh
    May 11, 2010 - 8:27AM

    Zaid Hamid and his movement and ideology of Jihadi militancy is very toxic for our youth. He plays loose with facts and comes up with conspiracy theories. he misleads our youth. At a time when our nation is suffering at the hands of Jihadi Militants, he is promoting militarism , jihad and hate . He talks about Ghazva e Hind. He talks about conquering India and putting up our flag on Dehli. My question to his supporters is how are we going to do that? We can hardly feed our people, we have no electricity, our infllation is at 25% . We hardly have any federal reserves.
    So instead of talking about development and encouraging youth to come up with practical solutions to the problems our country faces , instead of telling them to educate themselves, become inventors, scientists he is teaching our youth a very dangerous path of killing and be killed, path of confrontation and destruction and nothing else. Our youth all want to be shaheeds , ask anyone they all want to be martyrs, no one says they want to grow up to be a scientist or an inventor.
    We are in need of people who in the 21st century can take our country forward and help it develop.We need to get out of this Jihadi mindset. He and other people who want to perpetuate war and nothing else are doing our impressionable youth a great diservice. Since when did our great nation become a militaristic State like North Korea. What he is promoting is Fascism.
    His use of religious symbolism with patriotism and military adventurism is a perfect example of fascist movements.
    War is not the way to solve any problems, it leads to death and destruction of all that are involved. the issues that he talks about, like Kashmir and Palestine can only be solved through diplomacy and negotiations not war. Even the irish republican army had to come to the negotiating table after years of bloodshed and death.
    We need diplomats not warriors, we need professors and teachers who can educate our youth . We can solve most of the regional issues through good diplomacy. We need more people with pens in their hands and not guns. And Zaid Hamid represents the Gun and not the Pen.Recommend

  • fauzh
    May 11, 2010 - 8:48AM

    Most of his ideas about so called economic terrorism have been taken from a conspiracy theory movie, Zeitgeist. Here is a link to it watch and learn. His ideology and theory of economic terrorism is taken staright from this movie.

  • May 11, 2010 - 11:37AM

    i think the best part of Zaid Hamid is that he is conveying the msg of our Beloved Prophet and the theory of “KHUDI” by Allama Iqbal. all my brothers ad sister note that theory of KHUDI by Allama Iqbal is taken from Quran and Mr. Zaid Hamid is just promoting Allama Iqbal’s Theory. he is not saying that every one should follow me but his message is every one should take stand and have a role in Pakistan’s development. that actually we need today if we want to save this Lovely Pakistan we should have courage to speak at fron of anti Pakistani forces that Mr. Hamid is doing. we done Mr. Hamid.
    i remember 26/11 whn nobody was positive except you. but our nation have very short memmory.

    thanks for giving us optimisim……………Recommend

  • Sabeqoon wa awaloon
    May 11, 2010 - 12:00PM

    ME: “ZH was just telling about the financial system from another documentary which was already anti-american hence a copy cat.”

    The economic role model is same nothing new but still MOST valid in all fake paper currency financial systems .Its the system what our deen explain us based real wealth which can be applicable now, you called islamic wealth system as anti american then i dont need to comment on it as your comments already exposes your knowledge and thinking!Recommend

  • Iffat siddiqui
    May 11, 2010 - 2:28PM

    One thing which comes out very clear after reading the detailed prejudicied analysis is that the strength of the character made u take so much pain and research. One thing which the writer admits though is that the hope and vision given to youth for their homeland. No matter what this thing alone is a gift indeed which none of our any celebrated leader in this time zone has been able to do. then Why not the writer even pays tribute to the great philosopher of the time. will admiring Iqbal means paying tribute to zaid sahib;) . iqbal is and was the one of the greatest reformer, even admitted by the western thinking tank wc the wrier seems to be very influenced of . the article is completely void of any good feeling for our homeland for even our identity .our deen! u cannot DENY this no matter what choice of words u have!He has instilledin us, stirred up us regarding our glorious past. These cannot be undermined as they r the burning fuel for any revolution. You dont need only logical explainations and matreials for any such revolution but u definitely need THE PASSION!So those who have this passion are with him and InshAllah a day will come when our deen will be ghalib !u cannot deny Qurans words or ahadith even if u dont want to believe in ghazwa hind indication!the writer’s lack of knowledge regarding the references of ahadith is also noticeable as its not only the ghazwa hinds hadees but several others also. writer has alleged zaid hamid sb on presenting some wackiest theories of her own!shows the level of journalism………..!Recommend

  • May 11, 2010 - 3:30PM

    Zahid HAmid is right personRecommend

  • Darakhshan Siddiqui
    May 11, 2010 - 4:48PM

    its need wisdom to understand wisdom, and the writer despite all her efforts failed miserably to deviate us the patriotic Pakistani youth from the real truth.ACTUALLY THE ESSENCE OF ALL THE LECTURES OF zAID SB IS LINKED CLOSELY WITH THE HIDDEN STRENGTH – THE POSITIVE EGO, KHUDI OR SPIRITUALTY.

    IT GIVES NO ROOM TO SECULAR MINDED THINKERS LIKE PARACHA, I Had read several aricles in Dawn titled smokers corner and its the smoke of the secularism that can’t help people like him to percive beyond their own mind sets.its A absolute lie that his economic terrorrism series is copied from some where,i think you should go through it again, just review the last episode, he clearly mentioned that taking riba or interest is like in a state of direct war with Allah swt and Rsasul sal lal lahu wasallam, as mentioned in surah baqrah, clearly.as Muslims we have to talk wiith evidence tell me where in any video this has been explained or even mentioned?

    where the solutions like of having a baitul maal is discussed ? where we have been asked to give zakat in reaal wealth? i as a student of commerce, dealing with interst based transactions since a decade, is grateful to Allah swt that finally we got a patriotic momin, who fears none except Allah swt alone. Alhamdulillah it is He who gives strength to the words of any OF HIS servant, its the purity and truthfulness of zaid sb’s words that compelled many of the youngsters to waste their credit cards, many have started taamil miskeen ppproject, feeding the poors as Quran reminds us and becomes indispensible when 100’s in socety are suciding because of Hunger.and poverty.many of the youngsters had leFt indian channels because of the vulgarity that is exploting the innocent minds.

    SISTER, we all have to return to HIM , the count down continues, my sincere advice, , just be on the right side of the history.Recommend

  • tam fai
    May 11, 2010 - 5:35PM

    I guess, the best comments are from Ali Kazmi. Its the logical thinking and event trail which tells the whole story. The media is probably one of the biggest sources of disinformation. I have not personally seen or read anything about ZH but I guess in Pakistan 90% of the media is funded and thats true for rest of the world too. Media is being used as a tool to convince people and brainwash the generations.

    Pakistanis have to open up their brains and idnetify the good and bad factions within themselves, I still believe we still have a lot to tell to this world and people like the author of this article and NFP have lost their identity or rather they never wanted to be called Pakistanis so they try to criticise whoever tries to bring Nationalism.

    We are Muslims, we should be proud to be Pakistani thats something which is missing and nothing else matters. Just keep your heads high and support who you think is good for Pakistan.Recommend

  • Piyush
    May 11, 2010 - 5:42PM

    Hi, I’m from Mumbai, India. Sorry to gatecrash here, but couldn’t help answering Haider Javaid “While you guys are at it, please explain to us why you never take time out to highlight the Samjhota Express Terrorist Attack in which more than 60 Pakistanis were burnt alive in India by their agencies. Too bad the three main officers investigating the direct link of a serving Indian Army Officer into Smajhota Express; were all killed within 30 minutes of Mumbai Attacks under mysterious circumstances.”

    While it true that three high ranking officers from Mumbai Police were killed within hours of Mumbai Attacks, none of them was directly involved in Samjhota Express Attacks investigation. The three officers killed were
    1. Mr Hemant Karkare, Chief, Maharashtra ATS
    2. Mr. Ashok Kamte, DGP, Mumbai Police, and
    3. Mr. Vijay Salaskar, Sr Inspector, Mumbai Police
    Samjhota Express bombings happened in Punjab, while the suspected army official lived in Madhya Pradesh, none of these falls into the jurisdiction of any of these officers. So, I don’t know on what basis Zaid Hamid and his supporters make such preposterous claims.
    While it is true that Mr. Hemant Karkare was investigating Malegaon blasts, which was his job as the Chief of the Anti Terrorism Squad of Maharashtra, so was his job to fight the terrorists attacking Mumbai, and it is indeed very unfortunate that he and two other officers fell to their bullets. The two other officers killed with him by the way had nothing to do with any investigations in either Samjhota Express bombings or Malegaon blasts. They were just officers of Mumbai police, who were answering calls of their duty.Recommend

  • TL
    May 11, 2010 - 6:03PM

    ZH should comment here!Recommend

  • May 11, 2010 - 6:22PM

    About the sudden upheavel regarding this simple man, I’ve got just one thing to say. Those people who abuse him, twist his words around, instead of open-mindedly dealing with the new facts being put forward, cling to their narrow-minded assumptions and try vanely to distort the image of a person who doesn’t even consider himself as a “public figure” or inspiration at all…!! ;)).. This just shows how farfetched, biased and irrational people can get when they are feared.. Take my advice and utilize your time in doing something better for this country..not to waste its precious resources in jotting down wierd and wicked assumptions.. “phew”..Recommend

  • May 11, 2010 - 6:28PM

    Don’t know about this man personally, but its thanks to his initiative that today my children idealize their national heroes and sahabas, instead of their celebs in particular. I think we should see at what is being spoken, and that who is speaking it, rather than indulging in their personal histories, affiliations and their personal beliefs.May Allah help us get rid of the doubts in our minds and show us the right path – (Ameen)Recommend

  • May 11, 2010 - 6:31PM

    Totally agree with MUA and Umer bhae.. May Allah show the light to the people of our nation esp.youth at this time.Recommend

  • May 11, 2010 - 6:38PM

    hmmm….you wrote it yourself that the ZH fans would bombard the mispublications against him in the cyber world. Recommend

  • May 11, 2010 - 8:08PM

    WAY TO GO Haider, Jawaid, AKD, Adeel Ahmad, Iqbal Khudi, Fatima Hamid, Ibn Tahir, Habibi Zeeshan, MUA, Sabeqoon wa awaloon, Naveed Afridi, Qadir, Johnny, Iffat Siddiqui, Umer Abdur Rahman, Darakhshan Siddiqui, pakpatriot, Shafaat Ali, Ilyas Butt and Farwa!! (and all the many more patriotic,positive and open-minded pakistanis who are going to comment on this page… :)).. inshallah!Recommend

  • Shoaib
    May 11, 2010 - 8:13PM

    Ziad Hamid himself affirmed this viewpoint that he is doing this for money and that is a right to everyone. Everybody wakes in the morning to feed their children and if Zaid Hamid is doing that then what is bad in that? I personally believe he is a talented guy and Inshallah he’ll be successful in his mission and we are always open to join our hands with those people who have true love for nation. It is inevitable that people always make wild guesses without having any sufficient knowledge. It is a matter of time and God will decide who is right or wrong. God will help him if is right and spreading the true message. Recommend

  • faraz
    May 11, 2010 - 9:24PM

    Our biggest problem is that we cant discuss issues in a logical manner. Basic understanding of economics will tell you why islamic system wont work. ZH talks of using gold instead of paper money; I have just one question: how will i buy bread from a bakery with a gold coin.Recommend

  • salman
    May 12, 2010 - 3:17AM

    we should make the ability to listen the truth…….zaid hamid doing wonderful job……he is fighting the war against our fake ideology …….but the truth is that many of our people has no ability to listen the truth….. Recommend

  • Rizwan
    May 12, 2010 - 7:45AM

    Vis NF Paracha ‘challenging’ ZH to a debate, I think you missed the background here:
    about an year ago an ill-prepared NFP came off very badly in public eyes when his arguments fell flat & were easily refuted by ZH in an English News Channel’s documentary they were both in.

    That has been the real reason Mr. Paracha has targeted ZH in about 200 of his columns since. NFP motive seems to be ego, rather than some lofty political stance such as championing Democracy.

    In any case championing Democracy in Pakistan, where Democracy inevitably means Wadera Rule, is hardly such a noble cause.Recommend

  • Chaand
    May 12, 2010 - 7:59AM

    @ Faraz… Bhai, the interest free Islamic system HAS worked for 1300 years… till the British abolished it in India & in Egypt, conveniently pocketing the silver coinage…

    Why don’t you do a wiki search on the Earl of Cromer, Evelyn Baring, “the long-time British Consul-General in Egypt …a member of the influential Baring banking family.” He was the one who brought in Modernist Iraqi Mufti Mohammad Abdou to take over Egypt’s influential Al-Azhar Madressa, and conveniently the new Grand Mufti’s first fatwas were those allowing paper currency & banking.

    Conspiracy theory? Or fact? Well read wiki and decide. Unless of course Wikipedia is a conspiracy by radical Islamic ideologues like Zaid Hamid.

    PS. Whatever “basic understanding” of Capitalist Economics says, more advanced Economists like EF Schumacher have said otherwise and far more sensible things….Recommend

  • mohsin
    May 12, 2010 - 10:59AM

    @ bt i would say plz stop blaming establishment..it has been dig in well by our politicinas for no good reason..just leave this ghost and put it aside..well as far as ZH is concerned what ever he says its upto the ppl to listenn and analyze what he says no one in this modern age is foolish enough to start beleiveing or rejecting his theories…let the ppl decide they know and understand well what he says is right or wrong..at least he is far better than those millahs who indoctrine our youth and make them suicide bombers r he is better than rulers who sell this country and her sovergnity on daily basisRecommend

  • May 12, 2010 - 2:20PM

    My friend recently gave me some of the CD’s of ZH(in ur opinion ‘pirated’), and have to say that after watching some of the shows, I had become his diehard fan. We, the students here, do not know of his office, colleagues or his origin… All we know is that he is the person we can look up to at this time and to help our country. And we donot care for all the rubbish being posted against him.. cuz every great revolutionist has to face *booes* from the critical onlookers.. WE ARE WITH YOU ZAID HAMID!!Recommend

  • May 12, 2010 - 2:38PM

    He is an analyst and speaks with logic, whereas this article conveys info about the movie being watched as the writer entered in his office..hahaha…c’mon..I mean..atleast have a little decent and professional approach on this. People are right saying this writer lacks ‘knowledge’, but it’d be better to say he/she lacks ‘common sense’….!Recommend

  • May 12, 2010 - 2:53PM

    Indeed. And personally, he is a very nice person, even the article says so.. My sister visited his office with a few students sometime back and recieved a very inspiring and cordial response. I request everyone who has any misconceptions regarding ZH, or his knowledge, to watch the videos posted on youtube( such as Lahore Conference, and Takmeel videos)… all with an open mind, and decide for themselves. If they still find flaws, the office’s doors are always open for them, regardless of ZH’s busy schedule. And please, STOP posting all the unverified, personal-aversion driven clich’e articles against this man.Recommend

  • May 12, 2010 - 2:55PM

    @TL, We are here for that :))Recommend

  • May 12, 2010 - 2:56PM

    LONG LIVE PAKISTAN… and Sir ZH…!Recommend

  • May 12, 2010 - 3:10PM

    The 6th point in ZH’s ‘wackiest’ theories isn’t at all ‘wacky’. Dr. Zakir Naik in his speech titled “Is Terrorism A Muslim Monopoly?” proved through logics that 9/11 was indeed the doing of the western Zionists. This fact was also supported, infact, a whole documentary was televised about the 9/11 incident on “Waqt” channel’s program: UNCENSORED. So, I ask what’s so wacky and ambiguous about these facts that don’t seem to seep in the writer’s head..?? and as for the 4th.. That’s optimism and Dream!!.. Even *that* seems ‘wacky’ to you??… Wait for the time when it does happen.. :))Recommend

  • Haider
    May 12, 2010 - 4:12PM

    Dear ALL
    Amazing ZH is a bad man coz he talks against india and lov his country Pakistan.
    I don’t know how much the writer is paid but he is blind and deaf coz about Ajmal Kassab’s origin 3 other TV channels made video that this man, he never belonged 2 that village in Pakistan….now where in ZH?
    People r talking about this man ZH…what about Our gov?
    I am not ZH supporter but these indian lover writers force me 2 lov him.
    people r against him coz they r badly in lov with Aishwarya Rai.
    leave ZH, what you people and this writer are doing practically for Pakistan??? …nothing…
    Love your Country, unite …peace Recommend

  • faraz
    May 12, 2010 - 4:20PM

    @Chaand bhai, you still didn’t answer my question. You are pointing out to a conspiracy where a banker got a fatwa from a cleric which destroyed the centuries old economic system. Obviously Wikipedia isn’t a conspiracy by Radical Islamic ideologues, how can they think of providing such magnificent knowledge free of cost. Even if this incident did happen, do you think the entire globe is running on paper money just because of that fatwa? Then why not simply issue a counter fatwa, and regain our “past glory”? Do you think the Ottoman Empire actually worked according to fatwas? Which fatwa allowed the Ottoman Caliph to keep hundreds of women and eunuchs in his harem? The Ottoman Empire was in economic decline much before such fatwas. Collapse of a system is not an abrupt phenomenon, it is a process spread over centuries.

    Metals like gold or silver derive value from its demand. If demand increases, so does the price. The global gold reserves are fixed while population continues to increase. This means that if world switches to gold standard, the price of the metal would become untenable. A coin of pure gold would equal hundreds of thousands of rupees. The solution in olden days was to mix it with cheap metals like iron to reduce its value. So the coin would be containing 99.99 % iron and 0.01 % gold. But the cost of producing this coin would be greater the value of such a coin.
    Regarding interest, the paper money has no value of its own, it just represents value. So interest should atleast compensate for the devaluation that has occurred. For example, in 2008, inflation was 23 % while interest was 14%. This means that people suffered a loss despite getting interest on the principal amount. Party which paid interest actually benefited! If this is usury according to Islamic economic system, I want to pay such interest, I want to be the aggrieved party. Let the “Sood khor” Hindu prey upon me.

    The capitalist economic system has evolved over centuries; it contains input from thousands of economists and intellectuals. If it was a tool to impose European hegemony over rest of the world; then China, Japan, India, Korea, Taiwan etc, wouldn’t have emerged as centers of global economic activity. Our problem is our 700 years old intellectual decline, and our refusal to accept this fact.Recommend

  • Babar Ali
    May 12, 2010 - 8:37PM

    Hi Amber,

    I am not a Zaid Hamid fan, however, if he is on one end of the spectrum you are on the other and fact lies somewhere in between.
    I would recommend you to read John Perkins. I dont think his idea of creating a Mumbai attack by planners is too far fetched. This could well happen as to increase pressure on Pakistan’s weak government and these are the ploys which usually countries take to influence World view towards a country to achieve its goalsRecommend

  • Chaand
    May 13, 2010 - 6:51AM

    @ Faraz… salam bhai, now we’re wandering too far from Zaid Hamid. Past glory, 700 years of decline, seems like you have your mind made up. I cannot change your mind, perhaps you are right. But perhaps if you wish to look at the alternative…

    Then look at the new economic thinking coming up in the West with the Green Movement: they are returning to barter & local-use economies rather than the the Global Cash economy. This is why I mentioned Schumacher… his Small is Beautiful & Good Work are classics, at the least please read them with the open mind you obviously have and the tell me what you think?

    Arguably the last 40 years have seen a critique of the economic system which allows “Corpotocracy” to flourish. Similarly the progress of those nations has been at such a tragic environmental and indeed human cost, that for many, it has not been worth it. The Global Consumer disposable economy, the running of a linear system on a finite [circular] planet… As a Green, not just as a Muslim, I cannot agree with you. Recommend

  • Muz
    May 13, 2010 - 9:26AM

    imo, Zaid Hamid is a reaction of our apologatic liberals and inept religious leaders…

    There are indeed major factual flaws in ZH speeches.. but they are flaws in the article also… the rad hat he wears has nothing to do with ANP, as the writer suggested, but in fact is related to Turkish Ottoman Caliphate… Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar used to wear the same hat…

    futher disappointing was writer’s obedient looking inclintaion towards Fasi Zaka and NFP who can only be termed as “Liberal Mullahs” if ZH is a “Jihadi Mullah” beacuse they share lack of reasoning and self promotion.Recommend

  • ali shahid
    May 13, 2010 - 12:55PM

    i think this news paper tribune has its own masonic agenda to promote people like musharaf and to degrade heroes like Zaid Hamid. why this Miss Amber cant see the that youth is actually following him. i my self am not a religious kind of person but still i fully agree with whatever zaid hamid says. commo’n man he is not asking for vote all he is telling you is your history. he is suggesting the good things like single currency unit like dollar for all muslim countries, he is asking for caliphate, he is teaching us iqbal, he is awakening the long slept youth. he disclosed mumbai attack and every one knows that it was an insight job similar to 9/11. but what our liberal media did. that fully supported the indians to put the blame on pakistan by going to fareed kot. this is ridiculous….
    i wish Sir Zaid Hamid true success and i fully support him. long live the great leader Zaid Hamid Recommend

  • saher
    May 13, 2010 - 1:53PM

    I don’t realy like zaid hamid, disagree with his views too… but seriously this article was not a report, it was a personal comment which does not suit a newspaper. instead of the word ‘wackiest’ theories it could have been hard to believe theories. i simply did not like the tone of the article, not very different from zaid hamid if he wants to prove his point. Recommend

  • faraz
    May 13, 2010 - 3:54PM

    @Chaand Bhai, i will surely study Schumacher. Systems evolve with time and one shouldnt remain fixed to certain ideas. The recent financial crisis suggests that the system isnt perfect by any standards, and there is always room for improvement.

    I think the Mongol invasion and Spanish Reconquista ended the brightest era of islam when knowledge flourished and criticism was tolerated. I have no problem if you belive in the pre capitalist economic model, but your believe should be based on knowledge and analysis. It shouldnt be based on cult following of a person. The debate of identifying whether ZH is a terrorist, ISI agent, CIA agent, bigot, fascist, rightist leftist etc is simply riduculous. If you read the comments given by the people, majority are focussed on the person rather than discussing his ideas in a logical manner. If people simply spend some time in analysing ZH’s gibberish, they will be startled at how banal it is.Recommend

  • Erum Haider
    May 13, 2010 - 11:47PM

    Good article, appreciate the effort and the research. Personalities like Zaid Hamid are an interesting phenomenon and almost certainly a recurring one, this is the first I’ve read of his organizational set up.Recommend

  • concerned
    May 14, 2010 - 10:32AM

    “Like General Pervez Musharraf, Hamid equates criticism of him to treason.”

    ZH is a reprehensible fraud no doubt but what nonsense about Musharaff. Can we have the evidence please of your outrageous allegation? Surely Miss Shamsi can recall that it was the much despised General musharaff who ended the monopply of state-run PTV. I doubt that the new channels that started broadcasting during his regime were waxing lyrical of him!Recommend

  • Megha
    May 17, 2010 - 9:24AM

    Wow… I envy the reporter who got to meet this item. He has his own world, own history and own present. Needless to say, his future can’t be bright. His history of people of pakistan starts from Mughals coming to India, then ends right before they were defeated by British and then again picks up after 1947. He has omitted all 200 years of the history of people living in Pakistani regions.

    How can the young and educated youth of Pakistan believe such an idiot. Just because he spits venom against India and they like it, it doesn’t mean that they have believe his every stupid theory.

    That day, he was saying that Indian Sikhs and Christians will allign with Pakistan if Pakistan attacks India. Anyone in the world who knows India knows that this can’t be true in a 100 years. but he says it with such a conviction and everybody around him cheers this.

    Please pakistanis stop getting fooled by such jokers.Recommend

  • Sajid
    May 19, 2010 - 8:52PM

    Dear Megha,

    Zaid Hamid is not a joker but a person who needs help, try to understand him. He always gives examples from the past; talks about Afghan War that was actually a cold war between the Two Superpowers. The man lives in the past–obvious symptoms of a delusional soul–but sadly forgets that the Pakistan we achieved 60 years ago, was axed after 23 years

    Secondly, we Pakistanis are not a reading nation otherwise we would not buy the concoction he sells and that is Optimism + manufactured history + potpourri of conspiracy theories.Recommend

  • Amir Hussain
    May 21, 2010 - 2:12AM

    Good article, zaid hamid has long been seen as mentally unstable by the educated Pakistanis. However the poor under-classes everyday uneducated folk will fall for his lies and propaganda because they know nothing better, for them what distorted twisted views he provides is very easily believable if you hate anything non-muslim or non-pakistani. The danger is letting mad men like Zaid get away with their lies and unchallenged.

    Inshallah we will keep exposing people like him who think they are above accountability.Recommend

  • Khalid Khan
    May 21, 2010 - 4:16PM

    I wonder why Pakistanis hate every other country. They care more about problems of other countries than the problems of their own. This will only make the situation of Pakistan worst. Zaid Hamid is only a cult leader who is spreading hatredRecommend

  • Shahrukh
    Jun 4, 2010 - 7:30AM

    very nice attempt to ruin someone’s image. Many of the things mentioned were never said. I think the writer has serious perception problem. She needs to watch those videos again.Recommend

  • Salman
    Aug 2, 2010 - 12:10AM

    I am proud to see people like ZH coming up and standing for the country !!!! Our politicians and our media are only shameful and have done all to bring humiliation to the country but our new generation is not going to take it any further. The whole country is uniting under the flag of Pakistan and will burn all other flags that have only disintegrated the country for decades. No more!!!! We all stand behind ZH and with anyone who can STAND FOR THE COUNTRY AND FOR THE NATION and bring the values of Islam, which the constitution of the country demands. Anything against Islam is unconstitutional, which includes political groupings, division of civilians and military and all such plots. Now is the time to unite and rise, and Pakistan is rising!!!!Recommend

  • EJ
    Sep 7, 2010 - 10:31AM

    Why wouldnt somebody ban this guy? Hatred is all he teaches. About time we took responsibility of our own action then blaming them on Jews, Hindus, Angraiz!Recommend

  • Sep 11, 2010 - 10:52PM

    Just read this fictitious dialog between Zaid Hamid and somebody:


    It is utterly hilarious! It’ll blow you through the roof! :DRecommend

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