9 things PIA employees should smuggle

Published: August 19, 2016
Say no to drugs.

Say no to drugs. PHOTO: FILE

With an ever growing number of PIA employees choosing drug trafficking as their side job, we think it’s time they put their talents to better use and help fellow Pakistanis around the world, by smuggling some things that are way better than heroin.

Here are 10 things employees should consider smuggling instead:

1. Chaat masala

The market for chaat masala is a lot bigger than that of heroin. Tormented by underwhelmingly bland food, Pakistanis abroad would pay good money to add a little ‘kick’ to their meals.

PIA employee handed over to ANF over heroin smuggling charges

2. Paani Puri

Yes, this might be a little tricky to carry, but think of the $$$.


3. Ispaghol

Again, due to the lack of spices in food abroad, it can be a little tricky to ‘unload.’ Ispaghol can do wonders, by giving us that extra nudge every now and then.

12 staffers of PIA arrested in heroin case


4. Joshanda

Who needs heroin when you can have Joshanda? This sachet packed with herbs will have you feeling on top of the moon, and the best part is, you can mix it in with your chai.


5. Bahus

With feminism growing in the West, mothers everywhere are having a harder time finding the perfect desi brides for their sons. Smugglers would make a lot more money by exporting some ‘gol roti’ experts.

6. Chili Mili

PIA employees could earn big bucks by smuggling these spicy, yet sweet jellies. Chili Mili khao mast ho jao!


7. Slims

To be honest, Slims are our own kind of heroin.


8. Pakola

Since you do belong to Pakistan International Airlines, show some patriotism and share Pakola with your fellow countrymen abroad.


9. Mr Burger

Who cares why the ketchup is pink when it tastes so good? Mr Burger over heroin any day.


For those PIA employees that still seem a little confused: Say no to drugs and smuggle in some slims for us instead.

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Reader Comments (3)

  • Bunny Rabbit
    Aug 19, 2016 - 5:15PM

    Chaat masala and PP take the cake in the above list . Recommend

  • Acorn Guts
    Aug 19, 2016 - 6:15PM

    Chat masala? not a problem in UK, in fact chimichanga chain run by locals regularly use chat masala on their fries.Recommend

  • Imran khan
    Aug 20, 2016 - 8:58AM

    To the editor,

    Its very sad that some bad apples in the airline make look the others that work hard & are honest, jokers.
    sucks to be the truth eh!!!!!

    Could you please further elaborate the purpose of this article in comparison to the various international carriers who have been around for 60 plus years.

    News flash!!! This so called smuggling has been happening since PanAm & way back. But, definately voilators should be held responsible, no doubt.

    But just wanna explain the readers here that the airline industry all over the world has this bug in it & the managements around the world are consistantly fighting this hazard. This is the sad truth. Media seems to be way more free for pia & doesn’t explain further that this hazard is all over. Maybe then this report or article will have a better ethical value infront of me or anyone who believes in ethics & responsible media reporting.

    Your article you can try writing it again by showing comparison of TRENDS of various different airlines around the world that have been involved with this hazard. Maybe then employees like me who are honest and hard working, may take a lighter note of it. I completely agree that we should act as ambessadors of pakistan when on duty. I repeat that same thing to my collegues as well. Thanks & i wish you the best & hope you dont mind my feedback. Keep up the good work but just dont pin point on ALL PIA EMPLOYEES!
    Good dayRecommend

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