World's most secure phone goes on sale for $14,000

Calls and text messages under the secure mode is protected by military-grade security

News Desk June 01, 2016
Solarin comes with Snapdragon 810 chip and a healthy 4GB of RAM, along with internal storage of 120GB with no option of memory card slot. PHOTO: SARIN LABS

If you feel that you are under constant observation and there are people who would hack your phone just to listen to your phone calls and read your text messages, then we have a perfect android phone for you.

An Israeli startup, Sirin Labs, unveiled on Tuesday its first smartphone, the Solarin, a titanium-clad Android gadget that will let you quickly toggle between a regular Android device and a secure, locked-down communications tool.

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But here is a catch, this ultra-secure smartphone would cost you an exorbitant $14,000.


Solarin, dubbed as the Rolls Royce of smartphones, comes with Snapdragon 810 chip and a healthy 4GB of RAM, along with internal storage of 120GB with no option of memory card slot. This 5.5 inch beefy device is loaded with a 23.8-megapixel, Sony-made camera and a quad-LED flash. However, the device just has a single SIM slot.

How does it work?

Solarin functions as a regular high-end smartphone until you flick the tiny toggle on back of the device with an integrated fingerprint sensor. Clicking this toggle, turns the phone into cyber secure mode with a green and white, 8-bit skin. Once in the secure mode, all sensors disabled except the most essential sensors necessary to operate the device are disabled. You can only make/receive calls and send/receive text messages, protected by 256-bit AES encryption, only to be read by trusted devices carrying the Solarin Friend app.


Does it worth it

The processor inside the Solarin is a Snapdragon 810, which according to The VergeSamsung skipped last because of overheating issues. The software the device is running on is a heavily skinned Android 5.1 and the camera is slow as this phone is fat (it weighs over half a pound to be precise).

Above all, the ultra-secure is just for making calls and text messages, you can’t even email, use any apps or go online.

The article originally appeared on Engadget.


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W | 4 years ago | Reply DOES it worth it?
Hashk03 | 5 years ago | Reply What if manufacturer itself start spying on the users instead of government agencies. If only rich can afford it then probably there will be rich secrets as well to steal from them. Less surveillance but important information can be extracted by this company under the disguise of encryption.
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