Suicide bombing 'haraam' but permitted as war tactic by many scholars: Zakir Naik

Hindutava leader also announces 5 million rupee bounty on Zakir Naik’s head

News Desk July 15, 2016
Indian-based Islamic scholar and preacher condemns terrorist attack in France. Zakir Naik. PHOTO: AFP

Indian-based Islamic scholar Dr Zakir Naik on Friday condemned the terror attack in Nice, France which killed 84 people and termed suicide bombings as 'haraam' in Islam.

Addressing the media in Mumbai via Skype, Naik said, "I condemn all terror attacks anywhere in the world. I will speak for hours [against terrorism] if needed."

Never incited, supported terrorism: Zakir Naik

Asked to comment on one of his previous speeches on suicide bombings, the 50-year-old preacher said such attacks are considered 'haraam' in Islam, however, many scholars permit it as a war tactic, ANI reported.

Earlier, Naik clarified, “I do not support terrorism or violence in any form whatsoever. I have never supported any terrorist organisations and have mentioned this over and over again in thousands of my public talks worldwide.”

Referring to the fatwas against him, Naik claimed that he is a messenger of peace and does not criticise any sect of Islam.

Hindutava leader announces INR5m bounty on Zakir Naik’s head

Ever since the vicious attack at a café in Dhaka, India-based Islamic scholar and preacher Dr Zakir Naik has come under fire following reports that his speeches inspired some of the terrorists who carried out the attack.

However, things seem to have gotten far out of hand as Hindutava leader Sadhvi Prachi announced on Thursday that Naik was guilty of "spreading terrorism" and that the person "who beheads him and hangs his head from the tallest tree" can take home INR5 million in cash as reward.

Speaking to the Times of India, the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader said, "Any person who goes to Saudi Arabia, beheads Naik and hangs his head on the tallest tree of the country will get a INR5 million reward from me."

Never incited, supported terrorism: Zakir Naik

When asked about the reason behind the bounty, she said Naik was "spreading terrorism" under the garb of being a religious preacher. "He is a terrorist who supports terrorists. This man has brought a bad name to religious preachers and needs to be punished," she added.

Prachi maintained that there was "evidence" to link him with the recent terror attacks in Dhaka that saw 20 foreigners, among them a 19-year-old Indian girl called Tarishi Jain, die in one of two assaults that occurred almost back-to-back.

"He (Zakir Naik) should not be spared at any cost. He is not a religious preacher but a person who is misguiding others," she added.

According to her, there are many others who are working in a 'similar style'. "There is an immediate need to arrest and interrogate all such people like Naik who are working as religious preachers," she said, adding, "At the same time, a thorough check is required at all madrassas as they, too, play an instrumental role in promoting terror activities."

Last week, the Bangladesh government banned the broadcasting of Naik’s channel Peace TV, following reports his speeches inspired some of the terrorists who carried out the vicious attack at a café in Dhaka recently.

Naik, in his lecture aired on Peace TV, an international Islamic channel, had reportedly “urged all Muslims to be terrorists”.

Zakir Naik’s Mumbai office cordoned off by police as 'precautionary measure'

He further accused the media for spreading 'baseless rumours' about him, stating that media outlets had 'altered' his responses and 'misguided people'.

“Media is the most important weapon in the world. It can convert a hero into villain or even a villain into a hero,” Naik said on Monday.

"Those who do that should be held responsible," he added. He also challenged news channel TimesNow's Chief Editor Arnab Goswami to an open debate, where both take turns to speak for an hour uninterrupted on "who is more beneficial for the society – Arnab Goswami or Zakir Naik".


Raghu | 5 years ago | Reply @M.S.: Why are making illogical and hypothetical conclusions. All and every single muslim believes that the right path is through Islam and not through other religions. IF he says it in public what difference does it make? All muslims know it already.
Midas | 5 years ago | Reply Then why hasn't he taken such a direct route to heaven himself, good leaders lead by example.
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