10 things you will experience at a digital event

Can’t wait to find out what the world will look like in 2050? Go to a digital festival!

Shafaq Naveed May 26, 2016

With the ever evolving digital world, it is becoming tough to make an impact on customers. Customers want firsthand information of technical products that have an impact on their daily life, and this is exactly what a digital festival is all about.

Here is a list of 10 things you get to experience at digital festivals.

1.You are introduced to new technology

A digital festival is the best way to find out about all the coolest new tech gadgets available in the market (or the ones that will be available soon enough).

2. Experience new products before anyone does!

You get to be the first one to experience the new products in the market. With live demonstrations and test-runs available for almost every product being showcased, you will be in a much better position to decide if you want to buy product or not. The exhibitors also help you combat product-related concerns by answering all your queries in advance. Best part, you get to see all the latest products in action – even if you aren’t buying them.

3. You can network with digital industry influencers

If you are a b2b marketer, a tech guru, a tech buff, a businessman, an entrepreneur, a digital marketer or a general attendee of the digital event, you will get to meet and network with several industry influencers who are happy to give you one-on-one advice and other useful insights.

4. You get a sneak-peak into the future

Can’t wait to find out what the world will look like in 2050? Go to a digital festival!! A digital event is the best place for technology enthusiasts; you get to know all about future trends and their implications and you get to decide if the company practicing the first mover advantage at the event has out done its competition or not.

5. You can take part in panel discussions about everything to do with tech!

Several technology enthusiasts from different backgrounds take part in panel discussions revolving around technology, its evolution and its effects. Different debates, interactive sessions, and research led discussions bounce off ideas about technology and products.

6. You will get to LIVE the digital culture

Digital festivals are infused with a pulsating digital spirit. Attendees are tweeting, posting or Snapchatting every single moment and on ground events reflect directly on to the social platforms.

7. You will find out about the latest trends in the industry

You find out exactly what is hip and happening; the newest apps on mobile phones, the newest technology that you thought wouldn’t ever come into existence and everything that will happen in the upcoming years as well. These festivals make sure you are equipped with the latest technology and knowledge!

8. You rub shoulders with likeminded tech enthusiasts and share knowledge

If you are a tech geek or just an enthusiast, this is the place to interact with people who are gurus of the art you admire; technology. Not only will they teach you a lot, you will learn from their experiences. If you are starting your own app or start-up, these are just the kind of people you would want to have conversations with and run your ideas by.

9. You get to showcase your work and be given valuable feedback free of cost!

At digital events, you get a chance to show people the ideas you have or the products you are working on. And if you’re really lucky, you will have investors knocking at your door the same day!

10. Everything happens in front of your eyes

Every business has to ensure transparency regarding the services they can deliver and how they’re going to be delivered. At digital events you will see everything live. This builds trust and keeps you in a better position to establish an opinion about the technology.




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