Delizia dazzles with its indulgent chocolate desserts

The bakery has more hits than misses and would definitely be a good choice for sweet offerings this Eid

Hurmat Majid July 08, 2016
PHOTO: Hurmat Majid

There are few people I know who would not be excited by the idea of a decadent dessert. Even from those few, many would happily ‘forget’ to count calories on their fitness mobile apps and just enjoy the heavenly goodness of desserts an occasion such as Eid has to offer. And Delizia, located at main Khayaban-e-Badar, Karachi, brings an array of confectionary products, giving you ample options to choose from.

Walking into the bakery, one is hit by the signature memory inducing smell any good bakery has, it gives that feeling of warmth and all is right in the world for a while. The shelves with their perfectly baked and frosted treats make it almost impossible for one to take their eyes off them and remember exactly what they came for; the sudden urge to buy it all is too hard to control.

PHOTO: Hurmat Majid

With nineteen different cakes to choose from, I felt spoilt for choice. The domination of chocolate is evident with only three non-chocolate cake options on the menu. They also have a variety of cupcakes, with only red velvet as a non-chocolate option, five different brownies and macadamia nut cookies. In the end, choosing their Belgian Malt Cake seemed a smart choice. Giving in to the temptation, I also ended up ordering a red velvet cupcake, one each of the Hershey’s brownies available and a walnut brownie.

Armed with my boxes of joy, I walked out of the bakery in a state of ecstasy. Too impatient to wait, I grabbed the red velvet cupcake and dived right into it while still in the car. The first thing that hit me was the soft cream cheese and not the sorry excuse of a whipped cream most bakeries have to offer in Pakistan. In spite of the rich cream cheese topping the cupcake was well-balanced. It was moist and fluffy and each bite was an assault on the palette. It didn’t crumble and left no greasy residue at the back of the throat. At Rs100 per piece, it was one of the best Red Velvet Cupcakes I’ve had in the city.

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The cake when cut, felt silky smooth under the slightest pressure of the knife and yet the slices held their shape. The first bite of the soft sponge layered with the silky Belgian chocolate mousse could transport one to some French patisserie tucked away down a small cobbled street. The thick even layers were a feat that is hard to achieve even for the best of bakers. The balance in taste was impeccable here too, as the cake was not overpoweringly sweet or bitter. Priced at Rs1,400 for 2.5lbs, the cake is worth the money.

PHOTO: Hurmat Majid

The Swiss chocolate walnut brownie, however, was a total let down. It seemed stale and hard to eat. It was crumbly in a bad way and in fact, was not much of a brownie, rather a sponge cake topped with a thin layer of chocolate sauce. It was also too small for a price tag of Rs80 and lacked a distinct walnut taste. If it had not been for that one walnut stuck to it, one would never be able to guess there were any in the brownie. The Hershey’s Fudge brownie, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. Also priced at Rs80, one gets a large slab of gooey fudgy brownie with a hard crust. Slightly warmed up, the brownie makes a perfect companion to a hot cup of tea.

Overall the bakery has more hits than misses and would definitely be a good choice for sweet offerings this Eid. Although the menu is overpowered by chocolate, their New York cheesecake, lemon cheese and red velvet cakes balance the odds.

The bakery also does specialty cakes on order and their delivery service, available all over Karachi, costs Rs300.

Verdict: It could be your go-to bake shop this Eid, especially if you’re looking for the perfect marriage between chocolate and patisserie.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars


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