Who is Faisal Shahzad? (III)

Mubashir Mahmood May 06, 2010

KARACHI: Faisal Shahzad’s action in New York has created doubts in many minds. Some are saying that it is a reaction to drone attacks which are carried out in Waziristan. Some say that this is a ploy by America to place the blame on Muslims.

But one thing is for sure: drone attacks and American brutality in Pakistani tribal areas have made people’s lives miserable. After these conditions even a normal man will become evil and will take steps for revenge. Who will tell the Americans that it is in their own best interest to leave Afghanistan?


Anoop | 13 years ago | Reply Even if one buys the argument that its the result of American brutilities , one needs to understand that Americans were not there in these areas before 9/11 happened.
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