Afghan war winnable without Pakistan help on border: US

Top US general says war effort to not be derailed even if Pakistan never takes action in North Waziristan.

Afp February 01, 2011

WASHINGTON: Nato-led forces can still win the war in Afghanistan even if Pakistan fails to move against militant havens on the border, a top US general said on Tuesday.

"That's not a mission stopper in my mind," General David Rodriguez, deputy US commander in Afghanistan, told a Pentagon news conference.

US officials have long pressed Islamabad to crack down on the Haqqani network and other militants based in North Waziristan, saying the insurgents exploit the area as a sanctuary to stage attacks on coalition forces in neighboring Afghanistan.

But Rodriguez said the war effort would not be derailed even if Pakistan never fulfils promises to take action in North Waziristan, saying Islamabad has launched effective operations elsewhere along the northwest border.

"We need them to do more. We're going to encourage them to do more because that makes it easier on what we're doing. But I think it's still doable, without them decreasing what they've been doing, which is significant," he said.

His comments contrasted with more pessimistic assessments from US intelligence agencies and some lawmakers, who have warned that Pakistan's reluctance to combat the Haqqani network in North Waziristan could undermine the war effort.

Pakistan has maintained ties to some militant groups as a hedge against historic rival India and to ensure Islamabad's influence in Afghanistan, diplomats say.

Rodriguez said he expected violence in Afghanistan to increase as usual in the spring as the insurgency launches its annual "seasonal" offensive.

But he predicted the Taliban would change its approach, targeting Afghan officials for assassination while moving away from confrontations with the heavily-armed coalition force.

With President Barack Obama planning to start a withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in July, Rodriguez said it was too early to say how many forces might be pulled out.

Rodriguez leads the International Security Assistance Force Joint Command, serving under the overall commander in Afghanistan, US General David Petraeus.

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trojan | 9 years ago | Reply | Recommend @umer hishaam: this isnt a world wrestling match.
umer hishaam | 9 years ago | Reply | Recommend May i remind you that it is people like you who fear the bombs; and not the Taliban. And YES one of your A/H bomb may wipe them out. but will you bomb the cities and US states too if the militants infiltrate the US ? know that they can and they will if the Afghanistan was made a waste land. In fact they could do it now too and you will have suicide attacks at every bus stop like in Pakistan but the Taliban too respect the lives of general public and took the war out there in the remote mountains. Otherwise it’s easier to blow civilians up in public places. The governments can try to crack them down but know the fact that killing one jihadi helps to create 10 more in his place, and though the governments can try and catch and execute one after the other but the question is for how long are you prepared to keep this up? Because the jihadis can keep it up for an eternity and then your lives would be hell, like those of Pakistanis. If you look it up you will know that a man on jihad is prepared to die for his cause before he sets on jihad. He fears not the pain of the bullets nor the fear of an A bomb or the H bomb. You can't scare a jihadi with death for he truly lives after his death.(you may not understand this being a denier of truth but i assure you that very soon it will come to you). Now you’re telling me to 'look up' as if you're holding a nuke in your right hand Antony. yes i do cherish the true Talibans who fight for Islam and who fight to protect their homes and i see no proof between the Taliban and 911, for all we know it could have been done by the US government to seize an opportunity to get more land and oil and other resources from weaker countries And in doing so, it helps to first label those countries as terrorist's regimes to seek support from the rest of the world. Also know that most international attacks/ blasts and other incidents are arranged with the help of secret organizations within USA government to hush the public who oppose to the war considering it as costly and unnecessary war on terror. Usually one sub group in an organization goes under disguise of jihadis to recruit a group of revenge thirsty men from war inflicted waziristan or Palestine, fund them and give them an opportunity to attack a market or a bus or an airport in a foreign country and the other group of the same organization cracks them down just moments before the terrorists 'strike'. Then they blame it on AL Qaeda and the Taliban and then fools like you sitting in homes watching six o clock news start cursing the Talibans and the Muslims without thinking. Time will unfold the future events but Islam will rule the entire world and as for you, your effort will come to nothing and you will be among the loosers if you die without acknowledging the truth. i have no quarrel with you except that its about the principles and not about one man's desires or about any particular nation's desires but about something much much bigger and important. I don’t say killing of innocent people is right nor does the Islam. But if countries like Israel decide to sweep out millions of Muslims from their homeland and America supports such nation then it makes America a target for jihadis. Although America boasts of its foundation laying on the principles of freedom and justice and what not, nevertheless it has failed to even criticize the state of Israel in its unjust and unlawful expansion. May be if your government decides to pay just attention in middle east and stop unfair expansion of Israel this war on terror might come to a stand still and everything will be alright for everyone in the world.
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