Google patents computer which can be injected directly into the eyeball

The injection would improve its owners' vision and also give them access to extra powers

News Desk May 01, 2016

A new patent filing shows plans for a device that would stick into people’s eyes and correct their sight, but also provide extra powers.

The injectable machine by Google will be put just behind the visible part of the eye, focusing light so that it can correct poor vision.

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In addition to correcting eyesight, it would also include storage, a radio and lenses, the patent says. The power for all this would be drawn from an energy-gathering antenna, which would be connected to another device outside of the eye, helping it process information.

Google Glass spectacles, previously created by Google, aimed at introducing an eye-linked computer; however after facing some problems, it is now being re-launched as a product specifically for the workplace.

Patents since then have appeared to show that Google is making steps to replace external visual aid with this technology. In 2014, it filed another patent for smart contact lenses that could display information and monitor their wearer’s glucose levels.

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Work on the technology in that patent appears to be ongoing and the company is collaborating with a healthcare company to develop similar technology. But many technology patents never actually make it to market, so the injectable computer might not actually be in people’s eyes any time soon.

Though the technology in the patent may never actually be released, it is another example of Google’s apparent interest in getting computers onto and into people’s eyes.

This article originally appeared on Independent.


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