What is the one thing that has the ability to keep people together?

Food: the only thing that is both a necessity and a means to expressing your love.

July 26, 2012

Food: the only thing that is both a necessity and a means to expressing your love. Along with literally keeping us alive, it plays such an important part in our lives that the love for it is hard to escape.

Whether it’s chatting on the breakfast table about your day or something that caught your eye on TV or Facebook, our first moments of sharing in the day happen around food. This holds true for cricket critiques and movie reviews with co-workers during the hallowed lunch hours and reflecting back on the day during dinner with the entire family as well.

Whereas times may have changed, with lifestyles and technology moving along to keep up, the only thing that continues to bind us together, through thick and thin, in sadness and mirth, is food. Since the inception of our country, and our lives as well, sharing food has been the easiest way to share the love. Be it going halfsies on the last chapati with your siblings, to splitting your homemade biryani amongst friends as thick as thieves, food is the universal language of love.

Cherishing these moments goes from sharing sweet delicacies with the neighbours on Eid to calling over everyone to taste and critique over Ammi or Aapi’s recent culinary experiment to lending a hand in cooking and sending over food when the times are not so happy.

Milestones are best celebrated with, and most looked forward to, because of food. Whether it’s enjoying a cousin’s wedding with a plate of kababs or making jalebis on your little one’s roza khushai.

Using the universally acceptable and loved language of food, National Foods brings together people from all over Pakistan to live life and celebrate the joy of sharing.

National Foods. Share Food Share Love!


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