There is a massive problem with this anti-Islam meme

You might want to take a closer look

News Desk May 31, 2016

A racist meme using the hashtag '#BanIslam' which was widely shared on social media begs closer attention.

The meme claimed to show two pictures of Beirut, one from before the civil war of 1975-1990 that left 250,000 people dead, and one of the destruction after.

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The arresting visual contrast between both pictures is what caught most people's attention. And this is precisely where one is tempted to point out that the 'misleading' war zone picture is not from Lebanon's civil war or from any skirmishes with Israel.

Unfortunately for those who posted this meme, it is a 2014 picture from the city of Aleppo in Syria showing the devastation caused by regime barrel bombs, taken by a Reuters photographer.


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The post claims that Muslims were let into Lebanon under 'multiculturalism' and implies the ensuing war was Islam's fault. What it has conveniently overlooked is the fact that the majority Muslim population and Christian and Druze minorities have co-existed in the area for more than 1,000 years.

This article originally appeared on The Independent.


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Travis | 5 years ago | Reply I don't agree with #BanIslam. However, I agree that Muslims find it hard to adjust to life in the West due to the cultural restrictions imposed on them by their ideology. The laws they respect are not in harmony with Western laws. The West must modify their migration policies before they end up in rubble like the Muslim lands. The only times Muslims have lived in peace is when they have conquered and enslaved other civilizations. That will never be allowed to happen today. Despite all the oil riches, they could not bring justice and peace to their own lands.
Tp | 5 years ago | Reply My father has a collection of books from the fifties and sixties and he used to show me photos of how Beirut used to look. Even Afghanistan used to be buzzing in those days. Now, all you have is a mosque in every corner and total destruction elsewhere.
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