World left Pakistan alone to face terrorists: Asim Bajwa

DG ISPR says international community has not done enough for us

News Desk June 23, 2016
Criticism that Pakistan Army is not ‘doing enough’ is both regretful and unjustified, DG ISPR tells German broadcaster. PHOTO: ISPR

Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Lieutenant-General Asim Bajwa on Wednesday regretted the world left Pakistan alone to face militants.

"Pakistan fought the war for the entire world in that region but the world left Pakistan alone to face them," Bajwa said during an interview with Deutsche Welle.

"I would say that the international community has not done enough for us," the military’s spokesperson added. The DG ISPR went on to say the criticism from the west that the Pakistan Army is not "doing enough" against militants is "both regretful and unjustified."

Bajwa clarified that Operation Zarb-e-Azb is targeting all militants, including the Haqqani network. "The military has no preferences. We are targeting terrorists from all groups," DG ISPR said in an interview with the German broadcaster in Berlin.

"The military crackdown is worthy of all the efforts. We have eliminated the terrorists from the area, and the people are very pleased with our efforts," the DG maintained.

Further, Bajwa said Pakistan's "entire defence mechanism is India-specific" as "India poses a threat to Pakistan". Bajwa said that despite ongoing developments to engage India, "there is one major cause of tensions between the two countries and that is the long-standing issue of Kashmir".

DG ISPR also said the killing of former Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Akhtar Mansour in an American drone strike in May was "regrettable" as it upset the Afghan reconciliation process. "[Mansour] entered into Pakistan from another state and then he was traced and attacked. He was a part of the reconciliation process and was required to play his role for peace."

"Pakistan was not informed despite being an ally. This is the issue Pakistan has been protesting," he added.

Bajwa also dismissed claims of an increasingly visible gap between the civilian government and the army, saying, "democracy has been strengthening in Pakistan and it has been receiving all possible support from the military."

"Consultations are made on all major issues of national security and whenever called, the army supports the civilian government on various issues, ranging from natural disasters to development works," DG ISPR said.

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Czech Republic wants training of troops by Pakistan Army: ISPR

Earlier on Tuesday, Army chief General Raheel Sharif told German think-tank Koerber Foundation that Pakistan’s sacrifices in the war against terrorism and extremism were matchless and international community should “stand by us till dividends are fully realised.”

General Raheel went to a visit to two-day official visit of Germany on June 20 before traveling to Czech Republic to meet the civil and political leadership.


Pakistani | 5 years ago | Reply Nation rise after fall. I want to tell everyone here Pakistan is going to rise inshaAllah in near future. We are never week. We will vanish all bullshits from pakistan. Remember one thing Mr Bajwa is asking world against our sacrifices only. Otherwise may it be US or the whole world leave us. We dont bother at all. We survived in past and in future we will not only survive we will prosper. But remember this time in Afghanistan let see how the US and Nato face the situation. We are ready for all scenarios . let the world be also ready for the events like orrolando, parris and pathan kot....
Talha | 5 years ago | Reply @JK the biggest condition in the acquisition was that they cannot be used against anyone without the knowledge and permission of the country that has given those fighter jets. The second condition was to get more and more involved with the training of the jihadis that the world now terms as terrorists. It was the bribe which was given to promote these same terrorist the world wants to eliminate now. You accuse Pakistan of being complacent with the taliban. The world invested in them right? And Pakistan painted them. A buyer or investor may burn the painting he doesn't like with no conscience. But the artist loves its own work of art, no matter how bad it is. But anyway thanks for getting USA off our backs while the country still lives. Thanks for showing the real face of alliance to Pakistan while it still has a chance. What has come will pass in a matter of months. Pakistan has not lost any foreign investment as China is negating the effects of economic withdrawl of other countries for now. And then, unlike other countries China is investing in the infra-structure which is considered the vascular system of a country. I don't think we need any further investment from the world in our country. The lack of investment is an opportunity to focus on the projects that are being invested into. And these projects will be sufficient for the economic revival of the country. It is good that those with ulterior motives are driving themselves out of our country. I just hope the Pakistan leadership to ally with those who are their natural allies just like US and India have done. I just hope they stop considering what the world says about it and do what is best for them.
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