Reko Diq contract outside the law: SC

Apex court unsatisfied with response filed by Balochistan government.

Express January 28, 2011

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court observed on Thursday that there was no law under which contracts like the one with foreign companies, like the Tethyan Copper Company (TCC), could be signed and sought details of the contract.

The observation was made by Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry while hearing petitions challenging the contract of the TCC in Reko Diq copper-gold deposits filed by 26 senators. The was taken up by a four-member bench, comprising Justice Muhammad Sair Ali, Justice Ghulam Rabbani and Justice Kahlilur Rehman Ramday.

The apex court also said it was unsatisfied with the response filed by the Balochistan government. During the course of hearing, the applicants’ counsel Raza Kazam urged the court to determine whether the contract was against rules and regulations or not.

“And if the contract is (found to be) against the set rules and regulations, officials who were responsible for (signing) the contract should be pointed out,” he added.

Justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday said that the contract had been awarded to the company in 1999 but questioned under which law the company had drilled to a depth of 20,000 metres.

The court instructed the provincial representatives to attend the court proceedings. Later, the hearing was adjourned till Friday (today).

Published in The Express Tribune, January 28th,  2011.


Zahiq Iqbal | 10 years ago | Reply TCCP just fired a bunch of baloch employees for the reason that they wanted their rights as employees. No one in their right mond should believe them that this a baloch company and everything will be done for the development of the baloch people. They are hypocrites and should be kicked out of the country.
Sher Bahadur | 10 years ago | Reply Media is presenting the Reko Diq in an unprofessional way; without any technical support the programs are presenting those issues of the project that never existed in the mining history. What the non-geoscientists are speaking is not true. Get the true background from Geologists and Mining Engineers and educate/update the nation. In 80's we made Saindak a political issue and ultimately the same was contracted to Chines Co. Now we are doing the same to sabotage Reko Diq. Presently, we in Pakistan lacks the technical capability even to monitor Saindak operation, operating a new project is out of question. The so called claims of capabilities can be a good fiction only. Dr. Samar Mubarak is distorting the project parameters. The truth is not what he is saying. For any mineral project few billion rupees are peanuts. Saindak was explored and developed at cost of Rs: 28 billion, a single meter drilling cost about US$ 150-200. Dr. seems to have no concept of exploration and mining and is violently disrupting the project; the nation will have to suffer for another 100 years. All the petitioners are unfortunately not from Balochistan. They should file the petitions on other issues of Balochistan those are really effecting an ordinary person of Balochistan. Only Reko Diq is not Balochistan there are thousands of issue where these activists can contribute. Targeting the economic project means to deprive the rights of Balochistan and let them suffer for another 100 years. Why we are not considering 52% of the tax income to Islamabad, would this not be fair that the same be given to Balochistan as the minerals are provincial issue.
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