8 fitness sessions you must join in Lahore this Ramazan

It's the perfect time to achieve those summer body goals

Ameena Qayyum June 07, 2016
It's the perfect time to achieve those summer body goals. PHOTO: AIMFIT.COM

The recent fitness fad that many seemed to believe would come and go in Lahore is definitely here to stay. In over a year, it has gained considerable momentum, leading to a significant growth in private gymnasiums, work out classes, 42-day challenges, high intensity training and more. Today, more and more people are dedicated to changing their lifestyle and although food remains an integral part of the city, there’s a shift towards eating healthy and indulging in physical activity.

Many who have enrolled and completed these high intensity-training challenges have had a beneficial experience. So, for those who have been slow to catch up, it is time to attain those summer body goals and with Ramazan here, burning some calories is a necessity while indulging in high calorie foods.

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Here is a list of work out programs, private sessions and classes for you to enroll in during Ramazan.

1. Aim Fit


More like an indoor gymnasium that offers a wide variety of workout programs, Aim Fit set up shop in two main locations in Lahore -- Garden Town and Defence. It started just two years ago and enrollment numbers for each class are quite high already. A spot is only guaranteed if booked approximately two days in advance.

The different classes that are being offered include Dance Fit, Combo Fit, Lift Training, Body Blast, Yoga Fit along with HitFit challenges for both men and women. For intensive weight loss, body blast and combo fit classes are recommended as they include high intensity cardio training. Usually regular clients prefer mixing it up, buying various class passes to do something different each day.


An initial membership fee for Rs 8000 is required after which clients buy class passes, depending on how often they plan to visit (12 classes is for Rs 7000 and so on.) If people sign up in a group, they give a 50% discount on membership.

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Even though their next boot camp doesn’t start until after Ramazan, we recommend buying different class passes -- a combination of their dance fit, combo fit, yoga flow and body blast program can really help get you in shape. New clients are also encouraged to take a free trial class and most of the classes during Ramazan will either be right before or after iftari.

2. Structures – TRX Boot Camp


An already popular gymnasium, Structure's Gulberg branch is offering a total resistance exercise boot camp starting on the first of Ramazan. The workout session will include body weight training, lift training and cardio focused on fat loss and muscle strengthening. The class is three times a week, starting at six in the evening. Charges are Rs 15, 000 and if clients still feel the need to do more, they can enroll with a personal trainer or their detox program.


3. 180-Degree Boot Camp

Even though their signature outdoor, 40-day boot camp is going to start in August, they have a Pro Fit session with three time slots lined up for Ramazan. Starting at 6pm, 9pm and 10pm, the classes will be conducted by a cross fit level one instructor at their Studio 180 in Defence. For people who want to really shed weight, this is a good place to start.

The workout class will focus on individual body parts, cardio, abs and strength training. Charges are Rs 15,000 per person and the trainer will include a body specific, customized meal plan along with a Ramazan fasting diet plan. Held for 6 days a week, the owner guarantees fat loss if you're regular.

4. Warehouse – Shred 28 program


They started in January this year and their Shred 28 program quickly gained popularity. Their next session starts on the first of Ramazan and an option of two time slots are offered -- both back to back in the evening after iftari -- 8:30 to 9:30pm and 9:30 to 10:30pm. Registrations for the classes are open and already half the slots are filled out, according to the owner.

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Centrally located, just off MM Alam Road, the setting is small but this paves way for trainers to personally give each customer time. The Shred 28 program costs Rs 13,500 and the level of training increases with each week. Different tools and exercises are incorporated in this high intensity, 45-minute class. More so, the instructors do not take more than 20 people per session, so if you want to register, now’s the time. The small studio has rubberized flooring so that people do not get injured while jumping or squatting.

Apart from this, a number of classes are being offered at Warehouse, including ladies-only session for those who only want to train with a female trainer.

5. Kick Boxing at Evolution Fitness


For those who have tried and tested gymnasium and boot camp classes and are in need of a different exercise, kick boxing is a great alternative. Not only does it help in loosing weight by providing a complete body work out, it also improves body toning, flexibility and agility.

The instructor is the owner himself who started training for mixed martial arts at the age of fifteen. He is a certified ISSA (International Sports Science Association) and has opened up this gym in Defence by the name of Evolution Fitness. He provides personal training sessions and kick boxing classes. The classes are small in number, up to only four people at one time and start from 5:30 pm. For Ramazan, the timings start from 5pm till 2 am and include cardio kickboxing, strength conditioning, endurance and fat loss as well as weight gain.

Customised diet plans are included in the session and membership registration costs Rs 4,000. Kickboxing sessions cost between Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000 depending on gender.

“We give proper guidance, not a quick fix for weight loss,” said Haseeb, the trainer and owner of Evolution Fitness. “All we care about here is that people follow a complete lifestyle change for their benefit.”

6. Route2Pilates


The only pilates studio in Lahore, it entails a team of internationally certified trainers. Their pilates, yen and yoga classes during mornings and evenings focus on strengthening core muscles.

The classes are more about building inner strength because that’s what fitness is in the end. There are no membership charges and no registration is required. Classes take place three times a week on every alternate day and timings are varied. Private sessions for Pilates begin from 8am till 6pm and cost Rs 12,000 for 12 classes. The original sessions will proceed for the upcoming month and one trial class is allowed. In order to focus on long-term fitness, pilates and yoga are a favorite among many and we recommend joining in.

7. Sukh Chayn


Perhaps the most popular on the list, each of their sessions from 'hour of power' to personal training has been effective and highly beneficial for those looking to lose weight and remain fit. Their trainers were among the first in Lahore to introduce a high intensity workout challenge all the while building muscle. The gymnasium is also equipped with the latest machines and for Ramazan, the sessions will continue with a slight variation in timings.

8. 42 Day Challenge


The 42 Day Challenge that started about three years ago, pioneered and began the fitness revolution in Karachi. Today, different programs under this name are held nationwide and the one in Lahore has received an overwhelming response. Conducted at Fortress Square Mall with approximately room for about 200 people, the aura is energetic and fierce. Their workout exercise and diet combined, focuses on fat loss and guarantees losing inches as well as weight on the scale.


Unfortunately, the next session doesn’t start until after Ramazan. Two classes are planned in collaboration with CORE Fitness in Defence, and both are after iftari starting from 9pm. However, the actual 42 Day challenge session at the mall will take place in August. So, if you’re in the mood to enjoy deep fried food during the holy month and shed it off after, the 42 Day Challenge is your best bet!


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Amy M | 5 years ago | Reply I just wanted to mention that Route2Pilates is not the only Pilates studio in Lahore. I have visited others during my holidays in Lahore.
asad | 5 years ago | Reply It is good to see Pakistani people being concerned about their health. Here in Islamabad there are other options as well besides gym, we routinely go to mountains for cycling and rock climbing etc. so I was just wondering what other options may people have, who are living in Lahore or Karachi if they don't like gymnasiums.
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