Donald Trump uses Indian accent to mock call centre representative

The tycoon was trying to make a point

News Desk April 23, 2016

Republican front-runner Donald Trump has come under fire yet again, for his attempt to use the Indian accent to mock a call centre representative in India.

Trump, during his address to supporters at Delaware, explained that he pretended to call his credit card company ostensibly for assistance when the real motive was to inquire where its customer support was based. He revealed that it was based in India. The tycoon was trying to make a point.

Trump denies mocking New York Times reporter's disability

With his Delaware supporters’ interest captivated, Trump expressed his disappointment with the leaders of the United States. He lamented the fact that so much business had left America on their watch.

Other countries were benefitting at the cost of enormous economic losses to his country. That people in the US were being driven out of their jobs, businesses and work, he added. Trump said it was time to put a stop to this sorry state of affairs and pledged to resolve America’s economic ailment.

"You can't allow policies that benefit China, Mexico, Japan, Vietnam, India. You can't allow policies that allow business to be ripped out of the United States like candy from a baby," Trump said in his address.

He is also leading in polls against his other primary rivals.

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At the end of last year, Trump faced harsh criticism and was accused of mocking the physical disability of a New York Times reporter during a campaign speech in which he flailed his arms and distorted his speech in an imitation of the journalist.

Delaware has 16 delegates. Trump has 845 delegates, followed by Ted Cruz (559) and John Kasich (148).

Many took to Twitter over Trump's remarks.

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