NY terror suspect bought Islamabad ticket

Express May 05, 2010

NEW YORK: Emirates Airlines revealed on Wednesday that New York suspect Faisal Shahzad had bought one-way ticket to Islamabad.

Faisal Shahzad, who was arrested late on Monday for a botched terror attack in New York, was charged on five counts, including attempting to use weapon of mass destruction.

During interrogation, Shahzad admitted having attended a militant training camp in Waziristan. He bought a sports utility vehicle that was found loaded with an improvised explosive device in Times Square.

Investigators said that the Connecticut resident has implicated himself and told them he was acting alone.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik said that Shahzad has a Karachi identification card although his family is from the Pabbi area in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Two people thought to have been in contact with Shahzad, have also been detained in Karachi.

Shahzad was arrested on a Dubai bound plane at JFK airport late on  Monday, two days after the car bomb was found.


Mohammad Saeed | 13 years ago | Reply For what reason he was doing this act, while i read that he have family (2 Kids), If he want to do Jihad why not to do in Afghanistan? He has been misguide from some one, because Islam strictly prohibit to kill innocent people, why not to attacks on US army if he want to do Jihad in real mean. For All Muslim and non-Muslim information, that Jihad to be done if you, are your country is under attack. during this time Jihad is must on every Muslim.
Meekal Ahmed | 13 years ago | Reply Emirates is also under a cloud over why they failed to check their no-fly list because this gentleman was on it. The fact that he also paid cash for a one-way ticket should have also alerted them. No one pays cash in the USA except maybe for a pack of gum. I have heard the Kennedy Airport ATC tapes which asked the aircraft which was taxying to runway 22L to "turn left when able and return to the gate". No reason was given. ATC said the pilot could check with his company if he wanted to know the reason. I wonder what would have happened if the plane had taken off but was still within US airspace. Does international aviation law allow the authorities to ask the plane to return? If they had cancelled his flight plan, he would be flying illegally.
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